Off-Topic ITT We Argue About the Ethics of Dropping Dox - Some people in Beauty Parlour don't approve of the practice.

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Way I figure it, if they themselves posted it, it's fair game because they're careless. It's when you have to hack into shit or someone besides the idiot themselves posted it that it gets iffy.

This is why I have never posted my home address anywhere.
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Doxxing isn't really the issue. It's the after.
She will probably get the number changed or deactivated (if it was hers to begin with) and then it goes back into the pool for reassignment. Sprint does it fairly quickly, and others within 30 days or so.
Some random person could be hounded because some fatty was an asshole online. If you Google the number, it's a Kiwi flavored mess.
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Depends on the level of cow I think. Alot of these girly threads are just people watching the shit show, sometimes dropping a low ranking cows dox drys up the m.ilk and that's why it's frowned upon on lolcow. This isn't Nick Bates levels of horrorcow, the let's dig up everything we can find and wreck his shit type of thing. If the general flow of topic leads to people finding it we usually come to an agreement but theres always a chance I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME will be I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME. Unless you have mods lock or unlock info to doxs on cows or something extra, it just comes with the territory of these sites. Doxing cows honestly either makes them go into hiding when their small time or have them sperg so it really depends.

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I don't think it's unethical because KF has never advocated exceptional stuff like ordering pizzas, getting them fired or expelled, swatting, le epin trolling, cyberbowling etc. It's funny when a cow chimps out over their dox. You and everyone else has the power to be anon online, to be private, to call your telecom provider and get yourself delisted etc. Doxing is really not the horrible death sentence some activists make it out to be. Most people don't see any physical harm come from it. Put it in perspective.


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Sometimes you have people who act smug as shit because they think they cannot be doxed; people who think they can get away with being a hypocrite because nothing is known of their lives and think they have a free pass to act like an asshat because they think they are invincible online.

It's fun to knock them down a peg or two and see just how many of their insults were projections, or how they double down when they realise they are no longer anonymous.

And if we're talking about ethics, doxing is completely legal as long as social engineering or confidential information isn't involved. People don't realise how much public information on them is already out there, and all we are doing is compiling it together.


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I don't care if addresses and phone numbers are posted as long as they're correct. The number in Amber Reid's thread title was an old cell number from when she lived in Florida. I'm not saying we should go through hundreds of pages to find and edit/remove old info, but it shouldn't be posted in the title unless it's current.


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I'm not a fan of doxxing. But I knew what this place was way before I joined. Honestly, some of these cows do deserve it. And like AnOminous said, some dox themselves. SWATing is what actually pisses me off because it's dangerous and wastes time and money. But we are not 13 year olds playing COD.
And that's the kind of shit our I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME generally haven't done. Two obvious SWAT examples would be DSP and Jenny McDermott. DSP is a dumbfuck who pisses off everyone he encounters so he shouldn't be surprised he also pissed off some 15 year old sociopathic exceptional individual. He had it coming. Jenny McDermott thought it was a great idea to post gifs with exif data in them on /baph/ while taunting them. Who could have predicted the results of that? Fuck, even those guys told her more than once this was a really bad idea and not to do it. The response was more angry sperging and the result was inevitable.

We didn't do either of those. The first was one of DSP's own dipshit fans while the second was someone the cow in question deliberately sought out and taunted until they did what they do.

I sympathize for the cops who had their time wasted, and any innocent bystanders, but not these dumbasses themselves.

And DSP literally is a 13 year old playing COD in an adult's body and calling it a job.

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I love doxing because it makes it easier to have fun with the cows ever since AL's # went up I've been calling about 7 times an hour and leaving death/rape threats on her voicemail I hate that fat fatty fat bitch and I hope it makes her kill herself :lol:


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Doxing is like any other tool: It can be used for good or ill.

The way we use it, it's oft a necessity evil. Take for example many of the Rat King affiliates. They make up new identities as easily as breathing and "deadnaming" them gives one the potential to analyze why they keep doing so (usually, to avoid the consequences of their actions). Several cows we cover have criminal records, and us digging into them is the only way to really figure out how deep it goes.

In the case of some cows, like Brianna Wu, doxing her identity as John Flynt especially exposed her as being what she is (essentially Chris with a budget and actual influence) and brought us additional content and even its own chimp-out trying desperately not to call us out by name. Still other times, it can simply be karmic, like we saw when Jake "All GGers should be Doxed" Alley got a taste of his own medicine and now everyone knows he's a real-life underpants gnome.

Other times a strategic use of dox can result in an entire community chimping out, reaching a boiling point of hilarity that truly exemplifies why the Farms does it in the first place, as was the case of the SA Troons, or perhaps more gloriously, what @Dynastia did to RationalWiki.

Which kind of brings me to something I noticed, which is the dichotomy of how dox are used.

I've noticed that almost never does the Farms actually do anything with the information it dredges up regarding a lolcow beyond establishing "this person is X" and documenting it. Most of the biggest chimp-outs over it are entirely the byproduct of those exposed immediately going full sperglord in an effort to either deny or exploit being doxed online. You will never see the Farms swatting anyone or sending them pizzas or anything, and if there ever is someone on the Farms stupid enough to I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME out and do so, rest assured, they'll be Halal soon enough.

I bring this up because a lot of the cows we cover fucking love doxing people, including Nyberg, Reed, Quinn, and roughly half the Rat King affiliates, who seem to constantly maintain this "one rule for me, another for thee" mentality when it comes to this shit. They'll cheerfully use any dox they acquire in attempts to silence or shut people down online, attempt to get them fired or in trouble with their employers, and in the case of CON, even try to get a purple heart-winning soldier in trouble because Gamergate - hell, Nora was doing this yesterday. There's a sort of malice behind it that is readily apparent.


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lol what kind of idiot signs up here with their real DOB?

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