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James Howlett

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Apr 10, 2018
Yaniv and the rest of the Rat King make me feel bad for hermaphrodites. There is a very small population of people who have legitimate and hard decisions to make about how they identify, and now there are a bunch of perverts trying to self insert themselves into lesbian porn fantasies.

I have no problems with LGB people, the T people need to fuck off.


jonathan gill yaniv aka jessica serenity simpson
Apr 24, 2017
you may not accept him as trans, neither do i, but the current cultural landscape makes it so that trans people have to be accepted by the people around him lest they are bigots or facists.
The likes of yaniv and his ilk can label me any which way, I don't give a damn. It's being told I have to accept their delusions and behaviour that I find unpalatable.
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May 17, 2019
I don't know and here's why. I don't know what makes a 'real' trans person.
Is it just them saying they are that makes them trans? What if they just lie about what they feel they are, how would you tell what is truly in their minds? By what degree is a non-trans, and where is that line? Is there a line?
I do believe 'real' trans people exist, people legitimately better off living as the opposite sex. But, I also know for a fact that crazy people can believe things that aren't true. If one can believe that the lizards people running the government implanted a radio in their arm at the allergist, then it's not much of a stretch for someone to believe they are the wrong sex when in reality the problem is something else.
I have thought long and hard on this, and I have no clue.
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Some E-Celeb Alt
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Mar 21, 2019
No Yaniv is an opportunistic predator, he's is not a transsexual. He will wear any disguise that gets him the results he wants, it doesn't matter what it is.

Effectively he's this.


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Aug 29, 2017
No Yaniv is an opportunistic predator, he's is not a transsexual.

No one is transexual (despite labels!). No human can change sex. No males can magically become female. No females can magically become male. They might be able to make cosmetic, hormonal and surgical adjustments, but their biological sex remains.

They're transgendered at best and in this case, yes. Jonathan is transgendered, and they've got to own it. As that's what they've wanted and asked for. Transgendered on the basis of self-ID, no discrimination on the basis of 'passing', looks etc.

Just pure acceptance on the basis of how one feels. Laws are getting changed across the world to reflect just that.

So yeah. Jonathan Jessica is the answer to their advocacy and hard work.

Misaki Nakahara

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May 30, 2019
Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooooo.

Longer answer: It doesn't seem that he takes estrogen because otherwise he wouldn't look so obviously blatantly male - even though he's an older man and estrogen is less effective on them, if he'd been taking estrogen for the length of time he's identified as trans, there would be some visible changes. Instead he looks exactly like he did when he worked for that teen pop group, just with longer hair. Plus, flying in the face of every diagnosis of gender identity disorder in recorded history, he doesn't dislike his penis. In fact he thinks so highly of it that he got buttflustered and took legal action when strangers weren't as willing to touch it as he is. Tbh, 99.9% of self-identified "trans lesbians" are just autogynephiles, it's the biggest red flag there is for trannies.

Nov 9, 2019
Autogynephilia, give away is any one that tries to make/guilt into having sex or doing any they find sexual with them on the basis they are "trans". Normal trannies can use guilt and presser to get sex like anyone else however it will be used in the same way anyone else could, still would make the a twat however.


"I'm not a monster, it's only a mask!"
Apr 15, 2019
Quick answer, no. Yaniv is just playing the part as a way to excuse it's behavior and get away with shit while calling it trans-activism. It's taking advantage of the fact that the trans-movement has zero self-awareness and will jump to the defense of other trans people, even when the person they're following is a complete degenerate. Yaniv is just hiding behind an identity.

Kaiser Wilhelm's Ghost
Nov 12, 2018
No. Jonathan is not actually trans.

Look at what Jonathan essentially is without his trans status? A fat, feckless, litigious, perverted, incel.
You take away his girly wig and pink clothes and that is essentially all he is.

Being trans for him has some many different advantages.

He gets to live out his weird sexual fantasies, from being able to ask awkward and uncomfortable questions about periods, requesting things like tampons and pads when he clearly doesn't need them, attempting to have women wax his testicles, or trying to organize pool parties with under aged girls.

He gets to do this without drawing the ire or awkward questions of those around him, because even if they are uncomfortable with what he is doing, the woke crowd in BC have so enshrined trans-rights as an issue for virtue signalling purposes, that they literally won't question his actions even when they think they are weird and wrong, because to do so would go against their progressive values and might actually force them to admit that not all trannies are virtuous misunderstood people who are oppressed by the system.

He gets attention, and considering his apparent narcissistic personality disorder, to Jonathan any attention even bad attention is desirable. So as much as he loves to go on about the haters, and how he is being oppressed it's all an act because it gets him attention.

He's also so incredibly wrapped up in his narcissism that it's going to be eventually what causes his downfall.

Sep 27, 2019
A lot of man with mental issues like Jonathan like to crossdress. And thats it, he just enjoys to crossdress because of his sick mind. I doubt that he would cut of his dick to become a real troon with a fake vagina.
God i rly hope that this sick fuck will get arrested asap.


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Jun 6, 2018
This depends on what you mean by trans. According to the "declaring yourself a woman, a man or a gender special is all it takes to make you a woman, a man or a gender special" crowd, anybody who says they are trans is trans. And as we now are at a point where entire states have adopted or consider adopting laws which say that there are little to no requirements to be met in order for you to declare yourself the opposite sex or something else, this would make him trans under that definition (and claiming otherwise would make you a bigot). It's good to keep this in mind when "how dare you assume xyr gender" types who normally are all about that gender identification suddenly try to argue that someone like Jonathan (or Trisha Paytas) isn't actually trans or the self-ID advocates who do insist that he's a true and honest woman in spite of his scummy actions but don't want to acknowledge that his ball waxing shenanigans were only made possible because of laws that said self-ID advocates are in favor of.

If we're going to go by the "old school" definition of what being trans means and what normies typically associate the term "trans" with (homosexuals transexuals or extremely effeminate gay men, more rarely masculine lesbians, with gender dysphoria who wish to be the opposite sex and transition; think people like Caroline Cossey) to this day then the answer is no. I don't even think he's the sort of delusional autogynephile who doesn't recognize his paraphilia for what it is and legitimately believes that getting a boner when putting on the underwear and bra he stole from his sister is a sign of him akchually being a woman. He is an opportunistic pedophile predator with disturbing fetishes, one of which may be autogynephilia, who is aware of the fact that he is a man but is also shrewd enough to realize that he can exploit gender self ID laws and the current political climate in order to get what he wants.
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