ITT: Youtubers you know who talk about lolcows, internet schizos, strange internet history, etc. -

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If you want to add to this list, please include a description of what they cover and how it pertains. And don't be afraid to suggest one-offs that are good videos, even if the creator never talked about lolcows again because that's still informative (:

  • Mad At The Internet - u already know
  • Kiwi Farms Archive - ^ that but again
  • Metokur - u prbly already know
  • Frederick Knudsen - The Down The Rabbit Hole guy. If you have a Youtube account, he's been in your recommendations. Couple vids about lolcows, couple vids about schizos, couple vids about general internet weirdness. De facto the most well put together content of anything listed here. Also check through some of the streams he's done with Jabroni Mike for some bonus content, such as the story of the infamous Grover House.
  • DeadwingDork - Literally a canadian clone of josh/jim. Streams about lolcows. I give him two thumbs up :^)
  • Rekieta Law - Covers a lot of lolcow related legal matters. Has had josh on a number of times in the past.
  • Atrocity Guide - Mainly talks about ARG's and true crime, but has several videos about internet schizos such as Ulililia, the Philmarilion, and a few others.
  • Izzzyzzzy - Young Australian girl who wears strange clown makeup and makes really good videos about old tumblr drama, old fandom drama, and general trashfires from that section of the internet. She's a zoomer so she's kinda pozzed but I find it easy to look past for the sake of internet shitshow talk.
  • Whang - Feudal samurai man tells you about ancient shock sites, ancient hoax sites, ancient and modern internet mysteries (including lost media), etc. Consistently well researched.
  • wavywebsurf - Aryan man does "Where are they now?" segments about old viral videos. Consistently very well researched.
  • GamerFromMars - Combo of the above two basically. But there's plenty of old viral shit and old internet history to go around, he's still covering different shit.
  • GenoSamuel2 - Literally on like part 60 something of a documentary about CWC. Each one from 30 minutes to an hour. Insane.
  • Internet Historian - Thoroughly explains old 4chan events (pool's closed, scientology, etc). Also covers some more modern internet events. Australian
  • DaftPina - He made a really good video about QuentinReviews being a gay fag or some shit and then I subscribed to him but all he talks about other than that one vid is art channels and storytime channels doing wrong. Which is still in the spirit of this thread but I don't care about any of it, you might tho.
Honorable mentions:
  • CountDankula - AFAIK the only internet lolcow he's covered (other than himself) has been Drachenlord, but his series Mad Lads covers "historical lolcows" and I get the same feeling listening to that as I do any of the others so I thought I'd list him
  • Oki's Weird Stories - Same sort of thing. Covers primarily people with little tie to the internet, but still "lolcows" in a sense. Including John MacAfee and a video I highly recommend about a very paranoid, very schizo guy who somehow got elected to a school board and terrorized all the karens.
Dishonorable, disgusting mentions:
  • PCP University - Not a channel, but a series by members of the Pro Crastinators Podcast. Uses a longform, mock lecture setting to very thoroughly summarize Sonichu, Tails Gets Trolled, and Deagle Nation (plus some non internet shit). Note that these guys harbor member(s) who are literal open pedophiles, so please have your adblock locked and loaded if you choose to engage at all. I do recommend the content because it's so high quality but by no means recommend the people behind it.
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Joon The King - has a lengthy videos about internet personalities, like Mumkey, Boogie or Wings, who also happen to have threads here.
Dank Net - has great videos about obscure cows and many videos about GenovaVerse. He is on hiatus now due to IRL stuff, but promises a comeback.
Porsalin - was mostly documenting stand-up comedians, but has videos about Owen Benjamin, Sargon and Blacked Alaska. Sadly, one day he decided it wasn't worth it anymore.
Toad McKinley - Metokur Jr, nuff said. Although, he moved away from just shitposting and his style is really self-fellating and drawn out.
Beige Frequency - Porsalin jr, mostly videos about comedians, but has videos about Cuckton Reviews, Con Troon Points and, of course, Jason Genova. Had a great deal of videos about Anthony Cumia and his brother Joe, but the latter promised to DMCA the shit out of him and he set them to private.
Turk February - has videos about Shmorky and Lowtax, probably is going to make videos about IBS, but the quality is really not good.
blameitonjorje - has a good amount of videos on lost media and strange websites, but mostly talks about kids shows or creepy stuff.
Barely Sociable and his second channel - mostly talks about scary stuff, but has videos about old internet mysteries.

