Dramacow Jacob Wohl / JacobAWohl / Matthew Cohen / Surefire Intelligence / NeX Capital Management - Far-right fraudster and banned investor, charged with felonies, best known for "hipster coffee shops" and attempting to frame Mueller and Democratic candidates


Walking that line between victim and ex-lover
He's claiming to have gotten the Krassenstein brothers banned via gay ops. At least, that's what I think he means by this.
So, like, does he realize that posting this kind of thing publicly might undo all his "hard work"? Last I read the whatsis bros were still appealing the ban.

Also, where does a faggot like him get an extra $1k to burn on dumb shit like this? I thought his crowdfunding thing was shut down?
It's not outside the realm of possibility that the Krassensteins knew they were gonna get banned for a different reason, and paid Wohl to boast about this. Wohl's one of the few people out there with a worse reputation than them.

The only reason it might not've gone down that way is 'cause Wohl's such a complete fuckup at everything, I have a hard time imagining even desperate con-artists like the Krassensteins putting him to use in a way that required trust. But they always could've hired him indirectly, as it's not like this operation actually requires putting Wohl in on anything, assuming it was executed properly.

Or this could just be Wohl hopping on a bandwagon, taking advantage of the Krassensteins own lowliness for his own advancement. Kinda like those times Klansmen throw protest rallies against the Westboro Baptist Church.

Didn't they get banned for having fake followers and false reporting? As in, the exact same shit Jacob Wohl is bragging about?
There's nothing the Krassenstein Brothers could get banned for that would surprise me. Up to and including being part of a child-pornography ring.
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So, Jacob had an Instagram conversation with Right Richter, claiming that he'd enlist in the Army if Trump begins combat operations against Iran, with him being quoted as saying, "If we go to war with Iran, I will enlist within 10 days". Something tells me that if push comes to shove, Jacob would tell everyone that he tried enlisting, but the recruiting officer refused to sign him up, for reason of "[him] being too important" or some other 6th grade bullshit.
But don't you know? The US Army needs Sunglass Hut's finest!

Double Dee

So since it's 'required' to share the link, I figure it'd be worth it to leave Whol's Telegram page here. It's basically his alternative to Twitter, where he screams his political conspiracy theories into a void. Whether any of it is worth archiving (if it can be), I'll leave to more professional minds.

Also, I've taken to screencapping some of his Instagram stuff (mostly AMA answers), since they give some interesting insight into Jacob's person (IMO.) Because he feels like a more serious 'cow, though, I'll only post them if it's actually wanted; last thing I want is to leave useless stuff in the thread.

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Also, I've taken to screencapping some of his Instagram stuff (mostly AMA answers), since they give some interesting insight into Jacob's person (IMO.) Because he feels like a more serious 'cow, though, I'll only post them if it's actually wanted; last thing I want is to leave useless stuff in the thread.
Do it, dump all of it and entertain us.
Don't let your memes be dreams.

Double Dee

Do it, dump all of it and entertain us.
Don't let your memes be dreams.
Ask and ye shall receive.
Like I said, it's mostly AMA from his Stories (which otherwise disappear after a day.) Also going to cap some of his IG, so we at least have some fragments of it existing.
Consider this post a WIP at the moment!

(I didn't cap it like a dumbass, but someone also asked if he's single. He said no. Wonder if it's the same chick.
(While I'm not fond of the term 'toxic masculinity', I hate the 'men don't cry' mentality. But what do I know, I ain't a wannabe 'right-wing' PI with a touch of Greer's narcissism.
(Something to keep an eye out for, street Kiwis- it's at 79/21 for a meetup.)
Not a lot of these, but look.
This was two years ago, but I swear he feels happier in this.
Maybe a touch of trust fund here, but not the face of a kid who's banned from trading futures and faking hipster coffee shop posts.

ETA: Telegram gem. This made me laugh a bit too hard.
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There's a brand new article about Jacob Wohl by The Daily Beast, hot off the press--

Did a Far-Right Star Recruit Jacob Wohl to Terrorize Women?
The Daily Beast said:
“I’ll make it my mission to torture you so much that you end up killing yourself,” reads a text message from a phone number belonging to notorious smear merchant Jacob Wohl.

