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I don't care about beauty gurus but I heard her new lipstick brand came out and it's a fucking health hazard


not archiving because they're not going to take it down and even if they do, shit's plastered all over the internet already. Even Buzzfeed covered it.

I have never worn lipstick but I have always had some presumptions about it, such as:

  • It should not have hair/fibers in it
  • It should not have hard lumps (wax or plastic) or giant air pockets
  • It shouldn't fall apart
  • If it's new it shouldn't have FINGERPRINTS
Under a microscope

I'm under the impression that lipstick goes on your lips, and you cannot avoid ingesting at least some of it, so this is really beyond revolting. Even worse than just smearing it on your face.

I'm surprised nobody here is talking about it in this thread specifically. Even if you don't wear this stuff it's so disgusting that you can't look away. Girl's doing damage control and it's a train wreck. This entire situation is like watching a train wreck.

Also imagine paying $18 for a single one of these.

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These negative reviews have been coming out for days and Jaclyn hasn’t responded except to try and blame someone else. ‘The lab used white gloves’ ‘it’s bumpy cos your lips are dry’. She’s been radio silent for at least two days, which has probably only escalated things. Unlike the past where she was collating with a bigger brand where she had someone else to throw the blame onto, this is her brand, her name and she has gone into hiding. I’m surprised she didn’t have PR from the very start, I guess that would have cost too much money 🙄

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Raw Beauty Kristi is one of absolute favourite youtubers. She never goes into the drama (she stayed out of the James Charles drama) and her video has now been widely referenced. She has previously stated that she has never had beef with Jaclyn and admitted to once getting star struck by her at an event. Going by her content, Kristi is the real deal and is definitely open with what her orde was like, especially the difference between her paid order and the PR kit were very interesting.
I am SO out of the loop on the majority of the YouTube beauty community these days. I used to watch beauty videos all of the time back in 2009-2013 ... And then a lot of things changed for the worse. Clearly it's gotten even worse since I stopped watching these videos regularly.

Anyway, I'm up to date on this Jaclyn Hill stuff. Annnnnd if nothing else had already convinced me to not buy any product with a YouTuber's name on it, then this definitely does. Fucking disgusting.
This isn't the first time this has happened. Maybe not with hair and plastic in the lipsticks but plenty of these ''guru's'' having been selling their low quality crap makeup line's to suckers since 2010. If only these people had been advised, never trust a beauty guru especially when they're selling makeup or seminars.

Does anyone remember Kandee?

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So this is an amazing shitstorm and honestly, at this point I hope her fans learn not to buy her shit until well after reviews show up.

  1. Becca cosmetics: the good collab but turned to drama down the line
  2. The never released Makeup Geek collab: Marlena Stell lost upwards of a million dollars and the leaked emails just show up up her own ass and unprofessional both Jaclyn and her mom are
  3. Morphe big palette: unsure of quality due to conflicting reviews, likely typical Morphe meh. Pre-release and post-release showed us that Jaclyn can and will lie right to your face and not feel bad (the cake is/wasn't of the palette guys, ignore your eyes!)
  4. Morphe Vault: everything was shit despite it simply being supposed colours Jaclyn didn't use in her big basic palette and there's no reason for it to have been so bad. Palettes returned and simply
  5. Jaclyn cosmetics: claimed to be making it years ago, now it turns out she created the lipsticks and produced/shipped them within a month and the world's sketchiest lab

Shit she's accidentally admitted about the lab:
  • The used a white, consumer towel to clean their vats
  • They thought latex gloves leave fingerprints (likely a bullshit excuse but Jaclyn either believes it or expects us to)
  • They used breathable cotton gloves with lint on them to assemble the lipsticks
  • They could take phone calls on the line, meaning their phone was in their pocket while they handled what should be sterile cosmetics (and Jaclyn seemed to think this was very normal)
  • Jaclyn seemed to think that it would have been normal to not change out your gloves anytime you did something that would have contaminated them like touch your phone, go to the washroom, touch your skin/hair. She acted like the most basic hygiene was enough to show how great the sterility of the lab was
  • They don't use batch codes, like, wtf. Clearly they don't have any quality control if they don't even have batch codes
Now things we can infer is that the lab is likely the cheapest and only one available in such short notice and that's all likely for a reason. I don't believe that only 0.5% of units were impacted because given the reviews, that's a statistical impossibility. Literally every review has at least two fuzzy lipsticks or at least ones totally unusable due to their chemical composition being total crap. ALSO, they don't have batch codes, how would they know? They can't even estimate what days went wrong and if they did quality control, they couldn't tell you which batches to recall because they all have the same code like fake lipsticks do
For someone who claims to be a perfectionist, Jaclyn clearly didn't do her homework or even tested the lipsticks for herself


Shit she's accidentally admitted about the lab:
I think she has been very calculated in blaming everything on the lab, because I wonder if the lab would expose itself in an attempt to defend itself and risk future business. Plus Kevin James Bennett said in Jen Luvs lifestream that he and some others had an idea who the lab was and that the lab had had something similar happen to one of their products several years ago.


The fact that Jaclyn has gone radio silent shows that she can't run her own business and is actually really scary considering what people have been finding in their products. A competent business would have issued a recall within 48 hours of these issues appearing, and here we are weeks later and nothing has been done.

Jaclyn didnt need someone else to cancel her, she fucking cancelled herself in the most glorious and spectacular fashion.
This video is mortifying, but important. If the RawBeautyKristi video wasn't horrifying enough for you, then THIS certainly is:

This chick went for the kill, and she hit a bullseye, as far as I'm concerned.

Holy shit, this is such a good vid. I didn't think it was mortifying even, I barely skipped any of it. Pretty damn gross.

I must have missed what "lab" she's sending things to though. What connections do all these youtube beauty blogger types have that they have a "lab" to which they can send lipstick and atrocities found in lipsticks?


Holy shit, this is such a good vid. I didn't think it was mortifying even, I barely skipped any of it. Pretty damn gross.

I must have missed what "lab" she's sending things to though. What connections do all these youtube beauty blogger types have that they have a "lab" to which they can send lipstick and atrocities found in lipsticks?
Most of these beauty bloggers have had contact with labs or brands due to offers to work with them.

Kenna works as a research scientist and she is sending her lipsticks for microbial testing, the results should be in at the end of the month.