Culture 'Jackass' left a wake of pain, arrests and addiction - *Corona intensifies*


Lots of Bam hate up ITT.
I loved Bam as a teen I even owned CKY2K on VHS when it was released in skate shops and was stoked when Jackass came out but that was like 20 years ago and I don’t have the same junior high sense of humor today.

But fuck Bam. He abused his family for profit and had no gratitude towards them for it. He only kept Novak around because everyone else cleaned up and he probably made everyone feel better about themselves. Allegedly Bam would just give Novak his wallet to hold onto at all times which knowing that he was a heroin addict is terrible. He’s a spoiled boy who never grew up. Bam has said during his interview on The Nine Club podcast in his that since he was 12 he ran his household. There were rumors when he was a kid first coming up at an amateur contests that he would make Phil talk to contest organizers over “unfair results” or make him call his sponsors because his video parts weren’t long enough for his liking. Other interviews he’s spoken about how he made all his wildest dreams come true by age 27 so that’s why he started day drinking and that’s when it really went downhill.

Bam is basically an overgrown man child version of that Kyle/drywall/Monster meme. He’s a 39 year old man who calls the mother of his son a street ho on IG, he proudly still calls people pussies and faggots unironically and he’s basically always gotten what he wanted in life and now that he’s sad and alone and the last junkie faggot in his old crew he’s imploding. So, sit back and enjoy the ride boyos. It’s gonna be a bumpy one.

(Pic related, it’s Bams behavior on his mini “standup” tour that he and his friends seem to be proud of. Remember that while Bam was acting like a child in NYC he had a literal child who needed him in PA who has a name more suited for a fursona.)


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Knoxville, Steve O and Chris Pontus was the best part of jackass. Bam was always a little shit and the best part was when they threw a bunch snakes on him. Dunn was fun but now he is dead and the fun is gone.
Action Point was a surprisingly decent movie, and Knoxville and Pontus can pull off scripted stuff to a point.

Steve-O is now doing animal rights activism, so... good on him, I suppose.

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To be fair, she looks like a street ho. I think Bam is a douchebag but even he could do better.
I would not be surprised in the least if he calls her street ho because she was an actual street ho he knocked up on a bender. At best she's most likely just a bar skank who hit the jackpot with Bammie's Cummies.

Brandon DiCamillo seems to have turned out fine, however.

He hasn't had anything to to do with Bam/CKY/Jackass for the last 10 years, though. He seems to lead a quiet family life, working and collecting action figures.
Rake Yohn as well, dude went to Penn State and got a degree in chemistry and works in synthetics research. Still hates mustard with a passion.


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That linked text is just crazy. That entitlement and manchild-rhetoric on display, holy crap.
I can't make heads or tails of this convoluted mess, but he repeatedly trashtalks his mom for not fixing his life, it seems, what a loser.
This is a guy that spent his teenage years doing whatever the hell he felt like, was praised by his stoner buddies and his other braindead sycophants, but ultimately missed the point in his life, where this kind of behaviour became lame and pathetic.
It's cool being the far-out dude that does crazy, stupid shit and whacky stunts, combined with a 2kewl4school attitude when you're 17. It's kind of ok to be that guy in your very early 20s, even. But by the age of 30, you look like an utter mongoloid with that behaviour and attitude.
This guy has nothing to show for his life other than being MTV's enfant terrible 10 years ago. All of his friends realized that they won't be able to tard cum their few minutes of fame forever and that their lifestyle will kill them one day. Bam did not. He still thinks he's this cool, laid back, crazy stunt dude, like he wasn't almost in his 40s. It's one of the saddest things, someone who clings to their decade old fame, thinking of themselves as if they were still in their teens.

As far as a thread I can’t tell you how often this shit comes up as it was something I stumbled upon recently but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an interesting train wreck to watch. Who knows, Bam seems like the kind of tard to start beef with a forum thread about himself.
When someone suggested a Bam thread, the first thing that came to my mind was the idea of Bam joining the farms to bitch and moan. Frankly, that prospect alone would be hilarious.


Here’s a video I found that someone put together covering the last party he tried to throw when the city kicked him out of 3 venues because he refused to follow the rules that really shows his arrogance and fall from grace. It’s a bit long but a good watch if you want to watch the train wreck.

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Call me childish, but I loved these guys so much.
Especially Don Vito and the radio show Bam did with his friends were hilarious. They only talked about their crazy lifes, the shit Novak does, they imitated him or Rake,... Although sometimes I felt a tiny bit bad for his parents.
What I don't understand is, why did Bam get so rich, while his friends who were also in the movies had to rely on his money?

I remember that a couple years ago (2015?) Bam started losing some weight and even did a couple skating videos, so I hoped he's finally getting better, but now in his state having a kid is the absolutely worst thing you could do. He was always unlucky with women, but that's what you get if you search for a girl who's okay with you sleeping around...
Not sure if anybody knows this, but he was obsessed with this singer, Ville Valo (he even copied his tatoos), who got him into drinking too much (claims Bam). That guy also sobered up and is no longer in contact with him, so Bam also posted cringy shit about feeling betrayed etc, but that was also a while ago already.
But despite him being a trainwreck and maybe not deserving of it, I still want him to get better.


I'm drunk.
I never liked Bam and the fact that girls I knew in my teenage years thought he was attractive confused me greatly. He's a mushmouthed dumbass who abuses his family and gets kicked in the dick for money. But he can competently skateboard and I guess that did it for them.
He was famous, girls want to bang famous guys. I mean he looks a bit like Null, so if Null got famous enough he'd be swimming in pussy and could treat them like shit. It's how the world works.

Wasn't there some story I heard about, where some obsessed fangirl wanted to be with Bam so he filmed a sextape?

That's literally all I know about Jackass.
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Here’s bam shitting all over the mother of his child last night.

Here’s Bam today lashing out at his friends for trying to talk him into a program.

And here’s his jackass alumni basically saying Bam is fucked in the head and they won’t tolerate it until he’s ready to get clean.


His manager reacts:

You have to check his page often he posts things and deletes things often.
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Huh, you're a queer fellow!
Here’s bam shitting all over the mother of his child last night.
View attachment 874758
Here’s Bam today lashing out at his friends for trying to talk him into a program.
View attachment 874759
And here’s his jackass alumni basically saying Bam is fucked in the head and they won’t tolerate it until he’s ready to get clean.
View attachment 874760
View attachment 874761
You have to check his page often he posts things and deletes things often.
Goddamn, seeing his friends come out and try to actually help him made me a lot more sad than I thought it would.

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