Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack - Youtube Celebrity "Chef" and Salmonella Survivor; 2 Strokes and counting

OH BOY the perfect thread for me.

I made all the videos above. Some of Jacks lowlights. Raw food, unhealthy shit, etc. A few clips from a podcast he did where he said he choked out his son. Once he caught wind of the videos and saw that I included the part where he admitted to choking out his son, he got really mad. He filed Copyright Claims on all my videos and had the source video where he admitted to abusing his son, made private by the uploaders. After roughly a month the counter claim finally went through on the podcast video, so it's back up. The highlight videos never came back and the counter claim was instantly denied, I don't really know why.

I've seen a million of his videos, they are hilarious. He acts like a nice Christian Cooking Man but in reality he's a real shithead.

"Fresh? Really? That's a half-hour more I could be playing video games."

"In fact, he refuses to use fresh herbs."


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I don't know if @hats (or 'the king' on YouTube) is going to post this himself but he recently did an interview with Jack with humorous results. Shine on you crazy diamond.

My favourite thing about this is that he couldn't resist throwing a completely random jab at planned parenthood for, what he calls, 'killing babies.' It's so unrelated to what they're talking about, and such a weird comparison to draw. It's like he dropped everything to go 'HEY GUYS BTW I'M PRO-LIFE AND ABORTION KILLS BABBIES.'

The worst thing about that video wasn't even the mayonnaise, it was his panting because making a cake is too much exercise for him.
How about the fact that his son is in the same house as him, yet he called him on his cellphone instead of, you know, just going up to ask him or something... to watch him eat a spoon of mayonnaise.
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The worst thing about that video wasn't even the mayonnaise, it was his panting because making a cake is too much exercise for him.
Yeah this is pretty hilarious.
A year or two ago he was trying to peddle one of those fitness DVDs .
The funny thing is that even though he mentioned that in every other video over the span of a couple of years (Hey guys, I'm using p90x), he actually got more rotund and out of shape during that time (mating mayonnaise cake certainly helps).
And now after all those years he is so out of shape that he gasps for air whilst making a simple cake.
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I know this thread is about Jack, and not his son, but damn. You just know that kid posts dank memes at popular internet image boards.

I actually sent my dad the infamous 'raw pulled pork' video from this guy back when I first found the thread. Dad's no chef, but out of necessity he became a rather avid cook when my sib and I were little kids. Dad worked second shift and mom worked pretty late on weeknights, so he'd cook dinner for us (and lunch for himself) before going to work every day, and then we could just reheat it when we got home. /powerlevel.

Dad's reaction was pretty good. First he thought Scalfani was a bitch for not wanting to BBQ outside in the winter time. Then he talked shit about literaly EVERY SINGLE THING Jack did to prepare the meat. Then he made fun of the little tabletop cooker Jack was shilling for/ trying to use for that giant pork roast (dad uses a smoker). Then he said Jack clearly doesn't know anything about how to properly cook pulled pork, temperature or time wise. Then he was completely disgusted at the raw, unshreddable pork. And then he raged because the guy had ruined such a large, expensive pork roast. lol.

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His wife is so much better at the cooking show presentation thing than he is. And she used a living herb.

The thing that kind of annoyed me was clearly, she makes a lot of smoothies. But he refused to listen to her when she said you have to put a liquid in the blender. How can you not understand the basic difference between a blender and a juicer? He's a fucking idiot.

Jack fucks up cooking an egg:
Notice how he lacks even basic culinary knowledge like not heating up your oil until it's brown sludge, or common sense like just using a 50 cent cookie cutter to keep your egg in a round shape.

Jack, the genius, finds an excuse to order two meals at a restaurant:
The Chili's shorted him one whole chicken wing! It's not like they have measures based on weight or volume or anything like that.

Jack ruins some steaks:
What the fuck is the point of buying quality meat if you're going to just soak it in an entire (!) bottle of soy sauce and 1/4 cup of sugar and call it teriyaki? Or inject it with an entire stick of butter and add a ton of cajun seasoning?
Despite Jack's assurances that the meat was tender, it's clearly tough as shit.