Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack - Youtube Celebrity "Chef" and Salmonella Survivor; 2 Strokes and counting

The Last Stand

All I got was a rock.
True & Honest Fan
Thanks, Jack. That's nice. Now act like a Christian instead of larping one. He really is one big (lol) stereotype of your typical born again Bible thumper who's never actually read the Bible, but is full to the gill with thoughts and prayers. Pray for yourself, Jack. You need it more than I need the prayers of a pseudo-Christian.
I pray that nobody outside his family has to try his cooking. We don't need an epidemic.

Rabbit Bones

He Rapes To Make That Money For His Family
True & Honest Fan
I was watching this video today, where a guy talked about how he gets hundreds of spam email offers about sponsorship offers. He randomly responded to one, where the guy in China offered to paypal him the money to buy their pressure cooker off Amazon to do a review on it. The guy admitted that he sent out thousands of emails to content creators, with no real screening of what content the channel actually produced. Maybe that would explain some of Jacks weirder videos he claims are sponsored? Obviously the ones with name brand products and recognizable brands are just Tammy buying shit for Jack to play pretend with, but I think in the case of the cheap shit he shows up with occasionally, he may just be making deals with these kinds of companies that just cold email anyone possible.


In office.
He was so butthurt that he lost. That video is a gem.
I mean, what did he expect?
He went to that Texas investor show bragging about "the best BBQ sauce you'll ever taste" and he didn't even know how to barbeque. This is all he does. He considers himself a food expert and an amazing chef, but he's unable to see through his own incompetence.

Damaged Goods

Harvard's vegan propaganda
I could probably sit on Big T's ass cheeks, she gained soo much weight she deserves her own attraction at jurassic park. This gives me dangerous photoshop ideas.
If you think that's a shelf butt you haven't seen anything yet. I present to you Amber Lynn Reid in all her shelfy glory
I sincerely hope Tammy never lets herself get to that point though

Slimy Time

Rape Face #3
Been watching some Britbong Masterchef, watching these guys nail great dish after great dish when suddenly I'm reminded of this guy. Boy do I wish he goes onto another tv show to show off his cooking talent and get btfo. Sadly I'm sure that will never happen after that stint in West Texas and due to his useless arm.


I was such a looker in the old days
and of course he liked it. just like he did with the $1 ribeyes

i remember watching a handful of other youtubers review the $1 ribeyes from dollar tree and jack was the only one who not only said he liked it, but actually ate the whole thing
I thought it was a Wolfe pit YouTube episode and clicked on it by accident as the wolf pit describes the dollar tree as his 'playground'. Thing is, that guy, even with his fucked up body, is still a better cook than Scalfani. He does irony reviews and then does his real cooking videos.


I'll roundhouse kick Greek philosophers.
It's ironic how this fat man, at this point being samonella resistant from consuming endless raw meats, says he's "afraid to try the pork chop" because it looks off.

An undercooked, bloody piece of expensive chicken breast/ground bison? YUM! Eating and serving year-old freezer burnt brisket? Gourmet cooking right there. Slightly off-looking dollar pork chop? Whoa! Gotta be careful!

What a tard.

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