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Mar 11, 2015
We all know how retarded TV Tropes' community is.

Now what if It old you there is a site for people too retarded for even TV Tropes?

This is IJBM, It is a community for people who got banned from tv tropes or otherwise got too exceptional for the main site. There are a number of reasons for why they've migrated to IJBM:

  1. They're weeaboos who are salty over tvtropes no longer naming so many tropes after weebshit
  2. They're pedophiles like Chagen who migrated there after TV Tropes banned pedos and pedoworks
  3. They're so catastrophically autistic that even TV Tropes got sick of their shit and they needed another hugbox

IJBM is like Tv Tropes as it was during the SA threads, complete with cringey racism, entitlement, support groups for awful people, euphoria, idiots trying to sound smart, and pedophile apologists