Culture 'Jackass' left a wake of pain, arrests and addiction - *Corona intensifies*

Tootsie Bear
Jackass is one of the few programs I can go back on and watch from start to finish. Yeah, it make sense most of them will be on hard drugs and alcoholics because of the abuse they do their bodies. But they're ridiculous and over the top antics is what attracted me in the first place. Like everyone else I would love to see another movie with them. However, I would appreciate it more if they healed up and drug free. :)


Killed Captain Clown
Didn't realize that Knoxville was 27 when he started out on Jackass. Figured he was a lot younger like Bam and Brandon.

Which makes it all the more impressive that he managed to parlay his experience in getting hit in the nuts and jumping off roofs into a legit Hollywood acting career (even though most of his non-Jackass movies were flops).
I always wanted to see a crossover between Jackass and Star Trek. Like, Commander Data beams Wesley into a Klingon whorehouse while he's sleeping. Or Picard takes one of those dermal regenerators that's used to heal cuts from sick bay and and uses it to seal Riker's anus shut.
Or Riker adjusts Geordie's visor to show images of Worf's junk.


Absolutely AFABulous
I didn't really watch it. It was just stupid to me. But my cousins were obsessed with Jackass and I'm surprised none of them were maimed or killed doing stupid things.

Not surprised everyone ended up screwed up on drugs. I could have sworn Bam Margera died. He's still alive? I must have been thinking of someone else.

Mr. 0

god im not good at computer how did this get here
True & Honest Fan
Not surprised everyone ended up screwed up on drugs. I could have sworn Bam Margera died. He's still alive? I must have been thinking of someone else.
Bam was killed in a fist fight in Iceland while he was drunk. His father Phil lost weight in order to pose as Bam and get his residuals from Jackass and Viva La Bam.

NG 070

Eh, color me unsurprised. As hilarious as the show and movies were, I'd be more surprised if any of them didn't become drug addicts/alcoholics, given the stuff they put themselves through. And yeah, 'Jackass' as a whole seemed to end after Ryan Dunn's death, which I think was the big "wake up call" for a lot of those guys, and probably the reason why the 'Bad Grandpa' movie was Jackass In Name Only (and based off one of the worst skits, IMO).

At least Steve-O managed to get sober and has largely stayed sober.

I do feel somewhat sorry for Bam, though. Guy was wrecked after Dunn's death and hasn't been the same since. Hope he can turn his life around while he still has a chance. I kind of enjoyed 'Viva La Bam' as a guilty pleasure from time to time.


True & Honest Fan
People going to prison and dying ruins the comedy value of it for some people. It makes it more dark than funny.

The same thing happened with the show lock up raw. It was funny as hell at first, but as they made more and more episodes it just got dark and sad.

Fagnacious D

and The Dick of Destiny
While this is kinda sad it's not unexpected. It sounds almost exactly like the classic VH1: Where are they now stuff. Old glam rock bands end up letting their fame go to their heads and do shit tons of drugs and end up burning out pretty quickly. Jackass seemed like it went the same route.

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