Israel-Palestine conflict spergs - Losers argue over a shitty piece of land

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Chiang Kai-shek

His Excellency Generalissimo
Sep 18, 2016

Note: This thread is not for discussing the actual conflict

There are no shortage of issues that divide Americans, the Israel-Palestine conflict is one such issue. How such a tiny strip of land with no fucking oil can cause such a firestorm is complicated. However this is not a thread to discuss the issue itself this is the thread to point and laugh at the spergs who argue over this. More amusingly even professors and academics are not immune from sperging. The current debate is between the "New Historians" (Israeli historians who believe that Israel's history isn't as pure as once thought) and the regular Historians (historians who believe that while Israel isn't perfect the new historians are distorting information) both will argue with each other over trivial things. For example, a small scrap of David Ben-Gurion's diary which mentioned Palestians generated a huge fight over whether or not he actually wanted to remove kebab. The argument stemmed over some crossed out words in the diary that some claimed said he did not want to remove kebab others said it didn't matter as he still wanted to remove them.

On the subject of the average internet users, the story is much the same but much more sperging. Mention the word "Israel" and you'll guarantee a slapfight. Trying to explain things in a neutral way will just make things worse. Naturally even wikipedia isn't immune to infighting, with everyone claiming bias one way or another. Some people claim Hamas dindu nuffin while others [URL=]claim Israel dindu nuffin.

One thing Israel and Palestine have in common is their ability to generate autism.

List of Slapfights:


Actual sources:
Israel side: - note that is may be pretty biased but it's well organized and pretty to look at I guess. Lots of documents too.

Palestine side: - no doubt biased too but it isn't run by a (((jewish pac)))

General: - I think this website is pretty good. Lists a lot of books from both sides of the argument and even suggests reading both sides before coming to a conclusion. Contains links to both Israel and Palestinian/Arab sources and sites. Sadly the founder passed away in 2011 or 13 so I can't guarantee it's entirely up to date. - claims to be fact based news and seems like it tbh. Though they also talk about (((fake news)))

Major sperging: - despite claiming to be a civil discussion it usually ends up as autistic slapfight. Also one of the more active mods is very pro-palestinian.[/URL]

KM 749

Even Pope Francis decided to use up part of his Christmas message to urge for a two-state solution, because why wouldn't Muslims and Jews care about the opinions of a Catholic?



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Nov 28, 2014
Just yesterday I found a really entertaining pro-Palestine sperg, but unfortunately it looks like he was just suspended today. Fortunately I was able to go through my history and find some of his posts.
Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.13.48 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.13.55 PM.jpg

This one gets me the most. This fucking moron honestly doesn't understand that Arab leaders/civilians took their frustration out on the Jewish citizens of their countries after they failed to win wars against Israel. Because God forbid we acknowledge the fact that basically all Arab countries are rabidly anti-Semitic.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.16.44 PM.jpg

Maybe we would give more to the Palestinians if they didn't spend our aid money on financing terrorism. Oh, and check out the comments under that article, it's all whataboutism.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.43.06 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.43.11 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.43.24 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.44.51 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.33.46 PM.jpg

Just... wow. I'm pretty sure the French resistance against the fucking Nazis didn't involve stabbing 13-year-old girls while they slept in their beds, suicide-bombing pizzerias, taking Olympic athletes hostage and then murdering them, or suicide-bombing a hotel full of people who were celebrating a religious holiday.

I'm not saying that Israel is blameless, because it's not. It's done a lot of terrible shit. But I am so disgusted by people justifying terrorism and romanticizing it as ~resistance~. I think Palestine has become a deeply sick society that glorifies death. And I don't think that can be justified by the Israeli occupation because I've never seen anything else like it in similar cases of oppression.

Rand /pol/

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Oct 29, 2017
I'd also like to mention a YouTuber Johnny Gat who makes Anti Israel and Pro Palestinian Videos (in addition to Anti Trump and Pro Conspiracy videos)

KM 749

The whole "Apartheid" comparison regarding the conflict is incredibly specious because both sides would immediately start aiming for one another's throats as soon as the borders came down.

It's not like both sides will immediately forgive each other and join hands in brotherhood as soon as the wall comes down.

Chiang Kai-shek

His Excellency Generalissimo
Sep 18, 2016
From the Israeli side of salt, I encountered this on /pol/ one time ago. Zionists can be as obnoxious as Palestine supporters.
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To be fair, Finkelstein can be pretty spergy too. Like he ignored how the Goldstone report called out Hamas for endangering civilians and not even conducting an investigation into reported incidents IIRC. But I don't wanna detract from the sperginess on both sides. Keep it coming.
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