Law ISIS brides ask not to be judged harshly - The traitorous whores have been through alot apparently

What are the wages of treason?

ISIS bride tells the West: 'Don't judge us too harshly, we've been through an awful lot' as she flees terror group's last remaining territory that’s set to fall within days

An ISIS bride has pleaded not to be 'judged too harshly' after escaping the terror group's last remaining territory in Syria. The 46-year-old Canadian woman, Kimberley, said she 'didn't know all the politics' when she travelled to Syria as a 'humanitarian'.

She said she had been imprisoned by ISIS and escaped their last holdout in Baghouz, where tens of thousands of civilians have fled to opposition territory. Syrian fighters backed by the United States are battling to force ISIS out of Baghouz in a final push this week.

Speaking to ITV News at a Kurdish-controlled camp, she said: 'I knew that they were fighting but I didn't know all the politics. 'I came as a humanitarian, I came wanting to help to offer the skills that I had to help mainly women and children here. 'It's constant bombings, it's constant people fleeing, it's people fleeing, it's pulling bodies from houses, it's pulling children from houses as they collapse. 'I would say that for the women that are still there and for the children, that if you want to leave, come, you'll be OK. 'And I would say for the families back home, don't judge too harsh.

These people have been through an awful lot and they actually need your support and they need your help and they need their countries to back them up or you run the risk of them, some of them, becoming the very problem by pushing them away.' She said she wanted to be reunited with her family in Canada, where her sister said Kimberley had 'not acted rationally'. Syrian fighters are battling a fierce jihadist counteroffensive as they push to take the last scrap of land from ISIS in the east of the country, which may fall within days.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by artillery fire from a U.S.-led coalition, launched the final push on the Iraqi border on Saturday. Up to 600 jihadists as well as hundreds of civilians are believed to remain inside the ISIS patch. Tens of thousands of people, mostly women and children related to ISIS fighters, have fled the shrinking jihadist holdout, many of them claiming they were not supporters of the terror group. On Monday the U.S.-led coalition maintained a steady beat of bombings on the area as the SDF faced ferocious resistance. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 12 SDF fighters and 19 jihadists were killed in the fighting on Monday. U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that the coalition may declare victory over IS in the region in the coming days.


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I would suggest that absolutely the correct way to deal with the (voluntary) brides is to hand them over as having assisted the enemy to the forces that have now retaken the ISIS territories, and allow those forces to deal with them as they see fit.

When you throw your lot in with an invading force, you share their fate, win or lose.

Edit: The "brides" who were captured and subjected to sex slavery are victims of crimes against humanity and obviously should be dealt with as such. I am referring to the absolute cretins who voluntarily went off to serve ISIS in the capacity of foreign brides.

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ISIS had a program called Cubs of the Caliphate for children to be brainwashed and turned into child soldiers from a very young age. One wannabe bride, she and her husband were stopped when they tried to leave the US to join, professed her desire have have 7 cubs so that each one could join ISIS and take part in conquering a different continent. She too claimed ignorance. In the age of the internet there is no excuse for not knowing what ISIS is. Troubled kids fuck up and get into dealing weed or stealing their parents jewelry to pawn. You don't join the world's most prolific and violent terrorist organization, but some people are trying to paint it that they're just confused kids who didn't know what they were getting into. You can believe ISIS belief's and methods are just and correct, you can delude yourself into believing that the crimes they proudly documented and displayed to the world were fabricated, but you can't claim ignorance. They spread their propaganda far and wide taking every advantage of the Information Age.

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>ISIS wife

Ain't she about thirty-eight years too old?
Doesn't mean she can't cook and clean. Girls for procreation, boys for recreation. Though I'm sure a decent portion of ISIS would have problems with dudes fucking even if they don't wanna marry the nigga. Homosexuality, especially pederasty, is pretty common in the Middle East and not generally frowned upon unless you make it publicly about love or an actual relationship.

It does rustle my jimmies that they are pulling the "woe is me, poor put upon woman" card. Where were your tears when your fuck friends were destroying humanities common historical heritage in the museums? Where were your appeals for sympathy when thousands of your fellow women were rounded up like cattle and sold in slave markets? Did you ask your husband to not judge too harshly when he helped to behead people with a swiss army knife? Now that your side lost you suddenly want to ask for mercy? Your "husband" certainly didn't make the same offer. Actual whores offer a service, and are far more honorable then what you are.


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It fucking pisses me off when vapid bitches who chose to leave the safety of their home countries to become “wives” of ISIS fighters act like they deserve the same sympathy and respect as Yazidi/Christian/Iraqi/etc girls who were kidnapped from their homes and constantly raped.

Also, they never give a shit about the actual victims of sex slavery. They never had a problem with the the way their husbands treat other women until they started getting treated the same way. I highly doubt they’re truly repentant, they just realized they’re on the losing side.

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Blue Falcon Actual
Don't forget that ISIS had a women's branch of religious police that carried out the will of the Caliphate. These women terrorized ISIS occupied territories. Iraq began handing out death sentences for female ISIS members last year, but I have yet to hear of them actually carrying any of them out. Several are reported to have been commuted to life sentences in Iraqi prison. Granted I haven't kept up with the conflict since the ISIS collapse much.

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