Dishonorable mentions, but still, to each is own:
The Exceptional Detective - @Bryan Dunn, original Metokur Jr. The prime source of info for his videos are KF threads and style is obvious rip-off, but whatever, maybe you will like it.
The Right Opinion - at first glance informative and competently made videos. At the second, his texts are full of filler, editing style makes your head ache, but the worst of all he is biased and stupid. He managed to start a beef with another turbosped Mauler and his furfag friend Rags just because Quinton tricked him by emailing him very misleading script, which he failed to check by simply watching a video that Rags made, the video to which he was making responses in his own. Then he made a video about YandereDev, where he dismissed a lot of shit by simply saying "eh, it was a long time ago" or "eh, he said he is sorry" and came to conclusion, that Alex is a good boy, who just flew too close to the sun, when he had a reputation of easily triggered attentionwhore years before the development has even begun.
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Here's a great one-off:

tl;dw youtube troon who has never published anything in his fucking life has some kind of manic flight of fancy and decides to post 100 "writing tips" stream-of-consciousness style on twitter. the summary? he is very mad at certain shows that ended many years ago. two actual writers (who are clearly pozzed but handling it surprisingly based ??) laugh at the inanity of it all

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Here's a great one-off:

tl;dw youtube troon who has never published anything in his fucking life has some kind of manic flight of fancy and decides to post 100 "writing tips" stream-of-consciousness style on twitter. the summary? he is very mad at certain shows that ended many years ago. two actual writers (who are clearly pozzed but handling it surprisingly based ??) laugh at the inanity of it all
Thread on the troon here if you want to learn more about what kind of person would come up with writing tips like that.

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SunnyV2 popped up in my recommendeds a while back; most of his videos track the downfall of disgraced/retired Youtube channels (including cows like Nikocado, Phil, Blade, etc.) and the couple I've watched were fairly informative and seemed well-researched, with a specific focus on the evolution of their channel as they grew and eventually fell.

Life is Hell...
Back in the day i used to watch this guy known as The Hardcore Kid, and he we used to make these Top 10 lists known as "The Top 10 Smegged Up YouTube Failures" where he would talk about the crazy unhinged lunatics that were roaming around YouTube during that time. Even if the quality wasn't the best, they were always informative and funny to watch. Sadly Headbanger142 AKA Brandon Nichols would end up becoming a Smegged Up Failure himself, by being apart of the #KickVic movement by White-Knighting for Marzgurl, and hanging out with other well known retards like Eli "Hero of Tomorrow" Stone and Rowdy C. Moore. But even with that, i'll always go back to those videos and laugh my ass off.

Oh how things were simpler back then....
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I like Toad, and it's funny that you refer to him as Metokur Jr. because I've called him that verbatim in his comments section a few times.
People were calling him that for a long time for some reason. They are similar only in the topic of their videos, otherwise Jim was is more prone to laugh at the subject of his videos, Toad however thinks he is a journalist.


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I was looking for some good recommendations, so I appreciate this post! I love Absolute Mad Lads, Down the Rabbit Hole, and so on, and I was looking for something new to watch.

Absolute Mad Lads is fucking amazing. I especially appreciated the episode about Mark Brandon "Chopper" Reid.

Oney and by extension, former SleepyCabin members clearly read this site. They reference cows often in episodes.

It was Oney's teardown of Revolution 60 was what got me into his channel.

Ready to Glare - Covers drama, true crime and oddities on her channel so you get a good mix. Despite looking like what most people would think of when they think of SJW (bright coloured hair, tattoos, ect) she's rather moderate in her views. She's got a BA and MA in English lit and speaks multiple languages so she doesn't need to do Youtube and does it mainly as a hobby which means she only covers what interests her. I recommend the episode The Fantastic World of Farts.


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