A perennial House candidate’s alleged harassment of his ex-girlfriend has gone so far that he apparently hired notorious conservative operative Jacob Wohl to pressure her and a former campaign worker, according to text messages and a recording reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Wohl is best known for his blundering, often comical attempts at political trickery, including failed schemes to concoct bogus sexual assault allegations against former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg. But text messages from a phone number belonging to Wohl suggest that the 21-year-old hoaxer has branched out into making death threats on behalf of his political allies, telling one woman he would “torture you so much that you end up killing yourself.”

Aug. 1 was a big day for both allies and former friends of Omar Navarro, a Republican known for his perennial failed campaigns against Donald Trump nemesis Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). Those runs had earned him more than a million dollars in campaign donations in his 2018 run, and high-powered endorsements from Trumpworld stalwarts like Herman Cain, Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, and game show host Chuck Woolery. But suddenly his career as a conservative cause célèbre was at risk.

Navarro was due in court in Torrance, California, that day. A judge was due to decide whether his ex-girlfriend—self-styled MAGA relationship expert DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero—would be granted a restraining order against him after enduring what she describes as months of harassment since dumping him in April.

A restraining order could be disastrous for both Navarro’s fundraising and his already dim electoral chances—he lost his last two races against Waters by more than 50 points. It also wouldn’t be the first time Navarro has been in court on a domestic issue, after being convicted in 2016 of putting an illegal tracking device on his wife’s car.

Making matters worse, former Navarro campaign worker Irina Chausovskaya had had a falling-out with the candidate. She claimed to have secretly obtained recordings of the candidate making crude sexual comments about Waters and planning to invest the campaign funds he received from conservative donors across the country into bitcoin. And Chausovskaya and Tesoriero knew one another, raising the prospect of two damaging stories for Navarro’s career as a perennial candidate breaking at the same time.

Shortly before Tesoriero’s court hearing, Chausovskaya received text messages from a number with a 949 area code in Orange County. Whoever was behind the number wanted to know whether Chausovskaya would be at the hearing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see you soon,” the text message read. “It won’t be painful. I’m looking forward to watching your soul leave your eyes.”

“I’ll make it my mission to torture you so much that you end up killing yourself,” the writer of the messages added.

The text messages were just the latest in a series of threatening text and WhatsApp messages that Chausovskaya and Tesoriero claim to have received over months since angering Navarro.

Usually, the messages came from numbers they had never seen before, sometimes with fake names attached. This time, though, there was a clue as to who was behind the latest round of texts.

A search in the TrueCaller app, which collects phone data from users and phone directories, showed the 949 number was associated with Jacob Wohl. The Daily Beast was able to independently confirm the connection. Calls to the 949 number Wohl has used before that threatened to “torture” Chausovskaya weren’t answered. But the evidence of Wohl’s involvement matched what Tesoriero says she heard from Navarro campaign worker Sean Daniel.

In a recording reviewed by The Daily Beast, a man Tesoriero identifies as Daniel tells her that he had talked to Navarro, who had told Daniel he would hire Wohl for $5,000 to “do something against your career” if she succeeded in getting the restraining order granted.

“He’s going to investigate and spend money with Jacob Wohl, to have you like get obliterated, because he’s gonna be so pissed because his political career, he said, is gonna be over, if he gets another restraining order,” the man in the recording said. “That’s what he told me.”

Daniel, who has been paid $11,665.68 this year by Navarro’s campaign for digital marketing services, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

In the recording, the man says that Navarro said he would use campaign money to hire Wohl.

“He raised a lot of money last quarter,” the man in the recording said. “He says he’s got a lot of money to be able to have people go after you.”

There’s no question that Wohl and Navarro know each other. In May, Wohl posted a picture of himself meeting with Navarro in the lobby of the Trump International Hotel in Washington on Instagram.

In an Instagram direct message to The Daily Beast, Wohl denied being “privy to anything regarding any congressional candidate’s personal life.” Navarro denied hiring Wohl, and said any text messages provided to The Daily Beast or used in Tesoriero’s application for a restraining order were “total fake news.” But the judge found Tesoriero credible and granted her a five-year restraining order against Navarro — the longest option available in California.

“What happened in court was not justice,” Navarro said. “It was basically a judge going off of someone crying in a courtroom.”

Navarro’s political career, such as it is, has grown alongside Waters’ profile as a Trump antagonist. Navarro raised less than $3,000 in his 2016 run against Waters, and lost in a landslide.

