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True & Honest Fan
Jul 18, 2017
This is the picture the man puts as his face to the internet. I feel its an honest depiction. Behold, Darren Watkins Jr.

It is said that the Youtube Algorithm is a fickle and capricious god. Granting and taking away fame and wealth on the whims of the code and the tranny Californians who implement it. For every channel that breaks it into the big time, there are thousands and thousands that never do. It was in this environment that in 2018 a young African American boy from Cincinnati, Ohio, by the name of Darren Watkins began to stream on Youtube and Twitch a fortnite game he was playing. It averaged 2 concurrent viewers.

Almost 2 years later in 2020, it was averaging just 10 concurrent views. But then, a miracle. For you see, in 2020 the Martyred Floyd died for the enrichment of all oppressed persons, and the Youtube and Twitch Algorithm was altered. Priority was given towards content creators from marginalized backgrounds. By 2021, the youtube channel was growing by 1,000 subscribers weekly, usually watching NBA 2k and Fortnite streams. At which point, Watkins antics began to attract the attention of tik-tok, which began uploading memes and clips to the social media site. From there, it was straight virality to the moon with Watkins main channel holding 10.2 million subscribers.

So who is Darren Watkins, this upstanding guy that Youtube decided to put at the top of the gaming genre? In a word, he’s insane. His bit part is just a little too realistic, and while the youtube algorithm definitely blessed him in the wake of silicon valleys efforts of social justice, his growth since that point has been pure internet virality. Because the guy is absolutely fascinating. Somehow, I don’t think this is quite what google had in mind when it said it wanted to amplify black voices. But this is what they got.

The Ash Kaashh controversy and Twitch ban.

So how did Darren come to the attention of tik tok? Easy. He threatened to rape a prominent tik tok “influencer” on a livestream. You know, perfectly normal behavior. Early in his rise, Darren was invited into a group livestream on twitch related to e-dating. The livestream occurred on a stream hosted by adin ross, another NBA 2k streamer on December 13, 2021. The ostensible purpose of the stream was as a “dating show”. On twitch. With gaming streamers. And tik-tok e-thots. What was supposed to be a rather wholesome outing in modern zoomer hookup culture took a turn when Darren decided to aggressively proposition Ash Kaashh using the “If we were the last two people on earth line”. (A) After she said no, dead eyes into the camera he say's “Who gonna stop me?” Followed by several more times saying the exact same thing louder and angrier. Adin Ross, increasingly nervous attempted to move things along

At this point dear reader, I urge you to make sure you pay careful attention to the eyes of everyone who interacts with Darren, and Darren himself because I have found when delving into this that the eyes often convey way more then anything else happening.

Youtube link

Not to be outdone, towards the end of the stream Darren begins a bizarre striptease, much to the shock of literally everyone watching.

Youtube Link

In response to all this, he was “indefinitely banned” from Twitch on the grounds of literally threatening to rape a woman and engaging in a strip show. At the same time. (A)


It was because of this ban on Twitch that Darren moved primarily to youtube, which proved to be a far more permissive platform for his antics. It also proved to be a huge boon for his social media metrics as Ash Kaashh is apparently fairly well known on Tik-Tok, and Darren gained a dedicated following of hate watchers who would clip all his antics, thus amplifying his internet presence. The lesson he learned from this was there was no consequences for acting out. There was however, still debate on if he was legitimately like this, or just acting.

The Valorant Ban

I would argue that its this incident that really solidifies my own personal suspicions for how Darren views 50% of the human population, but I will leave it up to you all to agree or disagree. Fresh off the heels of getting banned from twitch for threatening sexual violence, Darren once again found himself in hot water. This time for absolutely losing his shit at a gamer with ovaries.

You see, after getting ambush killed, he began arguing with some gamers with prostates over whether he was a noob or not and if he should just calm down. But it was when the ovary holder chimed in with “you don’t know how to play the game because you suck ass” that the fireworks really started.

Remember, watch the eyes.

Youtube Link

Needless to say, the mods for Valorant were not amused with “What, is a bitch talking to me? Is a fucking female talking to me? Get off the fucking game and do yo husbands dishes bitch!” He was swiftly banned permanently from all productions made by Riot Games, and caught up in yet another social media firestorm big enough to draw the attention of Keemstar.

Bounding into Comics did a whole writeup of this incident. (A)

The Pikachu Incident

This was the incident that drew my own attention, and it’s the one that solidified in my head that he’s not doing a bit part at all. There really is not much to say here. The man decided to set a firework off in his bedroom live on stream.

The Fire Department would show up a few minutes later. Great response time!

The Full Livestream of the incident

In the subsequent follow up video trying to explain why he did something so idiotic, he went into an unhinged rant. It is at this point I must point out that the backdrop of his streams consistently show the shit heap of a bedroom he is living in. Even his attempts at using a curtained backdrop are consistently half assed and half the time he takes the curtain down anyway. Even Ralph puts more effort into hiding the hovel he is streaming in.

