Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack - Youtube Celebrity "Chef" and Salmonella Survivor


But in the stone age...!
You have to wonder if Jack ever pays attention to his own babbling. For years he's been flogging a line of crap called THE BEST XXXX YOU'LL EVER TASTE, yet he's boggled these guys have the cheek to call their burgers THE WORLD'S BEST.
Jacko probably thinks THE WORLD'S BEST is supposed to be a genuine objective claim and not just a marketing tagline

Also, Jack's stroked-out bite of that first burger piece is really, really disgusting. YouTube is the wrong platform, that shit needs to be on bestgore.

But he mentioned that he was room mates with Mr Repzion who I follow (based on Onision critique) and this is what I found:

Mainly how one of his brother's is gay and that's why he can't follow God down to the letter...

Sorry, Jack. That's not how Christianity works...
(Full blown atheist over here)
lol @ jack saying he has a gay brother

he's obviously talking about himself
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Mr Snoid
(falsetto) "Yoooo-hoo, I am Jack's gay brother! On this special episode of Cooking With Jack, get ready for the best Gay Omelet you'll ever taste!"


Putting a bouffant on the guy highlights the boost he gets from the pallet or whatever it is he stands on. Look at him tower over the fridge! On flat ground, ordinary cars make him look like a garden gnome.



But in the stone age...!
They were roommates at some youtube event. What luck to get put with someone like Jack.
Jack would be an awful roommate. Dude can't take a bite without half of it falling onto the floor/counter/hands/chin, he probably leaves bits of half-chewed burger meat all over the place.

Plus he's an insane fundamentalist Christian and those guys don't know how to chill out


do you see what happens
True & Honest Fan
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"There's a [homeless] guy out there, so if this isn't so good... guess what? We'll make his day."
"Huehuehue he'll get it in quarters with one bite out of each one!"
If I were homeless and this fat, gimped out fuckface approached me and tried to hand me some half gnawed, drool covered piece of shit, I'd just fucking stab him.

Dave Meltzer
I just realized that we’ll likely learn of Jack’s coming death through Charles and the Fish Hook channel…

Hopefully it will be a tearful video. I'd prefer Jack to not kick the bucket with the next stroke. Maybe wheelchair bound at most. Be nice to see some footage from Jack Jr's wedding of Tammy on the dance floor pushing Jack in rhythm with the music. Plus as has already been mentioned here before we have the opportunity for hospital food wars or even IV wars.

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