ITT: Pitch Your YA Sci Fi Dystopia Story - Book Three Will Be Made Into Two Movies

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It is the near future. After a cataclysmic religious conflict, the Global Caliphate rules the planet, imposing its ultra strict version of Sharia upon everyone. In the bombed out ruins of San Francisco, where ninety percent of the population was put to the sword, a teenage Billy Tepeson survives on his wits. Billy, a short green eyed urchin from old Central European stock, is struggling to hide his blossoming attraction to other men from the terrible gaze of the religious police. But he has another, even more frightening problem. In his dreams, he is visited by an awesome presence, an entity claiming to be an ancient ancestor, that calls itself Vlad, and offers to bestow on him membership of a powerful Order that alone may oppose the Caliphate: the Order of the Dragon!

Leonard Helplessness
A caste of genetically-enhanced supermen now rule the solar system, and all of humanity now exists as genetically-modified slave castes toiling under the ruling class. However, there's a faint ray of hope: A boy in the lowest caste of them all has his body surgically modified and upgraded in order to blend in with the ruling class, then inserts himself into their numbers and begins clawing his way to the top of their society as part of his quest to annihilate the entire system. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any idea of how to replace the system he's destroying, so the solar system is pretty much fucked either way.

This is an actual premise. The Red Rising trilogy is pretty much the dumbest and most entertaining thing I've ever read.
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Elwood P. Dowd

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The SpaceKat Chronicles

by Elwood P. Dowd

The Rise of the REEEEsistance, Book One of the SpaceKat Chronicles

Welcome to the Empire of Brotopia, formerly known as the United States of America. Pronouns are ignored. Preferred genders mocked. Patreons remain unfunded. Soy products permitted only as animal feed. Blue checkmarks on Twitter meaningless. All bathroom fixtures are gold plated. All steaks are served well-done. All servings of ice-cream a mandatory two scoops. All video games first person shooters. All promotions based upon competence. All bathrooms rigidly segregated by biological gender. Truly, a hell on Earth, a sink of misogyny and, oh, productivity.

An orange miasma covers the land as God Emperor Drumpf I, The Wallbuilder issues his decrees from his impregnable (even his adjectives are misogynistic!), impenetrable lair combo resort hotel country club and casino, More-and-Lardgo. None dare stand in his way, none dare oppose him, lest they risk his ire and his Twitter snark. The masses groan under their mandatory gold plated bathroom fixtures and procrustean two scoops of ice cream.

Yet, hope is not yet fully extinguished. One has arisen, a truly one hundred percent true and honest female down to the tingly lady parts, REEEEanna Wagger Splint, who, full of courage and undeniable femininity leads a desparate REEEEsistance movement to overthrow the Orange Overlord of More-and-Lardgo. REEEEanna, a fully trained engineer, software programmer and respected journalist, can in fact do it all and do it all by herself. She is truly a wamen who don’t need no man.

But since this is YA fiction there kind of has to be a love triangle. So here it is: Assisted by Freddy WooWoo, respecter of wamen and winner of multiple awards nobody’s ever heard of, and Yeshua Goyner Mooooooon, he of the chiseled abs, pecs of perfection and badboy smirk, a desperate plan is formed to hijack the experimental spaceship Revolution 60, travel to long abandoned moon-base RB Ginsburg and hurl moon rocks at the evil lair of the God Emperor. Smashing it and the patrirarchy, overthrowing the Brotopia and the God Emperor in one fell swoop.

Will REEEEanna and her assistants pull it off? Will REEEanna’s lady bits tingle for the badboy or the respecter of wamen? Will the Revolution 60 spaceship, product of the heteronormative ciswhite patriarchy as it is, be up to the task? Can they infiltrate the patriarchal space program and pull off the greatest hijacking of all time? Begin this riveting series and find out! The REEEEsistance is rising!

The Second Book in the Series Everybody Always Skims Since it is Largely Pointless, Book Two of the SpaceKat Chronicles

REEEEanna, Freddy and Yeshua, REEEEsisters of the Brotopia, last seen in The Rise of the REEEEsistance , have located the Revolution 60 under the boardwalks of Atlantic City and must now create a plan to liberate said spaceship in a desperate attempt to travel to long abandoned Moonbase RB Ginsburg and fire the only weapon that can be assured smash the Patriarchy forever, moonrocks. But in order to do this, they must first assemble a team of true and honest females to assist in their efforts, as there is only one female amongst them,and, as everyone knows, males are always incompetent.

