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Basically he spends 30 seconds bitching about being told there will be a 20 minute wait before he actually orders anything. I've pulled up to my Taco Bell and was greeted with a blunt "It'll be at least 25 minutes..." and took it to mean that's when my order will be ready, not when i can place it. Just how it played out, and it only took 15, because they are going to give you the farthest out estimate.

Jack wonders "But what if I ordered just a water?" as if one so desperately thirsty would have no respite but a drive thru. That he can't fathom a fast food drive thru being backed up is so fucking ignorant. It's not uncommon for people to call off or no show minimum wage McJobs, but how dare the Scalfani's be inconvenienced for 20 minutes.
Why do you want to order a fast food cup of water anyways, Jack? I'm pretty sure a while ago when ordering at a fast food restaurant you didn't order a drink and opted to get water from the Dollar General instead. I don't get why Jack is so butthurt about it, he already made his own solution a long time ago.

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i remember someone commenting that the amount of aloe vera he put in basically made the whole thing useless as it lowered the alcohol percentage to around 20% alcohol. far lower than what he CDC recommends
Jack is so stupid that he used 70% instead of 90% alcohol, and did a 1:2 ratio of alcohol to aloe vera, instead of 2:1. 2:1 at 90% alcohol gets you 60% hand sanitizer. 1:2 at 70% gets you 23%. This man is biologically designed to infect himself by any means necessary. The best part is that during the whole video he praises himself for "thinking ahead" when the product he made is ultimately useless.

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he doesn't. charles did all the fishing. jack just tagged along to eat, and it looks like they did far more eating than fishing

"Hey Jack, you wanna come on a fishing trip?"
"Ahh jeez, I dunnoooo, I'd have to pack a bag, drive down there... seems like a lot of effort..."
"We can go for wings after."


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I'm surprised how Big T doesn't seem to have any health problems given that she's the same size as Jack and on the same diet. Guess she has Barbara Chandler tier genetics to somehow keep puttering along.
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who's Charles?
Charles is (or more likely because of Jack's pettiness, was) a friend of Jack that wanted to start up his own YouTube cooking channel, focused on seafood. Jack's great advice was to mostly do Jack on the Go ripoffs and other retarded shit that is Jack's bread and butter.

After a while, Charles started doing his own thing and has a fairly respectable channel. He's still jacking thumbnails from the Internet, but the food he makes looks good and he actually shows himself making it. The only thing FishHook really lacks is production value.