He also went down in defeat in 2018—but in the lead-up to that race, Waters had become a top enemy for Trump supporters, and Navarro’s campaign treasury was filled with donations from Republicans eager to see her out of Congress. Navarro raised more than $1.1 million dollars in the 2018 cycle—$24,583.04 of which he paid to himself as a salary, an unusual but not unprecedented move for a congressional candidate.

“It’s a cash cow, and they don’t want the cash cow to end,” Chausovskaya said.

Navarro’s reputation in the world of right-wing internet personalities began to wane earlier this year, however, when he allegedly began harassing Tesoriero. Navarro had begun going out with Tesoriero, the author of Trump-themed dating guide Making Love Great Again!, earlier this year, while he was still divorcing his wife. By April, though, Tesoriero told him they were done. He didn’t take it well, according to an application for a restraining order that Tesoriero filed in July.

“Omar became very jealous and became obsessed with accusing me of having other romantic relationships,” Tesoriero wrote in the application.

Tesoriero’s court filing includes a lengthy list of times Navarro allegedly harassed her after she dumped him, including confronting her at Georgetown’s tony Cafe Milano and following her around the lobby at the Trump International Hotel in Washington in May. As Tesoriero left the hotel with her friends, she claims Navarro followed behind her, yelling, “That’s my girlfriend!”

Later that day, Tesoriero says she was deluged with text messages calling her a slut and a whore.

Tesoriero says Navarro threatened to release details about their sex lives and put out other damaging information about her if she wouldn’t get back together with him. She claims she was forced to stay in contact with him for fear that he would attack her on his Twitter account, which has more than 200,000 followers.

“Omar has approximately 225,000 Twitter followers, many of which are in my social and professional network,” Tesoriero wrote in her request for a temporary restraining order. “Terrified of him, but also fearing he would follow through with his threats (which he eventually did) I remained in contact with him for this reason.”

Navarro’s confrontations with Tesoriero came to a head in early July, when they were both in town to appear at a rally organized by the far-right Proud Boys men’s groups. On July 3, Navarro showed up at a downtown Washington bar popular with conservatives, where he began to argue with Tesoriero. After a member of the far-right Proud Boys group got in between the two, Navarro stormed out of the bar, and later accused the group on Twitter of stealing his girlfriend and using cocaine.

Meanwhile, Chausovskaya, who had some secret recordings of the candidate, had begun to criticize how Navarro handled his 2018 campaign. On one recording, Navarro speculates about using his windfall of campaign contributions to invest in bitcoin. In another, he discusses which sex acts he would like to perform on Waters. On another, he complains about Asian-American drivers.

“That’s the problem with Torrance, there’s so many Asians right here,” Navarro said on the recording.

The recordings began to circulate on Telegram, a Russian messaging app that’s become popular with American right-wing activists who have been kicked off of other social media platforms. Some of the recordings were published on a blog operated by anti-Muslim bigot Milo Yiannopoulos, who had started to attack Navarro after the Proud Boys feud.

Chausovskaya began to receive text messages from a number she didn’t know with a 424 area code, in Los Angeles. The man behind the number claimed to be named Joseph Wexler, and said Chausovskaya had “harassed, defamed, and stalked” his “clients.” Wexler claimed to have talked to an FBI agent about Chausovskaya, and planned to take “irreversible action” against her. Wexler also accused Chausovskaya of acting as an unlicensed lawyer for Tesoriero.

In one text message, Wexler said he had visited Chausovskaya’s home—writing out her address to make clear he knew where she lived—but didn’t find her. In another, he said he had gone to a Tucson, Arizona business operated by her mother.

“You seem like a smart girl with a great future,” one text message read. “Would be a shame if something happened to you. If you don’t meet with us, we can’t guarantee it won’t.”

Tesoriero began to receive messages from the same number, including one with a picture of Tesoriero posing for the camera—with the implication that he had more damaging images to come.

“I want to make you famous,” he wrote. “Cant wait to do so.”

Around the same time, someone using the same phone number texted The Daily Beast and offered to provide “the goods” on a number of right-wing personalities—in exchange for a story critical of Chausovskaya.

When The Daily Beast called the number, a man who identified himself as “Michael Maas” picked up the phone, and claimed that Wexler was a friend who had been borrowing his phone to make the threats.

