Israel-Palestine Containment Thread - Containment for the off topic shit from the Gaza Happening thread

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    We need a 3PL

Timber Wolf

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Feb 27, 2020
antifa was started by commie germans who believe Palestine was a flourishing society before 1948

fuck off kike

May 21, 2020
isn't it just like the muslim blood ritual of circumcision
It's the jews who are into kinky shit

it's done for

This thread IRL

bruh you're saying this shit like you're casting some gay nigga balls spell
This jew has to be the most retarded jew that I have ever come across in my life

I mean Palestinians lost in strength points because they now have all the Western tankies, lefties, and other degenerates supporting them now.

So congrats.
If they have tanks, where are they?

Some corrections coming in that IDF ground troops haven't yet actually set foot in Gaza. Can't quite tell if cope, psyop, or just fog of war. Armor is already firing into Gaza directly from their positions.
A lot of Palestinians will die tonight, sadly

I hope for Stalingrad 2: Foreskin Boogaloo and that both sides will bleed themselves to irrevelance through material, manpower, financial drain and political fallout. Realistically though Israel will finish this by Sunday and western media will eventually spin it as a great step forward for freedom and democracy.
Most likely outcome.
Arabs will of course be at the front of like to suck some circumcised cock

Jet Fuel Johnny

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Apr 1, 2017
I am very happy that you see nothing morally wrong with this.

You prove that all the negative stereotypes that people have about jews are indeed accurate
And here we have the Arab supporting mind in plain view.

>Shoots from a building full of kids with babies strapped to him like redneck body armor
>Fires missiles from firing point strapped with kids like sandbags
>Gets killed

Nobody gives a fuck any more. We're all sick of your Bronze Age bullshit. If you didn't breed above oil which will be more useful than any of you ever will be, nobody would give a shit about you and you'd be behind Africa for international aid.


What's the ugliest part of your body?
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Jul 6, 2015