First they must liberate Chelsea van ZoeLard from the Labyrinth of the Five Guys where she has been languishing since the Brotopia arose, her diet restricted to a mere five thousand calories a day (the horror!) and second must travel to an obscure town on the Connecticut coastline and enlist the aid of Petunia Hardgavel, a precocious, precious and totally ten year old honest but secret gamer girl of immense power and knowledge. Don’t let her frilly dresses fool you, this is one serious gamer!

But all will not flow smoothly, for the evil forces of the God Emperor have learned of REEEanna’s efforts. From the bowels of More-and-Lardgo a new threat has issued: The Patriarch-emons, “Gotta Oppress ‘em all,” a collection of hideously misshappen monsters contained in egg-like structures, all attuned to the special nature of Crown-Prince Blareon, heir apparent to the Empire of Brotopia. Do not let Blareon’s blank expression fool you, he directs the Patriarch-emons with consummate skill, knowledge and mildly obsessive tendencies.

Will our plucky heroes be able to rescue Chelsea from her starvation diet imprisonment? Will Petunia be able to utilize her unmatched tabletop gaming skills and defeat Crown Prince Blareon and his army of minion Patriarch-emons? Will REEEEanna’s flighty female heart finally settle down and allow her to choose between badboy Yeshua Goyner Mooooooon, he of the chiseled abs and perfect pecs, or respecter of wamen Freddy WooWoo? Finally, will trained engineer REEEanna be able to correct the errors of the patriarchy and bring the Revolution 60 to launch status? Read, okay, skim, the penultimate book in The SpaceKat Chronicles to find out!

Bang Zoom … REEEEanna’s Going to the Moon!, Book Three of the SpaceKat Chronicles

Hope remains for totally true and honest 100% female REEEEanna Wagger Splint, but suspicion is rising. Has the evil Brotopia managed to place a spy in her doughty band of gender nonconformist REEEEsisters? Even as they prepare the now liberated Revolution 60 for launch, (see The Second Book in the Series Everybody Always Skims Since it is Largely Pointless) to the long abandoned moon base RB Ginsburg, something seems off. The God Emperor Drumpf I, he of the Art of the Deal, seems to know far more than he should about the REEEEsister’s timetable and actions. And there being only one ciswhite male in REEEEanna’s REEEEsisters, suspicion naturally falls on Yeshua Goyner Mooooooon. But, oh, how he makes REEEEanna’s lady parts tingle with his chiseled abs, perfect pecs and kissable, badboy lips!

And what deep, dark secret will be revealed when our band of REEEEsisters reach Moon Base RB Ginsburg to launch a cascade of moon rocks against the otherwise invulnerable lair of the God Emperor, More-and-Lardgo? Will it tear apart our team of heroes, even as the Patriarchy crumbles under the totally valid science of moon rocks launched as weapons? Will Chelsea van ZoeLard eat all their supplies? Will Petunia Hardgavel’s homesickness for her town on the Connecticut shore overcome her? Where will REEEEanna’s heart finally land? Finally, is there truly a spy in their midst, or could REEEEanna be mistaken?

Read the stunning and brave, long-awaited conclusion to The SpaceKat Chronicles to find all this out, and more!

Obligatory Boomer vs Zoomer shilling
Incels are put in a Logan's Run scenario where they are executed at 20
Society comes up with a new currency earned by respecting women
1 million GBP = government-mandated sex with a prostitute
A group of incels attempt to pull off an Ocean's Eleven GBP heist

The best and greatest
I had this idea a while back for a sci-fi show where its kinda like the matrix meets pandorum meets anime where it takes place in a giant space installation with the last of humanity plugged into a virtual world. Half the show takes place in an anime virtual world and the other half is gritty live-action with people running through gritty cyberpunk hallways 'n junk to escape to the planet below and start over. The show itself would mostly be an exploration into whether its even preferable to start over with other minor themes interspersed based on personal relevance.

Ghost of Wesley Willis

Whooping Batman's Ass in Heaven
Young average white girl with no interesting personality traits takes on an oppressive government modeled after Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union with a young average white boy that's either her best friend or love interest, with the aid of an old white dude mentoring both. He either dies heroically or of an crippling disease, both characters survive the worst odds thanks to the power of lazy writing, plot holes, and plot armor. Leader of the bad guys actually has better motives and reasons for things being the way they are, and you wound up liking them more.


Somewhere in the Swamps south of the Mexico border
A dieselpunk setting featuring mobile suits a la All You Need Is Kill wherein the protagonist is the rookie of an airborne infantry division, forced into service through a nasty whisper campaign in highschool.

He ends up becoming a media personality after a particularly daring feat, though the powers that be plot to make a legend out of him. And not in the good way.

The Government has taxed thinking. Every person's brain has a device which measures the electrons which get fired up whenever people learn or concentrate. Education has been dumbed down to the point where you can complete high school without paying more Thinking Tax than you would watching a telenovela.