“I think this was kind of a douchey move for him to use my phone like that,” the man said.

Maas offered to put The Daily Beast in touch with Wexler, but neither person—if they are two different people—responded to further messages.

Days before the restraining order hearing, Tesoriero began to receive a series of WhatsApp messages from someone who claimed to be outside her bedroom, even noting when she turned off her lights.

“It’s disgusting because they are harassing people,” Tesoriero said. “I never asked for any of this.”
TL;DR: Omar Navarro, a would-be politician with a criminal history of stalking and threats, hired Jacob Wohl to threaten his ex. After using loads of burner numbers, Little Jacob used his own number for a call, which inadvertently helped Navarro's ex get a 5-year restraining order against Navarro.
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It looks like Jacob and Jack are pushing twice as hard for another 15 minutes.

Serial Hoaxers Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman Swear They’ll Solve Epstein’s Death
The Daily Beast said:
The men behind smears of Mueller and Buttigieg offer $100,000 for info about the wealthy sex offender’s demise in jail. They don’t exactly have an inspiring track record.

Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide Saturday morning in a Manhattan jail cell has spawned conspiracy theories he was murdered and sent feds scrambling to figure out how the wealthy sex offender could have died in their custody.

Now two attention-hungry men whose collaborations tend to fail spectacularly say they want to crack the case by offering a $100,000 reward for information.

Epstein’s body was discovered around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, where he was being held while facing federal sex-trafficking charges. While no official cause of death ruling has been made, the New York City medical examiner has said she is confident Epstein killed himself. Meanwhile, the Justice Department is investigating “serious irregularities” at MCC, such as the reported failure of guards to check on Epstein every 30 minutes. (Epstein had been taken off of suicide watch days before his death.)

On Monday, lobbyist Jack Burkman and conservative operative Jacob Wohl—the hapless serial hoaxers behind several earlier failed schemes—announced that they were going to “enter the fray” and investigate Epstein’s death.

“We’re hardly alone in the belief, but we strongly feel that this was a murder,” Burkman said in a press release.

Burkman and Wohl claim that they have a tip from a “girlfriend of a current prison employee” about the death of “the rich pedophile guy,” although they stress that the supposed tip is still being vetted. Given the track record of Wohl and Burkman for actually producing their purported tipsters, though, it’s not clear whether this woman actually exists.

Burkman claims he’ll conduct the investigation through the Profiling Investigative Center, a group he created that’s best known for producing a bizarre, error-filled reenactment of the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. In 2018, Burkman was shot in the buttocks by a former supporter angry about the direction of Burkman’s profiling operation.

Burkman and Wohl have become notorious for their failed attempts to concoct sexual assault smears against former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg. Their scheme against Mueller failed when the alleged victim failed to show at a much-hyped press conference— and later said Wohl and Burkman had pressured her to make it all up. In April, their attempt to manufacture an allegation against Buttigieg, caught on a recording, failed when that accuser said the duo had pressured him to lie.

Burkman and Wohl have previously denied faking the accusations. They did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday evening.

While Wohl and Burkman claim they don’t want to promote “false theories” about Epstein, they are both prolific fakers. Burkman once claimed he was going to produce a witness to prove that Rich, the object of fevered right-wing conspiracy theories, was murdered by the government. Instead, the witness failed to show, and Burkman resorted to just having a press conference with an anonymous man on speaker phone.

Wohl has been caught faking death threats against himself in the past. A phone number that belonged to Wohl was recently used to send violent threats to a woman involved in a dispute among California Republicans, although Wohl denied involvement and said he no longer had access to that phone number.

The Epstein investigation isn’t the first time Wohl and Burkman have positioned themselves as national arbiters of truth. Last week, Wohl and Burkman called for presidential candidates to submit themselves to a vetting process conducted by the two of them.

“No one in either party will run for president without the Burkman/Wohl seal of approval,” Burkman declared.
I'm guessing that they're going to be harassing Metropolitan Correctional Center staff to lie about Pete Buttigieg swooping in to rape Epstein to death when the cameras were out. This scam possibly runs the highest risk of them getting thrown in prison. Although, I have been surprised by how dismissive authorities have been about Jacob so far, probably on the basis of him being seen as a colossal idiot not worth the paper court orders are printed on.

