Is wanting Anal sex from a girl a hidden form of homosexual desire? -

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Who said you get to get it from a girl, or that you had a choice?

Maxxicus Callahan
Anal does nothing for women sexually, is usually painful and leads to rectal problems. The anal passage was never designed/evolved to be penetrated nor does it operate in the same way that a vagina does.
There’s an erogenous zone for women known as the A-spot that can stimulate orgasm. I don’t know if it’s evolved or not but I’m pretty sure homosapien has been ass fucking for a long time now along with other sexual kinks so our natural biology hasn’t stopped our perversions. It’s only painful and damaging if you are not communicative with your partner. Like someone else was alluding to it’s pretty normal for couples experienced with sex to try it. And to pl a little women I’ve been in relationships with offered to want to try it also. It’s not the default kind of sex because it takes lots of preparation, relaxation and foreplay to make the right mood for it but it’s a pretty intimate feeling of lovemaking when it does happen
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No. Homosexuality isn't a fetish for specific sexual acts, it's the sexual interest in the same sex's physical characteristics.
In some cases, it's just a preference for anal sex or sex acts involving fecal matter, or the fact that men are more willing to take risks and have casual sex than women (due to biological reasons, such as being able to become pregnant).

Amber the Hedgehog
No it isn't. While anal has gay reputation the act is gender neutral. "Anal is gay" mostly because gays don't really have other options if they want penetration but nothing about it otherwise inherently gay. Heterosexual guy can get stuff from anal that are not only pleasurable but different from vaginal. Where the mussels are, how thigh those mussels are, adrenaline rush of it being taboo, different angle, able play with pussy while penetrating and so on. Anal has plenty to give without him wanting also available pussy not be there.