Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack - Youtube Celebrity "Chef" and Salmonella Survivor; 2 Strokes and counting

Charlie Delicious
After a good Fish Hook episode last week with his wife the new guy did an episode today with Jack. It is basically just an episode of Jack on the Go.

Very strange watching Jack eat an oyster
This man is disgusting

  1. "you are watching fish hook ... channel"
  2. Orders chicken wings
  3. Dat oyster mouthfucking
  4. Burns hands on deep fried fish. Doesn't take this as a sign it's too hot and shoves in mouth.

"We're making a scene of ourselves!" - Charles (I think that's his name). He's clearly not used to Jack's autism when it comes to recording stuff in a public area. He mentions that this is the first time they've eaten together.
"I want fried calamari as an appetizer." - Charles "That's fine!" - Jack, acting like his parent. Very weird dynamic between these two.
Like someone said earlier, this is a Jack on the Go video.

another low energy video. and i'm pretty sure that steak was still completely raw at the end but jack just wanted to stop filming so he tried covering it up with the veggies


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