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Can we just stare in awe at this for a while?
“He’s going to investigate and spend money with Jacob Wohl, to have you like get obliterated, because he’s gonna be so pissed because his political career, he said, is gonna be over, if he gets another restraining order,” the man in the recording said. “That’s what he told me.”
This Omar guy was freaking out that a restraining order for harassment was going to end his career, so to stop it, he hires this incompetent twat to do even more harassment. Absolute genius.

edit: :story: ANOTHER restraining order.
I just noticed that holy shit.
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Jacob's still itching for his 15 minutes; he did a phone interview with the podcast '2 Classy Gentlemen', mostly talking about his claim to fame and the jump to Telegram.

Sorry if I fucked up format, I don't post video often.
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Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
I can't stop laughing about buyaslut.com

"People love sluts. BUT... Where can you get them? [picks up prop phone] Uh hello? Slut department? Heh... I don't think so."
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There's a brand new article about Jacob Wohl by The Daily Beast, hot off the press--

Did a Far-Right Star Recruit Jacob Wohl to Terrorize Women?

TL;DR: Omar Navarro, a would-be politician with a criminal history of stalking and threats, hired Jacob Wohl to threaten his ex. After using loads of burner numbers, Little Jacob used his own number for a call, which inadvertently helped Navarro's ex get a 5-year restraining order against Navarro.
It looks like Jacob and Jack are pushing twice as hard for another 15 minutes.

Serial Hoaxers Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman Swear They’ll Solve Epstein’s Death

I'm guessing that they're going to be harassing Metropolitan Correctional Center staff to lie about Pete Buttigieg swooping in to rape Epstein to death when the cameras were out. This scam possibly runs the highest risk of them getting thrown in prison. Although, I have been surprised by how dismissive authorities have been about Jacob so far, probably on the basis of him being seen as a colossal idiot not worth the paper court orders are printed on.
At this point, the mere act of being associated with Wohl is like fucking a hooker with herpes. No matter what you do, the shame will never go away.


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Well... Little Jacob managed to con an Indo-American association out $50,000, on the false pretense of getting Donald Trump, Jr. and the president to attend their annual conference. He was connected through a mutual friend who he bragged to about being close with the Trumps. After he got the money, he ghosted, prompting his father to get called, forcing him to return only $30,000.

Now, everyone who fell for it has been stripped of their credibility and TANA looks like a laughingstock. But, really, if you hire a renowned half-exceptional con artist kid to do something... you sincerely deserve to get fucked over.

Far-right troll Jacob Wohl scammed a Trump fan out of $25,000 (updated)
‘We got cheated by some 20-year-old kid.’
Claire Goforth— Aug 23 at 3:54AM

Jacob Wohl scarcely goes a month without being implicated in ascam. And his latest is a doozy.

Two men say that his latest target was the Telugu Association of North America (TANA), an Indo-American organization that works on behalf of the North American Telugu community, an Indian ethnic group.

Entrepreneur Deelip Mhaske told the Daily Dot that Wohl promised to get President Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. to speak at TANA’s biennial conference. The conference consistently attracts thousands and has featured high-profile people such as former President Bill Clinton, who spoke at the 2007 event.

For this year’s event, which 18,000 were set to attend, Mhaske set his sights on getting the Trumps there. An early Trump supporterhimself, Mhaske hoped to foster a dialogue about immigration reform between the president and the tech millionaires and billionaires of TANA who rely on Indian immigrants for staffing.

“This is such a hot topic nowadays that everybody wants to contribute,” said Mhaske, who is from India.

Several weeks before the conference, he reached out to the 2020 reelection campaign, which he says told him that the president would attend if they could raise $3 million for Trump’s reelection. (Mhaske’s point of contact with the campaign did not respond to requests for confirmation sent via Facebook messenger or a White House email address Wednesday afternoon.)

Mhaske raised several hundred thousand dollars, certainly no small feat, but nowhere near enough money to secure the president’s attendance. With time running out for the July 4-6, 2019 event, he reached out Shane Bouvet, whom he’d become friends with on Facebook.

Bouvet formerly was a social media coordinator for the Trump campaign. His profile and header pictures on Facebook feature him with the president at an event and in the Oval Office, respectively. “I thought he must know somebody who can do it directly,” Mhaske said.

Bouvet quickly got him on a conference call with someone he thought would be able to help: Jacob Wohl.

