Jace Connors is a hoax. -


wow I was just getting into this:heart-empty:
this is like the time i found out Cheaters was a completely fake show. it was so painfully obvious that it was fake the whole time, but I loved to be fooled so much.
I'm reminded of Lonelygirl15 (I was 15, leave me alone) except much better. The parallels are real, even down to the mysterious religious cult.
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There's truly one way I can sign off:

I was rused. Goodbye.
FAN, there's no shame in being rused here. At least you can admit it, instead of chimping out and trying to dox a cow forum in impotent rage.

Please don't leave now. I can't imagine how greatly the Final Deagle Nation stream would be diminished if there wasn't one final correspondence between Matt and Jace.


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Thanks for the lulz Jace / Jan / whatever-your-name-is.


Cum Crime

In the comments Jace mentioned putting some of the donation money to future stunts, I think the car crash might've been financed by the xmas drive. Was too blindsided to even consider that at the time.

The line to Reuben, "'Semper Fidelis' written on a knife in sharpie, what are you, fucking stupid?" keeps echoing in my head...


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I'm trying my best to screencap all of Jan's comments on YT, but I'm on my phone so if anyone else wanted to do so that as well would probably be for the best.

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