Trainwreck Jaclyn Hill - Beauty Guru, Morphe Shill, Senstive Clitoris


like a monster truck in the nightlife
It means someone who is extremely easily upset. It’s not literal. I assume. I have no insider information on the status of her lady bits.
I was just going to ask if that was what you meant, thanks. I assumed since I haven't heard of her discussing her clit anywhere.


all the world's a stage
Worth noting that Jaclyn Hill's father, James (Jim) Eilers claims to be a healer. This dude is crazy. Yes, yes, estranged from her father since 2012. But, her ability to obtain money through shady dealings and contaminated make-up came from somewhere.

From the website:
"He has witnessed tremendous miracle healings in his crusades. This is but a few of the thousands upon thousands of bodily healings that he has witnessed God perform at his crusades around the world and in the USA. In the Kufue, Zambia crusade a woman was brought to the crusade whom had fallen and broken her back. God touched her mightily as she came up on the platform, testifying of her miracle and then proceeded to dance before the Lord kicking her legs high into the air. Another woman was brought on a stretcher and had been bedridden for 8 months, dying of aids and given just days to live. As the word of God was preached, she believed and got up off the stretcher and began to run to the platform and dance, testifying of what the Lord had done for her. She was totally healed by the power of God. All the Glory goes to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

youtube video discussing james eilers:

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all the world's a stage
It's a shame because she was a pretty woman. Ugly on the inside started to seep through, maybe.

Edit: Her dad James Eilers passed away three months ago, March 20, 2020. She waited until Father's Day to put out a pity message. Such bad taste. She basically disowned the man when it was going to affect her bag. And, now she's going to capitalize on the man's death on Father's Day. Her face will surely morph into something more hideous now.
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