Careercow Jacob Wohl / JacobAWohl / Matthew Cohen / Surefire Intelligence / NeX Capital Management - Far-right fraudster and banned investor, charged with numerous felonies, best known for "hipster coffee shops" and attempting to frame Mueller and Democratic candidates


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It sounds like he walked into that courtroom thinking it was going to be like an episode of Judge Judy.
"You honor, I am not guilty. I'm just a freedom loving American, and sorry your honor, my dating life involving hot instagram teen models is private business. I decline to comment on that matter."
So I'm guessing most of the people here are TES posters ? Never seen you niggers around before.
You should get outside your containment thread more often.

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In fact, as far as I've seen, nobody has ever been able to actually deny anything Veritas has uncovered, and the narrative seems to be he's a "propagandist."

But he is a propagandist. He's practically admitted it. The DA for Brooklyn, where the ACORN video was shot as well as the Attorney General said that the tapes had been heavily edited to get the workers to say things to appear guilty. He was charged and had to pay $100K in damages and expressed regret for any pain and suffering he caused. The Government Accountability Office published in their report that ACORN had not mishandled their money as O'Keefe claimed they did.

He's done other things in an attempt to take down Democrats and he's been really sloppy in his handling of them in part because, as stated, he's not interested in accountability so long as he gets the story he wants. And if he can't get it, he'll just edit the video to make it say what he wants them to.


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Serious question: Is Jacob retarded?
So since he is a member of (((the tribe))) he will get off just fine though, right?
Maybe he'll get a Rabbi to bless his food and then Epsteined.

About Americans' obsession with prison rape, I think this is correlated with population count. When a country has that 100+ million people, we forget that it's actually a person, and people become very cold and apathetic to each other. At this kind of a number, one or two is meaningless, and 1000 would just be a statistic. China and their 1.4 billion also has an obsession with prison rape and capital punishment. Eurofags and the alike from less populous regions will see this as creepy and unhealthy.

That's also why people from gentrified countrysides might be "racist" and arrogant in their ways, but they are way friendlier to others, going so far to greet strangers in the streets. I've had Americans tell me how friendly Sydney is, maybe compared to megacities such as New York City and Shanghai, we're friendly... but wait till someone visits places like Byron Bay. Sydneysiders will look like a bunch of assholes and megacities are full of roaches.

Regardless, it's funny to laugh at rapists and pedoes potentially getting mounted by Tyrone in big boy jail. This little twink Jacob however, I'm pretty sure he'll get a bunch of special treatments regardless of the severity of his crimes. He comes from an upper class family, he is a tribesman. Unless they also find CP after investigating his shit, I won't wish prison rape on him. He's just an autistic little larpy reactionary faggot.

For reference he's a transcript of one of the calls.
View attachment 1697030
I think it's pretty open and shut voter intimidation in any court in America. It even says "beware" in the message.
Here's audio of the robo-call:

I don't think anyone's pointed out how particularly scummy it was that he used a black woman
(probably from craigslist) he named Tamika Taylor to read out the message he was targeting
at black neighborhoods.
"Dont be finessed into giving your private information to da man"
10/10 Jacob.

Here's audio of the robo-call:

I don't think anyone's pointed out how particularly scummy it was that he used a black woman
(probably from craigslist) he named Tamika Taylor to read out the message he was targeting
at black neighborhoods.
"Dont be finessed into giving your private information to da man"
10/10 Jacob.
You mean a black woman from Craigslist not name Tamika Taylor who probably doesn't exist.


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That all sounds to be technically true. Can't help but feel uncomfortable about the guy being indicted and possibly sent to prison for stating true statements when he's lied openly by accusing people of affairs and rape and such, especially since lies by omission are sanctioned by the media that uses them frequently.
How the fuck is it true that the CDC is using voter lists to track down people for mandatory vaccines?

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For anyone that wants to know the massive backlog of crazy shit Wohl has done, the YouTube channel Internet Today has covered him extensively ever since his first major major scandal involving Mueller.

Just aheads up, though. The creators of these videos are liberals, and they don't like Trump. They don't try to hide it, and some of the videos on the playlist extensively feature him and the hosts repeatedly dunking on him. They dunk on everyone, but Trump is a frequent target of their mockery. Also, some of the videos cover other topics besides Wohl. Another thing to note is that this playlist is really long with it clocking in currently at 26 videos. Again, keep in mind that some of these videos aren't just about Wohl, but feature him and his shenanigans at some point. And yes, they use cringy clickbait titles and thumbnails. I know.

I'm not trying to shill for these guys, but they're the only channel I know of to have thoroughly reported on Wohl and all his insanity from the very beginning. I wouldn't even bring these cringe-tastic fuckers up if they weren't the only channel I'm aware of to have actually covered Wohl and document all the utter lunacy he engages with, and weren't at least surprisingly informative about him
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It's amazing how these dolts are still making money off of this crap and spewing painfully apparent -not even bothering to polish levels- bullshit.

But considering how many people eat this up like candy; I guess I shouldn't be surprised on the former.

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