Horrorcow Jacob Sockness / Michiro Hutaki / Agian Siin / Jacob JS / Darkseed2012 / RamleIronHeart - Exceptional Occultist/UFOlogist on a Tugboat, Tranny Chaser, CWC Stalker, BLOCKED BY CWC


Wear your shirt inwards out
Sockness always say "You don't know the real me"
So what are his characteristics that aren't legit on the following?
  • Had sex with old people for money
  • Performing mock occult as a hobby
  • Had attraction to Christine Chandler
  • Think of Chris highly as a godes
  • Publicly fantasizes about Chris
  • Ripping off Lovecraft stories
  • Photograph and video record of himself. Sometimes naked
  • Travelling to Virginia via train
  • Something something about killing his ex
What is he afraid of if he's out of character?


Gone Forever
Much like ADF/Phil he makes a good argument we should fucking enslave them and brutally beat them to eke out even the tiniest amount of value out of them and then shoot them if they don't produce.
I know this is hyperbole, but I somehow can't help but agree...

If that's being an alog, then I guess I'm guilty
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Lieutenant Lucy
Sockness puts out a list of Trolls for White Knights to block:


Carbon-based lifeform
Sockness puts out a list of Trolls for White Knights to block:
Too bad there's no tranny to code a script to do this.


Mergin' n' spergin'
True & Honest Fan
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If trolls hire MMA fighters to fight sockness himself, is that automatic win?
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It requires special tailoring to wear one.
How many of these message has Chris actually read? My guess is almost none. Sockness doing the grrr ugg manly man defending his girl is both hilarious and tragic at the same time.

All this noise for a fat autist who barely recognises he exists other than someone to roleplay ponies with.
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