Culture 'Jackass' left a wake of pain, arrests and addiction - *Corona intensifies*


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How are there nine films? It was Jackass 1/2/3, Bad Grandpa, what else? Also I was kind of fond of Loiter Squad, A.K.A. Blackass, though it ended up being more sketch comedy than good pranks.
They might be counting direct to video stuff like Jackass 2 and 1/2 and Jackass 3 1/2 or whatever it was called.


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Can someone confirm what he is calling his new language?
I can’t find anything online but he calls it ?”Latveeyan Streegoy”? (Phonetic spelling no idea how it’s actually spelled) in the second video I posted.

Also, if all he’s doing is replacing English letters with symbols he made up that’s a code/cypher not a language.


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I can’t find anything online but he calls it ?”Latveeyan Streegoy”? (Phonetic spelling no idea how it’s actually spelled) in the second video I posted.

Also, if all he’s doing is replacing English letters with symbols he made up that’s a code/cypher not a language.
Yeah it was strigoi or something


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If anyone wants a warm-up, here's his Nov 2017 interview. I haven't watched it yet but it should be interesting to see just how much he's devolved over the last two years.

Also, here’s his episode of Epicly Later’d, a Vice documentary series that features legendary pros in a sort of VH1 behind the music/where are they now? kind of way that was filmed around the same time that chronicled his “comeback”.

At the time Bam already raised eyebrows because he demanded pay for his appearance on these shows when they’re mostly done for the honor of being recognized by your industry. It became clear eventually that he was only trying to build hype for his own boards being rereleased by Element and the industry told him to fuck off and he became the shithead we know now.



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Sorry, I'm on mobile so I can't post the video.

Bam Margera Video Shows Bizarre Arrest After Bailing on Rehab
Bam Margera is behind bars after getting into it with patrons in the bar of a Hollywood hotel, and this video of his arrest is bizarre and, frankly, kinda sad ... when you consider he's supposed to be in rehab right now.

Bam was booked at 2:30 AM Wednesday by LAPD. Cops tell us they were called to the Luxe Hotel on Sunset after a hotel staffer placed him under citizen's arrest. Bam refused to leave the premises after talking trash to hotel patrons.

TMZ obtained this video of Bam plopped down in the middle of the lobby in a standoff with the fist officer on the scene. She tried to convince him to get up and go peacefully -- warning that she had a lot of backup on the way -- but Bam remained seated.

The officer told Bam, "This is not a f**king reality TV show. I know you're fresh out of rehab, so let's get your s**t together." Bam had been spinning a weird story with a couple of customers in the bar -- that he'd been hired by one of their wives to catch him cheating ... and he stuck to that even once cops arrived.

He was eventually arrested for trespassing and is currently being held on $1,000 bail.

The bust comes on the heels of Bam telling Dr. Phil he would go to rehab. TMZ broke the story ... Bam agreed to get treatment last week after an intense session with Dr. Phil, where Bam's wife, Nikki, and his mother confronted him about his substance abuse.

We're told Bam did check into a treatment facility, but bailed within days. On Tuesday, he posted a video of himself getting Dr. Phil's name tatted on his neck, and thanked him for trying to get him help.

Bam is still behind bars right now and his bail has been set at $1,000.

12:10 PM PT -- Bam was just released from jail.

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This podcast with Brandon Novak (addict, now clean) and Joe Frantz is actually pretty darn informative. And sad. I've listened to the whole thing already but imma go back to grab some quotes for easy reference.


[after he turned 21] He started drinking and he thought it was really cool. There's a line in Haggard, in the movie Haggard that we made back in 2001, where BAM orders a drink from the bartender, he says “fill it to the rim with pure alcohol.” And somehow in his mind, now, drinking was something that adults would do. And for some reason it seemed cool to him.


It was around 2004 when a darker side of him emerged. He did, and again I'm not saying any facts that are not a matter of public record, his family’s talked about, he had issues with bulimia. He would struggle to keep his weight down to look thin on camera because the camera does add 10 to 20 pounds to you, and plus being a professional skater he had to stay thin. I remember when we did an episode of Viva La Bam and bam went and and he had some pizza, it was about half a piece of pizza, and he threw it up. And Tony Hawk was there, he said, “hey Bam.” You know, I looked at Tony and Tony looked at bam and Tony got a worrisome look on his face. And he said, “hey BAM, you bulimic?” Just like that. And BAM said “no I just throw up whenever I eat” and Tony said “yeah man, that's bulimia you got to get help.” Just like that. Bam shrugged it off. And so it was around that time, 2004, when he started to become angry when he drank. And to this day I don't understand why.

Edit: pulling the reins on my autism, if there's more interest in informational quotes from this video let me know and i shall sperg it forth on request instead of filling this necromanced thread with em
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