Culture 'Jackass' left a wake of pain, arrests and addiction - *Corona intensifies*


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this is just the result of decades of being a brat
Also bear in mind that grown professional skateboarders are notorious manchildren.

Most successful pro skateboarders dropped out of high school before they were sixteen to skate full time and their lives from that point forward were a teenage paradise being surrounded and mentored by other manchildren. A lot of them stopped maturing altogether at this point because they never had to grow up and they’re surrounded by people exactly the same.

Add the fact that pro skaters are paid as contractors and don’t get taxes removed from their checks or receive health benefits, 401k, or how they usually move out of their parents long before they become adults, leading to easy access to hard drugs from people who also had easy access to drugs as a kid so it’s normal to them, etc. and you can start to see how many pros end up ruining their lives.

Bam is an extreme example of all this because instead of dropping out to becoming the darling of a niche subculture Bam dropped out and became a millionaire and one if the most recognizable faces in popular culture at the time.
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Bam appears briefly at 52:32. They still haven't released anything with him yet. I'm guessing that they probably didn't get enough to salvage for an interview.
FUN FACT - Bam left the 9 Club and got arrested at that hotel later that night.

Muska is also a recovered alcoholic and good friend of Bam. At the very end of the episode while they’re wrapping it all up they tell him he’s welcome back any time and he said he’s down to stop “any time that Bam is there” and they all have a good laugh and before ending the show the host says that it’s “a story for another day”. There’s a chance that he tried to have a talk with him about recovery and Bam blew him off as he’s know to do to people who love him.


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Looks like Bam dropped out of another rehab because he couldn’t have his phone. He says he’s in another one now but I’m pretty sure any rehab worth it’s weight would be strict no phones no social media? Am I wrong here?
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That's correct, at least in the very first part of detox. "A bit more suitable for me" means he found one that will bend to his temper tantrums. Truly pathetic the level of entitlement going on here. He's not going to stop drinking until he quite literally physically can't.


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Videos. Topics include screeching at TMZ for spying on him at bowling alley (willing to bet money he wasn’t actually being followed by TMZ), crying about his mom telling him not be a spastic faggot on social media, and laughing at some girl who’s last name is Wigger.

Also, I googled the name of the guy he thanked for his new treatment program last night and it could go either way. Warren Boyd owns the Wavelengths Recovery Center and while he can brag that he's the guy who got Robert Downey Jr. clean he's also the guy who worked with Whitney Houston and served as her bodyguard. He was also sued for wrongful death alongside Carrie Fisher over a young actresses death and has no PHD or accreditation he's just an ex con who built a career off of getting clean using “extreme methods” and had an A&E show that presented a fictionalized account of his life called The Cleaner.

Tbh I’m not expecting much if he’s at a bowling alley hanging out with girls at the bar.

Article about Warren Boyd being sued.

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Sounds like he's fucked up his heart with all the drinking.

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Sounds like he's fucked up his heart with all the drinking.
I can’t even begin to imagine what his liver looks like.


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Sounds like he's fucked up his heart with all the drinking.
He's probably got the full triad of heart, kidney and liver disease. Ultimately the body just can't metabolize the alcohol and then, can't metabolize anything from the damage. Once you have problems in any of these organs, they tend to start damaging the others.

From edema to flat out liver failure isn't a long trip. If he's lucky he'll just die of a heart attack first.

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Like everyone else, I picked up skateboarding in the really late 90s and quit pretty quickly after I realized that it sucked and it fucking hurt. Nonetheless, I looked up to all of these dudes as dumb as it may sound, and I know several others did as well. They were “cool.”

I don’t watch much television anymore, but what do kids have to imitate these days? Trannys?


Sounds like he's fucked up his heart with all the drinking.
Hope he enjoys daily kidney dialysis. Assuming, as others have said, that his heart doesn't just give out first.

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