Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack - Youtube Celebrity "Chef" and Salmonella Survivor; 2 Strokes and counting

Dear Lord, he's fatter than ever

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Wasn't he supposed to lose weight after the second stroke?

Besides, someone should tell him to ditch that purple t-shirt. Looks like a tent on him and it makes his obese body more noticeable. He should at least wear darker colours.
He's gotten so fast even an XL is small for him. God damn.

Religion is Dead
Sometimes, I ponder making that ... abomination, just to know how bad it actually is... and I mean, I have tasted Clipfish-flavoured Liqueur, so I wonder how bad can it be in comparison?
Then I watch the video and I can't sum up the courage to try it. Even just thinking about it makes me shudder.
It looks, smells and tastes like old, moldy vomit. I couldn't even force it down.

Suburban Bastard

I can use more liquor bottles
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Jesus Christ, look at it, it's so slimy it can barely stay on the fork. Thankfully Jack added all that cheese, I'm sure that's exactly what his morbidly obese ass needs. If that wasn't enough:

Somehow Jack managed to show duress while eating from a fork. Congratulations, you're on the verge of reaching enlightenment.