Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack - Youtube Celebrity "Chef" and Salmonella Survivor; 2 Strokes and counting


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I’ve ruined my fair share of ribs in the past. I find them tricky to get right, not tough but not too overcooked. Having said that, I’ve never fucked up as bad as he does on the regular. Papa Salmonella is like a savant of failure. It’s almost impressive.
See, it's one thing to get it not quite right; I love making fries and I still sometimes accidentally burn or under cook them a bit to get that perfect browning for them.

It's another to shove raw fucking meat into the broiler and then just eat it as is.

He needs to just stop lying and do nothing but eat raw meat at this point. Do it Jack; you know the Wendigo is howling at you to fucking do it.


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Those ribs are an obscenity. How can someone with a bazillion smokers still not know how to cook ribs?
Literally anyone can cook ribs. A mongoloid could cook ribs. They're ridiculously easy to do right. But Jack fucks them up horribly. About the only way you can fuck them up is undercooking them. Even overcooking them you practically have to char them into charcoal to fuck them up. They'll be at least edible even overcooked.

You can even just literally put them in a slow cooker and pour Sweet Baby Ray's all over them and leave them for 12 hours and they'll be perfectly fucking fine.


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They look like a cancerous lung.View attachment 1002335
I haven't checked in on Jack for a while and I came here hoping Stroke #3 had hit, but nope. Just plain ol' Two Stroke Jack and an endless string of raw meat.

I mean... just look at that. I've been binge-watching Kitchen Nightmares and I would LOVE to see that crossover. "I'll have the ribs, the yorkshire puddings and... Aunt Myrna's Party Cheese Salad? That sounds interesting, let's finish off with that."


Fat Jack slurs his way through a keto friendly fried chicken sandwich video. Do you want to watch a video where a stroked out moron spends almost 10 minutes literally weighing sandwiches? This video is for you.
Alternative title: Obese moron dissects day-old fast-food sandwiches, declares one winner.

This video was as confusing as it was purposeless.


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Don’t know how long it’s gonna stay up. YouTube and dailymotion took it down instantly. You should probably download it if you really wanna watch it. The quality is shit because Vimeo has a file size limit.

I downloaded it off Kodi awhile back, didnt think to upload it to Vimeo for you guys. Bravo cap'n.


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Fat Jack slurs his way through a keto friendly fried chicken sandwich video. Do you want to watch a video where a stroked out moron spends almost 10 minutes literally weighing sandwiches? This video is for you.
I don't even need to see the video to know how he's going to rate these sandwiches. It's clearly going to be the one that weighs the most with the most food he can hork down his half paralyzed throat.

And since it was spoiled that he liked the Popeye's the most, then it clearly had the most "WeT MeEt!" on it.

Not the winner for an actual valid reason, like it having the best quality chicken or that the other ingredients like the bread handled it better or something. But naah, just literally due to how much more food this gluttonous suicidal pig can desperately consume in one item.

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