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Is there any evidence that Jace is allergic to the erythorbic acid in Mountain Dew which is what actually causes him to vomit in streams?
Nah it's more than likely his previous alcoholism caused stomach irritations that cause him to vomit. Think of it as a more severe case of what happens to Rick in Rick and Morty.


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That sped and the MDE guy have some similarities... Obviously the jew curly hair is one, chubby face and receding hair line. I still dont see how people get this guy confused with our commander, Jace has a strong jaw line and broad masculine features.


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Either way, we all know that Jace has a lazy eye so that's not gonna be him.
yeah, whatever is going on is kinda fuzzy because of the cam but

makes it clear that there's something up with Jace's eyes. His left is pointing to the side and his right seems to be forward, but his right one might be a runt or dead eye, too. That kid who pretended to be Jace had normal eyes.


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That fat kid was just a faggot fail troll like the rest of MDE. The commander did used to be a much fatter individual, but a strict diet of dank weed, Dew, and Doritos has helped him get back into fighting shape. I wouldn't be surprised if he's even skinnier next time we see him, he has been a POW in the Biblecube.

I'm just worried how long it will be until we seem him again. I can totally see Gail and Pastor Faggot trying to play up those battle injuries as 'self harming' to get him in trouble or sent off somewhere. I'm worried that we may be coming up on the Final Act of Deagle Nation if that happens, but I'm hopeful Jace will overcome.

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