Off-Topic Is Yaniv actually Trans? - Thunkful discussion

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Regrettable Cake Farts
Jan 23, 2019
He has to be trans, that is a mentally ill man who thinks he's female. There are male criminals who claim they identify as female for nefarious reasons or to go a part of prison where they're cossetted as a protected minority. What I mean he puts some effort into his delusion. There are easier way to be a nonce or sex pest.

You're assuming that he genuinely thinks he's female and isn't just an entitled sociopath looking for a way to get what he wants without anyone in his progressive dystopia ever questioning him.


Osama bin Ladkin
Jul 7, 2015
Yes, he is.

His claims to womanhood are invalid, but no more invalid than any other man who thinks he's a woman, for whatever reason (dysphoria, autism, AGP, clout, perving on women's bathrooms, etc.). He's no more wrong than any other tranny. I doubt he has dysphoria, but dysphoric trannies aren't women either. He and truscum/transmedicalists are just different types of wrong, not any less or more wrong than the other. So, I see no reason to exclude him from the label. To me, that's like separating a certain kind of shit out of a septic tank: you could, but fucking why ?

Trannies: Yaniv is one of you! He triggers you because some part of you, deep down, knows you will never be anything but a gorilla in a dress, no matter how many surgeries, diagnoses, and hormones you hide yourself under.


Jun 13, 2020
I think it may be best if we ask ourselves, "In what way is he not trans?"
Keep in mind, most troons don't make any effort to pass at all and basically just exist as failed angry straight men. By most, I mean more than 50% of all "T" in LGBT. How is he any different, or less "trans" than them? He's not at all.
A lot of people who aren't trans think of troons as female-passing porn stars they want to have sex with. Most are just dangerous men who are disgusting.