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Double post but I don't care, I just remembered something FUCKING AMAZING. Might double post in the "Tech that died on the vine" thread.

Fun fact. There was actually a (failed) state sponsored attempt to destroy the PI. Still stopped it from being taught in schools though.

It was called the Micro Bit, it was spearheaded by the BBC and it was the most useless fucking thing imaginable.

Let's go on a tangent for a bit:

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This is the Grundy Newbrain. It was an 8-bit home computer in the 80's. Without a monitor (most cases) it could only use the built in 16 character display.
It was a piece of shit and completely unsuccessful.

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This is the BBC Micro Bit. No, your eyes aren't decieving you. Those 25 LEDs are not tiny individual characters. This is a single character display. (Not even 8x8)
No, it can't connect to any sort of fucking display either. That's your lot.

There's designed by committee and then there's this.
It's got 2 buttons, GPIO, accelerometer and magnetometer but what the shit are you supposed to do with any of it if you can't actually display anything?

It's as if a computer was designed solely by people who had only vaguely even heard of computers (Not that unlikely given the BBC). People who had just bummed about Apple's website to rip off some phone features to make it popular if the tilt detection is any indicator.

Also, as the final insult it costs around double the PI Zero did. Gotta get them (((fees))).
By saying this I'll give you a stroke but when I was at university one course mandated these for a couple assignments with one of the requirements being to use four of its "features", in Python or Javascript (which is then compiled into some binary .hex), with no debugger. I remember one student wanting to use the Bluetooth on it but he needed to write the assignment in C and he got "Sorry, only Python or JS" in response. 90% of my time on the assignments were figuring out the simplest program that fits the spec since if anything slightly complex broke I was SOL on debugging.

I'll also echo the sentiments that no one knows computers, even in university courses for IT or CS. It's full of people with dreams of the tech companies with the ping pong tables who think replacing their graphics card has imparted on them some great wisdom only for them to fail to understand a for loop.