Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack - Youtube Celebrity "Chef" and Salmonella Survivor

If you really had to who would you sex?

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Whole squad full of fucking killers
Someone like 2 pages ago just ordered 4 bottles of sauces and will probably write a review here.
I ordered some myself and wrote something too a few months ago.
Basically the BBQ sauce is cheap shit, tastes like white sugar syrup with the consistency of something thickened with corn starch.
The "Best Seasoning Ever" is decent, but it's basic bitch. It's just Garlic/Salt/Onion/Pepper. You can get a jar of each from the supermarket, mix them together and get the same thing for $4 instead of $6 + $6 s/h.
Stay strong. You don't have to do this alone.

is he trying to eat his fingers?
It seems everything he does is done in a way to get food into his stomach as fast as he can. The burnt outside, raw inside meat. Him sticking his tongue out of his mouth to grasp food and drag it into his body. The way he sticks his fingers all the way down his throat so the food is just that much closer to his stomach. It's amazing.


True & Honest Fan
Do you think Jack's doctor is aware of his online presence? I can't imagine he would be too happy that his multiple stroke victim patient is ignoring all medical reason by continuing to put the most unhealthy food into his body.
Doctors are used to this.
I've seen studies up to 60% of cases return due to not following.
Jack is just one in the many idiots who gets told what to do, and ignores it.
Happy no, most doctors really want to see the best for those they treat, but even more so with obesity related things they know it's just not gonna happen with many and Jack being stuck up, snobby and a glutton he won't change. I'm sure his Doc is aware and tries to remind him only to be ignored but both for his own hope and CYA policy tells Jack each time to lose the gut.

yeah jack is simply a lost cause

guys like him are basically addicted to eating the way they do. as hard as they'll try to change it'll always result in them going back to their old ways. and jack is even worse because he refuses to believe he's suffered two strokes from his shitty diet and lack of exercise, instead blaming it on stuff like his blood pressure, energy drinks, or being around too many gay people

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