Dramacow Jadedalicorn/zenimoonchild/silverunicornprinces - A brony drama whore with a victim complicates. Its the sjws


Your local mermaid fucker
Jadedalicorn I posted about her in my now dead MMD thread. I think its about time for her to get her own thread.

meet Jadedalicorn
is around 30
is engaged
acts like a high school girl who likes to spread rumors about people they hate
calls people she don't like a SJW
calls taking model parts rape
hides peoples comments
plays the victim card
she whinnes about sjws attacking for being a brony when called out
tends to delete her post
claims screenshots of her post are photoshopped (archive her stuff)
she will block you for
calling her out
saying her calling ripping apart models rape is inappropriate
telling her to give credit

Jaded also takes other peoples work from different sites like bowlroll (website for japs) and uploads them to her own da.
jaded recently got into some drama with a weeb who downloaded an armour set from the original jap sight.





[/this base looks like a bow up doll


"real life yaoi antatomy"
"shes seen some shit"]


her da http://jadedalicorn.deviantart.com
other da http://mikupirate.deviantart.com
her tumblr https://jadedalicorn.tumblr.com/
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Someone did a callou of them on tumblr


They wanted her removed from DeviantArt, too.
JadedAlicorn - aka MikuPirate or Elizabeth Hunt, is a huge drain on the MMDC and just a rotten person in general. @DeviantART staff delete her please. Sign this petition so we can work towards a Jaded-free world.

Their other Deviant Art

Here is some old drama
Someone called her out
I have you blocked. I know you will see this anyways. Because it seems like you are still not over me even thought I didn't mentioned or even thought about you in like days. I was and am done with this thing. So I will just make it public.

I will not anymore go any further in that topic. Just some things.

1. I'm a woman for god sakes. I already said it the last time.
2. I didn't contacted you. You came to me again by sending a friend to me and I even said there I don't care.
3. Do what ever you want.
4. If you are so much better well wow great girl. Go and get yourself a present for that?
5. Your friend is pretty much downloading models, upload them her/himself and that is actually stealing. Just saying.

That is all what I will now say about this. If you keep going I will not react more to it. I thought you would have learned as you deleted your old Journals. But it was sadly not like that.

I'm done with you, with this thing. And I wish you good luck and much fun with your super amazing Model.

P.S.: Thanks to Kami I just noticed ... "he act his shoe size" ...
Do you know that I'm german so my shoe size is actually 39 ...?

She responded
well I been posting about daschui

and they keep on making my point for me

they send people to attack me even after they blocked me
it seems devaintart does not care if another user bullying the other

no big news there

they go about picking out my bad spelling
and even the part of the world I live in
correction not everyone in the good old USA has bad spelling and grammer
but they want to make it about the whole place

also noted they sent people to attack me
this is how most of the bullies on devaintart do things

they keep on posting image grabs of my post here
its like they like to keep it going

they say there stoped and are over with it but please your nothing but a liar and a big joke
they will end up posting this also because they want to keep on going

I find them sad and well not much fun thats all they can do to keep the drama going

they send there friends and I figured them out real quick like
it all depends on my little test it worked there nothing more than a drama troll who sends there
so called friends to attack you

its allways over some thing stupid and my point has been made

sure I may have bad spelling but I know that I do not need to steal anyones work
by the way that goes for my anna model its mine and I do not need any more of the drama trolls
being sent my way you will be blocked

She's had numerous accounts on dA, one named uberdivaprincess as well. She has gone by Elizabeth Hunt and Ashly Hunt.
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Your local mermaid fucker
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looks like shes been doxxed

Username/s/: Jadedalicorn

Name: Nicole Hunt

City: Omak

Zip/Postal: 98841

State/Province: WA

Country: USA

Home Address: 285 Omak River Rd Omak WA 98841-9673

Phone number: 509-422-8622

Website: www.facebook.com/nicole.hunt.7…




Archived the journal entry in case it gets taken down.

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