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Jacob Herrick is some random dude who uploaded his own manga about his literal self-insert on a site where actual professional mangakas get their series scanlated and translated. On top of it, he didn't draw his characters professionally the way we all think. No, he uses some other retarded program that I can't remember off the top of my head. Just take a look at the chapter and you'll see what I mean. His "work" has a laughable pathetic plot of himself spreading the ebola virus to create world peace. It's like the manga version of The Room, but with ebola. And he's now making some new series about ninjas.

Look at the comments for Ebola Files.

Here's his series.

His Facebook:

What he looks like:

Some of the comments about EF.

I have nothing to say, nothing really. Jacob, if you're reading this, please, stop. The world isn't ready yet (or ever will be for that matter) the entire plot is twisted and cliché. Not only is it cliché, but it's also offensive when there have been a lot of people in west Africa dying from this disease. To think that anyone would make a manga or even anything of this nature as a story is ridiculous if this was some made up disease then maybe but not Ebola and not anytime soon....

Visitor 830296Nov 30, 2014
This manga is in poor greedy taste. There are thousands of people ill and dead from the virus. How dare profit from it!!

Visitor 828844Dec 1, 2014
This is Jacob Herrick.In no way am I profiting from this Comic. It is FREE.Millions died in the World Wars but you still are left with peopletrying to make light of the situation.Example: Bugs Bunny has episodes featuring Adolf Hitler.I am NOT making fun of the disease,If anything I'm spreading awareness to the unaware younger generation.~ JH

Visitor 748113Dec 1, 2014
Not to be rude but in what way are you spreading awareness to the unaware younger generation? Like how a group forced one or two men to make a virus? And how the guy wants to demand the government to stop all wars? I don't have any problems if you make a 'manga' (which is not a manga but more of a comic) about Ebola or any other virus but it would be better if the story is more deep or more thought of. If this is just a comedy comic then do more jokes but if it's a serious one like, probably, spreading actual awareness, providing everyone the rightful education for Ebola, then, please, this and you need a lot of improvement.

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