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Well....It looks like there might be a sister dimension Chris after all. But instead of it being a buxom, blue haired beauty, it's an even uglier, fatter MALE version of himself.
I'm sure someone else had said this already, but . . .
You mean Sammy?


Wear your shirt inwards out
Jacob is the only person that has attraction on Chris, why didn't Chris have interaction with him?
Update: While Chris can detect a creepy fuck, he doesn't realize that he's also a creepy fuck, a lesser version at least

The Un-Clit

Can you find it? come on in, look closer!
So far as I know Chris doesn't even know this fat retardo exists.
Jacob is the only person that has attraction on Chris, why didn't Chris have interaction with him?
Chris blocked him months ago, and now just completely ignores him no matter how much Jacob tries to get his notice me senpai/obsessive bullshit through to him.

Jacob Sockness is the epitome of weeenery. I don't think anyone on this forum has EVER tried this hard only to fail so completely to get Chris's attention.

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