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Italy Loosens Their Gun Laws, Legalizes AR-15 Rifles

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Ahriman, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. I think there should be a trade off here, if they can get AR-15's maybe we should be able to start getting in some surplus AR-70's. Once upon a time you could open up a copy of shotgun news and they were, a whole plethora of European goodies to choose from, you had the Famas, Galil, AUG, Valmet, German made HK91's, the SPAS and yes the Beretta AR-70. If I had a time machine I'd go back to the 80's and get as many of these mentions as possible along with as many original Japanese made balisong knives I could put in my pockets.
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  2. Maybe one day I can get a Sabatii in 500 Nitro Express
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    oldTireWater Incompetent as fuck

  3. what if somalians get all the guns before the italians can tho
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    The Great Chandler

    The Great Chandler "Pickleless girls don't marry virgin boys"

  5. The Zimbabwe tribesmen picked up guns from fallen British soldiers in the Rhodesian Bush War and they still got slaughtered because they didn't understand how to operate them.
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    PantsFreeZone Smartest monkey on the spinning space rock

  6. I think it's appropriate to play this clip:
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    Sword Fighter Super

    Sword Fighter Super I hope the princess made lotsah spaghetti!
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  7. I wasn't aware that Tommy guns didn't count as assault weapons.
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  8. I'm glad to see others got gun sperging done for me.

    I do want to say, any nation that honors it's people by letting them have fire arms gets a thumbs up.

    defending yourself be it mugger or state is a God given right and it's nice to see when a nation makes any steps to have honored that because it's sure envouge to strip that now.

    Never give em up never register em pasta niggers.
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  9. When a refugee tries to rape a girl, and she shoots him in his family pearls, that's amore.
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    vertexwindi Ohhh~ banana
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  10. But are Somalians the same as Zimbabwe tribesmen? No. I'm sure the Somalians will be able to use the guns correctly, they are such a hard working people after all.
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  11. Granted, they are a seafaring people, but they still have an average IQ of 78.
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    PantsFreeZone Smartest monkey on the spinning space rock

  12. Yup, look at pictures of Africans with modern guns. They don't maintain them for shit. Even sand niggers do a better job.
    They're all idiots. It's a continent where they think fucking goats or virgins will cure aids.
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    Maxliam Professional Niggo


  13. People do realize there are gun cultures out there besides the US right? India is developing one, Brazil has one, and even China has an underground version despite all the bans. I can get you examples and links of all of the above if anyone wants. With globalization, the internet, and the rise of a middle class making stuff is easier and cheaper then ever.

    All you need is a lathe and drill press and those are getting cheaper and common in those areas of the world now. https://homemadeguns.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/sikligar-gunsmiths-of-madhya-pradesh/

    Also this means that Italy (on top of Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland) has less strict laws then New Y0rk, DC, Cali, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. So officially people from those states can call those euros bubba rednecks.

    Also Uberti one of the big manufacturers of western reproduction guns is in Italy.
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    #54 Pop-Tart, Nov 10, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018

    Pop-Tart Owing da X-tards one post at a time.
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  14. People do realize. Lefties don't.
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    Coldgrip You! Not you, the guy behind you. You're next.

  15. When I think of Italians with assault rifles, I think of the Vercetti gang from GTA Vice City around Italian peninsula calling each other Mario.
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    Billy_Sama ♂Love and Muscle in Heaven♂

  16. Kebab removal incoming?:optimistic:
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    Damocles_Sword Shovelmech Pilot

  17. "Italian culture, linked in the popular imagination with fine art, fashion and good food, does not typically conjure up the image of assault weapons. But in September, the government loosened gun laws, making it possible to own more guns like the AR-15, an assault rifle that has been used in numerous mass shootings in the United States, most recently a Pennsylvania synagogue where 11 were killed."

    That one paragraph is one of the reasons I patently despise reporters/newspapers. First and foremost, trying to bring up facts that have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual story i.e. shootings in the United States, and not just any shooting. Oh no, but specifically the shooting in Pennsylvania. If the writer wanted to express a more benign but Leftward bias in the article he or she could have said something along the lines that certain Italians are worried that the new law might be putting too much firepower into the wrong hands, but the left being the left can't help themselves. Secondly, we have the usual intentional errors. The AR-15, for the guh zillionth time isn't a fucking assault rifle. Every single rifle that fits that actual description can fire full-automatic. The AR-15 can't. End of fucking story.
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  18. Assault rifle, as defined for a lot of people, includes plenty of semi-auto firearms.
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  19. Actually Italian gun laws are more liberal than American laws since Colt AR-15 #14 is owned by an Italian collector who found it in a Malaysian Army Armory which even though it was built in the United States, it can't ever legally return to the United States because it is a "foreign machine gun" thus illegal to import after 1968, and it wasn't registered before 1986.

    Luckily under yuro gun I'll laws you're allowed to convert machine guns to semi-auto to be legal unlike America where anything that has ever fired full auto can never be declassified as a machine gun except by complete destruction of the reciever.

    Personally I'm progun as hell and even I call ARs and AKs assault rifles since honestly any other term is ambiguous and reeks of newspeak since god damn it the only difference between a real assault rifle and a pistol gripped, detactable magazine fed, intermediate rifle is one notch on the fire selector.
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