Full Stream

Also, for the love of christ look at his desktop.
Thanks to @Book Thief For posting the Pikachu video in the funy pictures thread.

Music Career, and Youtube Community Guideline strike

It goes without saying that infamy is just another word for fame, and with millions of subscribers it was inevitable that Darren would start his own hip hop career. His most popular video, with over 116 MILLION views as of publication is “Shake”, which is essentially a hip hop rip off of “Hit The Road Jack” by Ray Charles.

Other great hits include "God is Good", "Bounce that A$$", "Ronaldo" and "F.U.C".

Ripping off other artists would be a recurring theme for pretty much every music video he puts out. For example, on top of plagiarizing Ray Charles, the song "Ronaldo" plagiarizes Kiesza's "Take U There". I suspect there has been copyright blowback from the record labels who own these properties. This is the one thing Youtube cannot abide. Whether or not it was the blatant ripping of copyrighted music, or the fact that the man is an unhinged chariciture of a black man, the powers that be at google issued a Community Guideline strike on July 22, 2022. This caused Darren to issue a statement that he may be having to leave to youtube “soon”.

Personal Life

Darren, as of the publishing of this OP is assumed to 17 ½ years old, though he has frequently held himself out to be 19 years old in order to be allowed onto streams that would otherwise bar him from participating for being underage. His age is based on a statement he made in December, 2021 that said he was “16, turning 17 in a minute”. Since he’s come out and said his birthday is January 21, it is assumed this was the reveal.

Youtube link

He also has a girlfriend that he brings on stream on occasion. In one deleted stream, the girlfriend claims a bruise on her neck came “from getting hit”. Leading to several minutes of back pedaling and then, le gasp, her brother barges into the room. Speed panickily says “I’m a minor” and the girlfriend says “I was just playing!”. Real? Not Real? Sometimes its hard to say. But I want to believe.

Youtube link

On occasion an infant has also been brought onto the stream that Speed claims is “his daughter”. There is some question as to whether or not its actually his, or if his girlfriend had her before she hooked up with Darren.

Youtube Link

Random Speed moments

His dog poops on him

Speed tries to solve a basic word puzzle

Speed tries to sing one of his shitty songs after winning and pulls his pc onto his head

Speed celebrating his subscriber count

Speed Fucked his mother

Social Media

Youtube Channels



Twitch (lol, B&)

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Brian Butterfield

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Aug 31, 2017
The Ash Kaashh clip gives me some hope for the next generation. Her nonchalant, logical reply to his stupid hypothetical is refreshingly hilarious.

IIRC, it would take 80 couples and some 200 years of strenuous family-planning to repopulate the earth, while at the same time avoiding inbreeding. The whole "last 2 people on earth" thing is more akin to a Charlie scenario (and very dumb as well):



True & Honest Fan
Jul 18, 2017
What's amazing to me when I first started researching this is just how short a time span all of this is in. The dude literally only started taking off in 2021. All of this is literally 12 months of content. I expected I would have to go back years to find stuff on a streamer with 10 million subscribers. But nope.

Inebriated Raccoon

I'm literally just a drunk raccoon.
Sep 9, 2021
That burning pikachu video, his screaming sent me back in time to the Stone Ages.
It’s fucking hilarious though. This is one of the most irresponsible use of fireworks that I’ve seen. The pikachu flying away across the room paired with his screaming is the icing on the cake. The fact that he could’ve burned his house down due to a pikachu firework is hilarious. :story:


The word is the word of the sword.
May 28, 2020
Speed wasn't banned for copyright, he was banned for showing Minecraft porn on stream
Watching his chat collectively shit themselves gave me secondhand embarrassment. And if he didn't want to get banned, then why is he chimping out and screaming like a maniac instead of pausing the stream? Or not showing Minecraft porn in the first place?

And that firework video, wow. Watching him lose all semblance of sanity and screaming like a maniac and his chat shitposting on everything was straight-up cancerous.

lightning mcqueens whore

fruity little fuck
Jul 5, 2021
im surprised it took so long for someone to make a thread about him. i think this has potential, especially if anyone finds any of his pre-youtube social media. Itd be neat to see how much hes changed, if at all. I find him annoying, but the memes people make about him are pretty good usually.


George Floyd's Dealer
Dec 17, 2019
Kid may be a bit retarded, but I' dtake a retarded kid having some fun over the blatant faggotry thats all over the place right now. Maybe I'm just going soft but this kid feels like one of the only people showing zoomers how to actually have fun online instead of being an uptight loser. Even if he does shit like almost burning his house down out of straight up stupidity, at least its something to actually laugh about.