Jace Connors suicide note 8/18/15 -

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A writer friend once told me that stories are never done, only due. We always have things we wish we could add or change. But the deadline came in February, and the remaining content felt... different. Will new content help the loss, make it worse, or be an unfulfilled dream dangling before the eyes of the grieving masses?

Only a mick or a polack would think Deagle Nation was a good idea in the first place.

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If it wasn't for Deagle Nation I probably won't have even posted more than a couple of times on this site and would have stayed a lurker that came a few months at a time just to see Chris updates, but you guys pulled me in with your batshit insane characters. Everytime there was a livestream I had to watch it as live as soon as I could no matter how inconvenant the time was. I'm really going to miss the crazy ass days of when Deagle Nation ran wild, but I guess as with all good things they must come to an end.

Semper Fi Jace, Tyce and Eli, thank you all for all the laughs.

:1: :1: :1::eli2: :1: :1: :1::semperfidelis::1: :1: :1::tycesuit::1: :1: :1:
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Deagle Nation is what really got me invested in the forums. I remember sitting up watching the Jace streams, talking with people in chat, wondering what crazy thing was coming next. Staying up late listening for the end of Tupacolypse, wondering if this was actually happening.
RIp Deagle Nation, you brought me some of the funniest moments I've enjoyed in my life. Archive all of this content, so that future generations may still feel some of the enjoyment we got from Jace, Eli, and Tyce.
Though the ride has ended, it will live on in our hearts. :semperfidelis::eli::tyceknife:


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Well, time to remove the 1-key from my keyboard again. :(
Deagle Nation was insanely fun and I regret that I didn't get into it sooner. Was fortunate enough to know people IRL who loved it as well, so got the experience of watching stuff like the Racial Unity Stream with friends while drinking, which was pretty great. Everything Jan wrote is true though, and I guess it's time to end the ride. I still maintain that Dank Swordz is amazing regardless of anything else though, so glad to see that's not completely out.

Agree with everyone else. Thanks for an amazing ride. It's time for one last Semper Fidelis. :semperfidelis::1::1::1:
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