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Which cow will Sockness become obsessed with next?

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Voltor for Glick


Voltor for Glick
Is Jacob getting Chriser? Seriously, he's out autism'd the champion autist. A least Chris didn't slip fully into delusion until he'd already suffered decades of insanity.
I think he's just fucking around. He's an alcoholic with paranoid thinking or magic thinking?


Chris is slowly sliding into fantasy land.

Jacob is completely fucking gone and was from the get go. That is why there was some discussion if he'd go so far to hurt Chris-Chan given a chance. <Jacob has flip flopped from wanting to marry Chris-Chan to....very very angry anger and basically hatred. Again, guy is crazy>.

This guy constructed a batshit insane magic and religious system rather in depth. <I didn't read it, but some one else commented it's fucking whacky enough>. Chris just rips things off from another source, Jacob is capable of at least semi unique ideas. But he also thinks taking pictures of light coming through a window blind is a sign demons are real.

Honestly I suspect he's schitzophrenic at the least. I don't think he's trolling people or any thing in regards to what he claims he sees, it is to him, quite real. He thinks he's killed homeless picture by casting magic spells according to his own beliefs. All he's doing is accepting Chris-Chan at his word of being a CPU whateverthefuck Equestria, and going 'Well then my beliefs say..'

The thing is, between the two..Jacob at least isn't taking a literally made up video game and kid's cartoon for a religion. Take that as you will. Also he apparently has an older gay lover. I'm not sure on that one yet.


All your problems can be solved with violence
I was told this man was in his 20's? I for sure thought he was in his 40's. Either way, if there is a God, he must be evil with a malicious sense of humor. From reading through his feed he hates Illegal immigrants, but he so far left in the LGBTQRSTUVWXYandZ community he's basically mentally ill.
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Duke Nukem

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Those teeth are horrifying. He trying to cosplay as Sick Nick also?
Yeah, I was thinking, maybe he should put some tugboat towards getting that missing incisor replaced, then again that's probably the least of his worries.

I'm not even certain he's aware of who Nick Bate is, but I'm not willing to sit around and find out.

edit: duh I meant incisor not molar, inb4 some angry tooth sperg corrects me

PL 001

Gosh, I've discovered this guy by clicking 'random page' on the CWCki out of boredom.

This dude looks even more autistic than Chris. I mean, his cosplay of, what's that, a Carebear?!
I'm still not entirely sure whether or not he actually is this re.tarded and smitten with Chris, or if he's pulling some sort of Andy Kaufman level trolling game.