Careercow Jacob Wohl / JacobAWohl / Matthew Cohen / Surefire Intelligence / NeX Capital Management - Far-right fraudster and banned investor, charged with numerous felonies, best known for "hipster coffee shops" and attempting to frame Mueller and Democratic candidates

Wohl is trying to get Epstein linked pedophile lawyer extortionare Alan Dershowitz to take up his case but getting left on read.

Wohl claimed Dershowitz was reviewing the case but after the story went live he denied he had any involvement.

There's also this telegram post from Wohl
No one has faced bigger legal challenges for the terrible crime of supporting Donald Trump than I have. No one.

Not Roger Stone. Not Paul Manafort. Not General Flynn. Certainly not George Papadopoulos. And that is not to discount what happened to them.

I’ve been charged by angry Democrats in California for an alleged business meeting that took place in 2016 (when I was 18) where they claim that an unregistered security was offered to them in a sting operation. Guess what? I WASN’T AT the meeting.

I’ve been attacked with nonsensical charges by the wicked witch of Michigan. The same one who just went after Big League Politics. She even sought an unprecedented court order barring me from ALL political speech until after the election. There was $100,000 bail. They wanted to get $1M bail.

In Ohio I’ve faced down a 15 count felony indictment for the very same, perfectly legal public service announcement. Far Left Democrat Congresswoman Marcia Fudge has taken credit for it.

All while being sued by Democrats in the Southern District of New York for allegedly (no, I’m not kidding) violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. This is especially insulting because I’m a Jew.

In the process, of course, I’ve racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal expenses and will likely accrue hundreds of thousands more.

And bear in mind: I’m not a 70 year old political operative who had had a 50 year career in which to save up for this. I’m not a 61 year old General who’s done years of 7-figure consulting gigs and has a government pension. I don’t have a billionaire family to pick up the tab. I’m a 22 year old middle class guy.

And yet I’ve never started a legal defense fund. And that’s not because it’s wrong to do so. It’s because every successive challenge motivates me to work even harder and to do whatever is necessary to stay in the fight.


He's not a spoiled rich kid making a mess while leeching off daddy's money. Just a regular "22 year old middle class guy" who does regular 22 year old middle class things like flex his modest middle class car on Instagram.

Except now he's banned on Instagram for botting or some shit so these days if you search up the "jacobwohl_official" account you get content like this.


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Maybe he can get Guilani on the case. They're on about the same wavelength. Especially when it comes to press conferences.
I have some friends who own a landscaping business, and they're staunch Republicans. I'm sure Jake and Rudy could hold a press conference there.
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