Is wanting Anal sex from a girl a hidden form of homosexual desire? -

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No. While some in the thread have mentioned that anal can be done with a more experienced sexual partner or with a long term partner, the other side of the coin is that anal sex can be particularly degrading and uncomfortable or painful for the woman and for a certain type of guy that scratches a particular itch in a very satisfying manner.

Plus, I think a lot of guys these days have sexual desires deeply rooted in porn and anal is extremely common in porn.


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The modern definition yes, but the original Biblical definition it was for homosexuality.
The Bible never defines sodomy, the term comes from unmentioned deviancy on behalf of the people of Sodom that could be anything from rape, homosexuality, homosexual rape, or just being a dick to visitors.

Wikipedia claims that the term initially evolved as a term referring to homosexuality in the medieval era. Make of this information as you will.

As for the question: It's not gay if you don't let the penises touch.


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It's not Gay but you're still shoving your dick up a shitter.
There’s an erogenous zone for women known as the A-spot that can stimulate orgasm. I don’t know if it’s evolved or not but I’m pretty sure homosapien has been ass fucking for a long time now along with other sexual kinks so our natural biology hasn’t stopped our perversions.
It's an exit point you shit from and is in no way evolved for sexual penetration, things like the "A spot" or the position of the male prostate is just a coincidence and Homosexual cope and delusion


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All the people getting mad at people wanting to fuck butts in this thread are a bunch of buggers.


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It literally can't be gay. That's like saying it's gay to hold a woman's hand because men have hands and that's gay, or to suck women's nipples because men have nipples and that's gay.