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I'm the guy that paid him $3,000 to go rape Chris Chan. The fact he chickened out when his lover girl told him off surprised me and I was totally off guard. I made something for him, his woman running away in disgust.
Ok retard
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Aka horrorfan89

Who is he even talking about here? Nightvee worse than Hitler? Isn't Michiro just an alternate name Sockness uses for himself online? So why talk about him like he's a separate person?

Good job Chris doesn't pay any attention to what Sockness says, or he might be pissed off with Sockers claiming he'll stop the merge for some autistic reason. Chris only registers anything Sockness blabs when it's telling him he's a goddess and the merge is real. Everything else Sockness spends time writing out to Chris just flies right over Chris's fat head.

I know, I know, the answer is autism, it always is. It's just kind of amazing sometimes to stand back a little and realise two middle-aged men are babbling baby talk and believing that cartoon ponies are flying alongside them.

Where's a mental institution when you need one?
Closed by the Molly coddling liberal governments when autism and degeneracy became normalized,

Cat Flatulence

Here to curiously psychoanalyse the exceptional
Is he claiming that when the Amazon caught fire this year, it was something to do with him trying to influence "The Merge"? i don't speak sperg but that's what it seems like.
Sockness is legitimately an unsettling individual, more so than anybody else in the Chris saga's.
Does Chris want this obviously male attention? it's a far cry from the sweethearts he sought after years ago...


this guy, is top tier level crazy beyond comprehension, which is about where chris chan is,and the ironic thing is, he likes / loves chris chan not only is he on the same high level of whackoadoodle, he feels he connects with chris and is in love with him. eeeeEEEEWWWWWWW

that aside, he is also one of those who creates max cringe shudder,.... and what is it with these folks who are considered ''autistic'' and they all dress up in adult baby / furry costumes ????

No, far from it. Unfortunately.

And 50% FAS.
LOL ha i was just thinking that as i was crolling through, yeah he looks like a combination of down syndrome and FAS.... he is not DS though, but it is possible he might be FAS i mean his features his behavior, so similar to chris chan, its haunting, and chris is most likely not acually autistic, but more of FAS and the co occourring mental health issues and so on


But I'm not mad at anyone.
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Sockness makes for a pretty good case for why we shouldn't just give money to disabled people.
Much like ADF/Phil he makes a good argument we should fucking enslave them and brutally beat them to eke out even the tiniest amount of value out of them and then shoot them if they don't produce.


Wear your shirt inwards out
Sockness always say "You don't know the real me"
So what are his characteristics that aren't legit on the following?
  • Had sex with old people for money
  • Performing mock occult as a hobby
  • Had attraction to Christine Chandler
  • Think of Chris highly as a godes
  • Publicly fantasizes about Chris
  • Ripping off Lovecraft stories
  • Photograph and video record of himself. Sometimes naked
  • Travelling to Virginia via train
  • Something something about killing his ex
What is he afraid of if he's out of character?


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Much like ADF/Phil he makes a good argument we should fucking enslave them and brutally beat them to eke out even the tiniest amount of value out of them and then shoot them if they don't produce.
I know this is hyperbole, but I somehow can't help but agree...

If that's being an alog, then I guess I'm guilty
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