Culture It’s time to end “trending” on Twitter - At best, it’s worthless — and at worst, it’s actively harmful

Should Twitter's trending feed be removed?

  • Yes, its filled with annoying left-wing propaganda

    Votes: 37 24.2%
  • No, it will destroy a source of lulz

    Votes: 57 37.3%
  • Don't know/Don't Care

    Votes: 59 38.6%

  • Total voters

Trending wouldn't be a problem if they wouldn't use it as some little mind-melding tool and just let it be straight up what it is. Things that get talked about a lot, no matter what Twitter's moral judgment of them may be, trend. It should be and could be that simple. However, Twitter cannot leave well enough alone. Its not hands-off, it is already curated, they are suppressing things they dislike and promoting and even creating things they like. Look at how #ClintonBodyCount was at least 6 times more popular than #TrumpBodyCount, and was the most popular formulation of the "body count" notion after the announcement that Epstein had died in custody. The only state where #TrumpBodyCount was mentioned more than #ClintonBodyCount was Twitter's HQ state of California. Twitter has routinely suppressed and banned topics they dislike from trending. Its clear-cut editorializing, but hundreds of examples of this aren't enough to keep these brazen liars from swearing for social and legal purposes to Congress that they are "neutral platforms."

I don't use twitter (except to screenshot lolcows) but I remember seeing Null mention in the chat that Twitter manually removed the trending tag for the Clintons killing Epstein and leaving the one implying Trump did up.

What these leftist shitbags want, as everyone knows, is for twitter to do even more to manually censor shit they don't want the cattle seeing or talking about.

I'd agree but twitter tards would just migrate to another app/website
Would they, though? Where would they migrate to?
Once their access to their followers collapses(not likely someone's going to remember all 1,000+ people they're following) they have next to nothing. Facebook? It's a really clunky site to use today and posts are much more confined than Twitter.
Killing Twitter, while beneficial, will all but remove its unique form of international bite-sized discussion on the internet. It's doubtful another site will take its place with anything similar since it was dumb luck a shitposting service took off in the first place.


Thoroughly Unimpressed
Why should accuracy or quality come into play at all? If its trending, its trending. If its something you don't like? Too bad, the people have spoken. What is the point of trending if its going to be sold and curated? Let trends trend or let trends end.
The fundamental flaw with all social media, it has to be open to everyone, AND, bereft of even the most innocuous insensitivity. And the dopes in charge think such is not only desirable, but, can be done.

Bad Headspace
I would support to get the option to turn it off. It just pushes things I don't care about. It just takes up space, bad interface design.


True & Honest Fan
>years of Russia collusion conspiracies


>years of screeching about impeaching trump for every contrived reason under the sun


>lots of people have a big thunk about the Clintons being involved with how Epstein died in a very suspicious way


I haven't used Twitter in years. It's such a dramatic shithole, but you can't use the internet without it somehow sneaking its way into your life. I really can't wait until it finally dies.

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