They did this so people wouldn't be able to give any thought to the control the Government brings upon them, and they take over people's businesses as they please, and if they try to fight the case the Thinking Tax drains their finances. It gets to the point where the Government owns every service and retailer in the country.

People only get tax relief if they spend their thinking time on ways to drain more money from the workers, and to punish the population as a whole.

But one girl, a black autistic lesbian with one arm and depression ..............................
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A Welsh Cake

Not A big fat panda. THE big fat panda.
A welss kake is just your average ordinary teenage girl. On neptune. She is bullied by her schoolmates (though school is abolished) and has no friends, she is so plain looking with her gorgeous locks of hair, her perfect skin and her jewel like eyes. One day, when she was out hunting alien monsters (the only things she enjoys and is good at) she meets a handsome boy who is scarred/magical/opressed/idk. At first she thinks to help the boy but with the only thing she is good at being cooking and politics she is lost at how to help the boy. Suddenly he turns towards her and collapses in her arms.

A welss kake returns to the orphanage where she is the older sister/mother figure. There she houses the boy, but has to hide him away from her oppresive matrons because only evil people take care of orphans. Also they are ugly and old, because fuck old people. Her cast of best friends, who are a spunky nerd boy who is so great at hacking and a tough girl of questionable ethnicity, must find a way to help hide this new magic hunk .

The plot has many twists and turns including such surprising plot points as

  1. A welss kake and magic hunk are actually destined to be married
  2. This was all training for a battle royale where kids are chosen to represent planets instead of trained soldiers
  3. Politics and a maguffin of insurmountable power
  4. nerdy soft boy UwU confesses his love to tough girl but then breaks up with her in the second book because he thinks he might be gay
  5. Native neptunians befriend A welss kake, as she was prophesized to be the olive branch of humanity to alienity. Also the only thing she is good at is speaking neptunian.
  6. Destroying the evil empire set up by an old orange alien with fake hair
  7. Stretching her legs and going to Saturn school to uncover an evil plot by the teachers, who conveniently keep all their evil documentation in the same building they use as a cover identity
  8. Another hunk comes in, this time he is revealed to be the childhood friend of A welss kake
  9. A new video game comes out, but if you die in the game, you die in real life
  10. Protagonist is sent to a fantasy world after she dies in the second book but is given a new super power that helps her out in the mysterious world, that just so happens to work like a game. Also there are handsome men everywhere.

I'm still thinking of a title for the series, maybe something mysterious like
The Neptune Files
or maybe something more subtle like
My life as a plain wallflower
Diary of an unpopular girl
what do you think?

An Account
Terri Crue is a neurotypical sixteen year old girl, and that unfortunately makes her a member of Aspergia's enslaved lower class. Assigned as the government wife of an otherwise incel chancellor at the age of nine, Terri yarns for freedom from Autistic Supremacy. In the cover of night she sneaks out of her dog cage and escapes her home town of CWCville, but not before a run in with the true and honest mayor of CWCville, Lady Chandler. Terri narrowly escapes the corpulent tranny with her nostrils intact. After a journey through the harsh wilderness, she discovers an underground group of neurotypical rebels who plot to invade and liberate the various lands of Aspergia, with the hopes of eventually overthrowing the 'Tistic Tyrant Y'Israeli.

Can Terri survive her journey through the bizarre and dystopian lands of Aspergia? Or will the reeeevolt be squashed?


Discordian Archivist
A cyberpunk re-imagining of the perfect Victorian world, where the very idea of sex, religion, discourse, or impropriety is outlawed in order to avoid offending anyone's sensibilities or personal world views. Conversations are entirely tied to pop culture references and reiteration of media-approved opinions, and leaders are elected entirely on the basis of giving the populace a target to publicly vent and feel righteous for disliking, channeling their anger away from their lives into a figure who operates in a vacuum from both their opinions, and the laws against impropriety.

The main characters would be smut peddlers and pornographers who stumble on a reason behind this conspiracy and the story would center around them trying to survive their discovery while navigating the ethical/moral implications of releasing the information to the public.


No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat.
A story about how a CIA Operatives try to quell an uprising in an O’Neill Cylinder Colony populated by uplifted canids, and felines. Also the operatives have to fight against the clock before the US looses complete control over the colony and also have to stop the Chinese and the Russians from supporting the opposition.

Solo Wing Pixy

Yo Buddy, Still Alive?
A Young Man kills himself and his family and friends struggle in the aftermath. Looking for answers they eventually find the root cause of the Young Man's suicide, the murder of his future. The main perpetrator of the killing of the Young Man's future? The Metoo Movement.

What do they make of the looming dystopia before them...
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