Bouvet told the Dot he knew of Jacob Wohl through his father David Wohl. He also apparently knew Jacob Wohl’s reputation on Twitter before he was banned earlier this year. In December 2018, Bouvet chatted with him about it during a now-deleted Facebook Livestream.

“I always had [Jacob] in my phone as somebody who knows somebody,” Bouvet said. “Last year he said he was really good friends with the Trumps.”

Wohl, Mhaske said, was happy to help. He’d personally never heard of the 21-year-old, but says that Wohl talked a great game, dropping the right names and claiming that he’d also get Charlie Kirk to attend. (Kirk did not respond to a request for comment.) Wohl also bragged that he “was going to Ukraine to pull some stuff on Joe Biden.”

“He was really convincing,” Mhaske said.

For his services, Wohl asked for $100,000, half up front, half upon performance. Mhaske agreed.

The three-day event at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. was just a day away, but Wohl was confident.

“He said, ‘Oh no worries, I know Don Jr. I’m calling him. I’m calling right now to the scheduler, the president’s scheduler, and Don Jr. … but first you gotta wire money,’” Mhaske said.

Wohl quickly sent a retainer agreement, which Mhaske provided to the Dot. According to the terms of the agreement dated July 3, Vasense Group, which Mhaske says is Wohl’s company, was to:

Put [TANA] in touch with Mr. Donald J. Trump Jr. for the purpose of having him attend the Indian American Biennial Gala at the Washington DC Convention Center, on either July 4th, 5th, or 6th 2019. The Agency [Vasense Group] arrange [sic] an appearance from President Trump on one of the days of the conference. This will constitute a full-court press effort from Mr. Wohl and Mr. Bouvet to add appearances to the event to the President’s calendar and will consist of conversations between AGENCY, CLIENT and Donald Trump Jr. as well as other members of the President’s senior aides.

According to the website, Vasense Group is “an investigative and strategic intelligence firm.”

The address matches that of management consulting firm BDA Global; a representative from the company told the Dot they’d “never heard of” Vasense Group.

Wohl has a history of running fake intelligence companies. He did not respond to numerous interview requests, but Vasense appears to be one of Wohl’s fake intelligence companies.

Wohl’s Irvine, California, address on the money transfer document Mhaske provided to the Dot matches an address that a separate source claiming Wohl targeted them on a different scam recently provided the Dot.

Bouvet told the Dot he had no idea Wohl was putting his name on the agreement and hadn’t believed that the deal was even going to happen after the initial call.

“I had nothing to do with any of this,” Bouvet said, later adding. “I didn’t think anybody would send that amount of money.”

Mhaske says he arranged to have $50,000 wired to Wohl that day. He provided the Dot with an outgoing wire transfer form confirming this.

At first, he says Wohl asked for it to be sent to his business account; a half-hour later, blaming the time difference between California and D.C., he asked for them to send it to his personal account so he could confirm receipt. TANA sent the money.

Things fell apart pretty quickly after that.

Early the next morning, the first day of the conference, Mhaske texted Wohl for a status update. Wohl reassured him that Kirk and Trump Jr. were confirmed and that the president would be there on July 5.

“He said, ‘Don’t worry, you are in good hands,’” Mhaske said.

Then Mhaske saw an Instagram picture of Trump Jr. fishing in Cape Cod. Concerned, he called Wohl back.

“I said, ‘Jacob what are you talking about, he’s not in D.C., he’s on some island fishing,’” Mhaske recalled.

Wohl scarcely faltered. He promised Mhaske he’d check with his team and told him to call back in an hour.

“Then he switched off his phone, so I was not able to reach him,” Mhaske said.

Mhaske kept texting and texting, to no avail. Eventually, two hours later, Wohl texted that he’d spoken with Kirk and that he and Trump Jr. were going to show. Mhaske called him out for lying and fibbed that a friend of his had confirmed with Trump Jr. that he was not in town and had no clue about the conference.

Wohl, he says, then said he’d send the $50,000 back.

While he waited for the refund, Mhaske did some digging, for the first time learning about Wohl’s previous scams, lies, and epic fails. Alarmed, he texted Wohl and told him to make sure to send the money.

“We got cheated by some 20-year-old kid,” 39-year-old Mhaske said incredulously. (Wohl is 21.)

