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I just watched the wings video. Just wondering if pineapple is ever used as a marinade at all?
Most pineapple marinades I've found include pineapple (no shit), white vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, cloves, and a little bit of honey. Everyone makes theirs differently of course, but that's what I found.

If you're looking to find where Jack fucks up, it's from the very start, as most recipies I've seen for sweet heat with pineapple involve jalapenos or ancho peppers.

I had a weird dream last night about Jack. I guess it was because I checked this thread right before I went to sleep. There were four big caramel apples on a tray. Two of the apples were red sweet apples and the other two were granny smith. His son was there, some other person, myself, and Jack. The two other people took both of the red caramel apples leaving just the tart ones, and Jack got all pissed off because it was too sour.

another video that starts mid-sentence. guess that's now a tradition on JOTG

does tammy wear the same exact thing in each video? or did these assholes film like 4 videos in one day?

surprise! jack complains about how much meat they gave him

rest of the video is jack just saying "mmmmmm" after each bite


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Jacks review on that brisket would have been like: “mmmm! That’s good.”
Just to give you an idea.

They cooked it for thirty days in a sous vide bath at 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

It turned out super bad because, as the top comment said, you put a corpse in a hot tub for thirty days, what did you expect?