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What am I but hot blood?
I know we talk about "What happens when Barb dies" a grip but this is a way more interesting one. Does he finally leave the house? Does he starve to death? Could he even get food by himself (if his problems are that severe)? Can his beady little eyes adjust to natural light? I am honestly curious.
I think he'd do fine; he drives to a grocery store in one of his videos. The only question for me would be housing. If he wasn't provided a place to live, I could see that precipitating a crisis, but as long as he has a lair he can hole up in he'll probably continue on mostly as he has for the last twenty years. Because Kentucky isn't too tight a real estate market, I would bet on him being able to afford a trailer long-term via tugboat as long as some kindly relative handles the procedural side of things for him.

While we get an intensely exceptional side of him in his basement tapes, in videos where he is interacting with his family he just seems like the kind of crazy that a lot of families have one or more of around. In public I don't think he's flinging shit or attacking people, just acting hella bizarre in terms of voice volume, mannerisms and the things he says.

He walks around the neighborhood at night sometimes. My sense is that Baugh is considered a local eccentric-- I'm sure he creeps many people out but I think he's reasonably high-functioning, just super fucking weird (and twisted by anger/isolation).

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Imagine being this man's parents.

Imagine hearing him shout these things from the basement at three in the morning.

Imagine knowing that your forty-year-old son's greatest accomplishment is literally nothing at all.

Imagine being those people who have let him live there for twenty years.
It must feel like being Jon Sweet's mother.

The autism in that 1992 video is so intense I almost cringed out of my skin. That endless howling while he puts on his shoes, the repetitive song he performs about having found said shoes while he stims by going up and down the front steps...christ. I wonder if that "straddle pinning" thing he does is something he had to have done to him as a young autist when he had chimp-outs and needed to be subdued.

Rocking-related injuries

This guy is absolutely mental. Just to shed some light because he's hardly making sense, what he's referring to is a CT scan he had done to check for colon cancer. The liquid he had to drink is contrast dye, the injection is an IV catheter which feeds the iodine solution into your bloodstream, and the machine tells you to hold your breath for 10 seconds at certain intervals, which he also alludes to.


What am I but hot blood?
Bauuugghhh continues to churn out Youtubes at a dizzying pace, but I wanted to share this one in particular because of how superbly it highlights the MRSA-like sores cluttering his yellowed back. There's not just density and volume to these sores, there's rich variety-- some yawn cavernously, some are pursed coyly closed; some are raised like little ramparts, some are pitted, some are brown, some are vermillion... it's like the map from the Game of Thrones intro!



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It appears as though Jacob's pet rat Penny is having respiratory problems.

"Go hide in there, Penny, hide between my dick and balls"

Also, he's been posting some pretty whacked out stuff through text about God and black holes or something
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