DORITOS® JACKED™ Black Jace's Twitter Suspended The Day After Brianna Wu Wrote an Essay About Gamergate Harassment -

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Daario Naharis

Tyroshi Sellsowrd
I had a good giggle when the article mentioned Sam "This just goes to show you that nerds need to be victimized and bullied. Uuuuhhhhgggggghhhhhhh, it was a fucking joke you guys, when did the internet get so sensitive!‽? uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggg" Biddle.

The guy is a Jian Ghomeshi waiting for the allegations to come out.

>This will not stop until you show the public that there are consequences to these illegal acts.

I have a creeping suspicion that to some, any criticism of R60 is synonymous with "Illegal Acts"

> you can do yours by sharing this piece

If there is one reason I hate the culture Facebook has bred, it's this "How can you address this real world issue? Like and share this article!"


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Jace is the only reason I have a Twitter account. But knowing Jace it's going to take more then a suspension to get rid of him. He's had YouTube channels suspended and that never stopped him.

As for Brianna, I've had enough of this fucking cunt's attention whoring. Her attention whoring is worse then Rika's; something I thought wasn't possible.


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Goddamnit Wu. I hope Rev 60 is a colossal failure and gets you laughed out of the public spotlight
The first part of your statement has already happened, fortunately. The second part is underway. Give it some time. Wu is going to crash and burn hard. You can't play the munchausen card forever without even your biggest supporters eventually catching on.


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Fuck Brianna Wu. She's a talentless, attention-whoring twit and she's jerking off Jace- a mentally ill man who is far less privileged than she'll ever be- for all of the sweet attention and recognition that she can. She's so shameless and transparent that it's embarrassing. Don't even care if this is A-Loggy, I want her stupid company to go belly up.


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Just so you guys know, anti-GG has been doing this a lot. They run a harassment report brigade on their enemies until it triggers a threshold and the account gets auto-suspended for presumably being spam. Then whoever they hit simply appeals the suspension and comes back a few a days later because 99% of the time, they've done absolutely nothing wrong. They've done it to one guy about 10 times and counting now, cause apparently there's no internal flag for 'gets report-spammed by exceptional individuals regularly" twitter can fix to your account.

Unless he breaks a bunch of twitter ToS in a tantrum, Stryker will be back soon, I'm sure.
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