Wohl responded that he’d told his secretary to return their money and told him to check his account every hour. The money didn’t come.

Mhaske says Wohl then tried to cover his tracks and blame him by contacting people from TANA and claiming that he’d already sent the money. Early July 5, the president of TANA called him to say that Wohl had reached out to say he’d returned the money.

“Jacob went to the organization website, got phone numbers, called them and told them that ‘Deelip might call you guys and say that I didn’t give the money back,’” he said.

Mhaske called Wohl out on his lie, he says, and Wohl again blamed the bank.

Mhaske says that this saga has affected his standing with TANA. “I had built this trust over so many years, and because of this guy I lost it,” he said.

Mhaske next enlisted Bouvet’s help. Bouvet says he was floored to see his name on the agreement.

“I had no idea the thing was happening, I didn’t know a deal was being made,” he told the Dot. “Obviously [Wohl] has no morals, no values, and is just a very disgusting person.”

Both men said that Bouvet worked tirelessly to get the money back, calling and texting Wohl to no avail. “I love Deelip because he’s a really good guy,” Bouvet said. “Knowing that this guy is spending his money that he didn’t earn made me kind of sick to my stomach.”

The two reached out to David Wohl, who they said told his son to return the money. (David Wohl did not return a message seeking confirmation; the outgoing message on the phone number Mhaske provided to the Dot says “this is attorney David Wohl.”)

After his father got involved, Wohl returned half the money, $25,000. The rest, Wohl claimed was being held up by the bank. By then, Mhaske didn’t believe a word he said.

To convince him, Wohl sent him a video of himself on the phone with a “Citibank customer service ‘asking about the status of a wire transfer.

In the video, the agent says that the money had not been transferred. Wohl gets upset, says that it was a refund to a client. The agent then tells him that the bank is processing transfers as they come in. “We do have an hour and a half to work on them,” the agent says. Again Wohl complains about the hassle.

“My client thinks I’m trying to rip him off or something,” Wohl says.

The agent then tells Wohl that someone will call him to confirm the transfer.

Mhaske said that the $25,000 never came. It appears that the video is another of Wohl’s tricks. The phone number displayed on his cell phone is that of Citibank customer service, but Wohl never says where the wire was being sent, or how much it was for.

Wohl then broke off contact. Later he blocked Mhaske’s number.

Soon thereafter, Wohl popped up on Instagram smoking a big cigar.

“Hopefully he goes to prison for a long time. Maybe that would be the best wake up call,” Bouvet said.

Mhaske is now filing suit against Wohl. He said his attorney is attempting to serve him with notice of the suit. He has also spoken with authorities, but hasn’t decided whether to pursue criminal charges.

“Officers need to stop him. He’s going to make someone’s life really, really miserable.” Mhaske said.

Update 2:06pm CT, Aug. 23: After publication, Mhaske reached out to amend the figure Wohl owed him. Wohl returned $30,000, and still owes him $20,000.


True & Honest Fan

Police are seeking to arrest pro-Trump troll Jacob Wohl, who is subject to a felony warrant issued by a Californian court.

The warrant pertains to a criminal complaint submitted on Aug. 19 to Riverside Superior Court alleging that both Wohl and an old business associate Matthew Johnson unlawfully sold securities when working for Wohl’s financial company. The warrant was first reported by the Daily Beast.

If arrested, it is recommended that they each be held on $5,000 bail.

“In 2016 Jacob Wohl and Matthew Johnson represented themselves as members of a company called Montgomery Assets,” the warrant says. “On July 27, 2016 through August 27, 2016, Jacob Wohl and Matthew Johnson offered for sale unqualified securities in violation of California Corporations Code 25110.”

The activities have a three-year statute of limitations, meaning this was the last month charges could be filed against Wohl.

The criminal charges Wohl now faces relate to his time working as a “financier” whose dodgy schemes and activities had already landed him fines and legal trouble.

Wohl first made headlines in 2018 as a prominent pro-Trump social media personality for his hipster coffee shop tweets, a repeated format of his in which he claimed to find enthusiastic Trump supporters in trendy downtown Los Angeles’ cafes.

Wohl soon fell in with conspiracy theorist and lobbyist Jack Burkman. The two hatched multiple politically-motivated campaigns to defame and smear left-wing lawmakers or those they perceived to be political opponents to Trump.

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