JAIMAS PLAYS A TERRIBLE GAME: BLOOD PACT - ....in which transgender porn and improper adjective use leads to comic gold

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Jun 27, 2014
When goodly @CatParty asked me to review Ana Valens' recently-created trans porn game, Blood Pact, his doing so, I feel, was equal parts irony and a desire to see some genuinely mockery-worthy content. It helps that Valens was sperging out hardcore about Cyberpunk 2077, arguing that it was somehow offensive against or exploitative of transgendered people - while at the same fucking time, releasing what was honest-to-god trans porn, and from what other Kiwis had told me of her writing style, there was no way anything I could write about this would result in anything other than the funniest shit we'd seen in days. Making some arrangements, I grabbed a bottle of Corvossieur, booted up the twine link, and prepared myself for an experience which would test how well the Farms had inured me to such horrors.

If nothing else, I had the distinct impression that this would provide hilarious insights into Ana Valens' mental state. Let's challenge. Site loads up, and.....


.....It crashed immediately because Brave hates Twine. Part of me hoped that this was not an isolated occurence, but then Firefox managed to run it, and I was confronted with this:


....I'm not afraid to admit I made a similar face to the character in front when I saw this.
I stared at the "I am 18+ and agree" button, knowing only horror lay beyond this point.

This is my only warning to those who ignored the tag and proceeded beyond into this thread: Your last chance to bail is coming up. I will not think less of you for doing so, believe me. It's not too late to save yourself. If you wonder what I mean by that, please take notice of that first line: of any real-life aspects being coincidental. For reference, here is an image of what Ana Valens actually looks like:


The implication, 30 seconds in, is that the demon in this work of smut is modeled after her.
Consider this your last chance to bail. Otherwise salt the earth and burn the fields, for we tilt into hell itself.


Alexa sighed as she fumbled with her keys, waving goodbye to the last stragglers heading out before the library closed for the night. Exam season was close, it was getting colder by the day, and the college had already shut off the heat 15 minutes before midnight. She pulled a red hoodie over her shaggy black bob cut, muttering to herself about the cheapskates running her public university. Yes, they could afford a new seven-story freshman dorm, but godforbid they kept the student employees warm.

Alexa didn’t mean to be such a whiner. These late night shifts were getting to her. She missed the way her ex would make hot chocolate and stay up late with her as the fall turned to winter. Emily always listened so patiently as Alexa talked about work, school, graduating, even being a chicana trans woman with a not-so-accepting family. More than ever, Alexa yearned for her girlfriend’s body pressed against hers, trans girl to trans girl, the two dozing off to sleep.

Sadness crept through Alexa’s chest. She knew what was next after this. She’d go back to her apartment, cry into her pillow, read some queer witchy porn zine she bought off Gumroad, and jerk it until she passed out.

In other words, just another Friday night.

All right, so we're exactly one page into this smut-fic and we already can determine several things about the character we've found ourselves with, Ana as a writer, and about this setting. First of all, a collegiate trans with a not-accepting family. So what we can immediately gather is that this character, like its writer, is a Troon.

It's especially obvious because they literally have no characteristics put forth except trans, oppressed, and horny.

Alexa worked her way through each of the library’s floors, tidying up loose books and shutting off the fluorescent lights humming through the stacks. Although she worked the front desk, the library had four floors, and it was her responsibility to close up the basement last. That was the special collections section. Alexa always wondered what was inside, but only a select few instructors had permission to browse through it. Not even student employees were allowed in without losing their jobs. And given how cushy this one was, it wasn’t worth it.

So like the past dozen Fridays, Alexa walked down to the basement door, shuffled through her keyring, and grabbed a thick, brown key for the basement’s rusty lock. It smelled like pennies, and the stench always lingered on her hands afterward. She slid the key into the lock when she heard a muffled sound through the door.

“Hey,” a voice said, “is anyone out there?”

The noise startled Alexa. She wasn't used to anyone in the library this late, let alone all the way down here. “Hey, who’s there? Do you need help?” she asked.

“I’m trapped under a pile of books,” the person said, panicked. “One of the shelves fell in here, I can’t move.”

Oh fuck. That tone, that inflection. She’d recognize that raspy voice anywhere. “Emily!” Alexa cried. “Oh my god. Do you need me to call 911?”

“Just come in here!” Emily pleaded. “Please, it’s really bad.”

“OK, keep calm. I’m coming.”

Alexa turned the key and shoved the door open, bolting into the room. The stench of mildew and old musty leather wafted through the air as the hallway’s fluorescents lit the entrance. She ran a hand against the cold basement wall, shivering as she fumbled for a light switch.

Suddenly, the door slammed behind her. Alexa rushed over and tried to shove it back open, but it refused to budge. That’s right, the room was built to lock from the inside, and she left the key in the handle. She was trapped.

Part of me was hoping we were in a Bluebeard situation and she'd come upon the bloodless corpses of a thousand trannies murdered by the Farms, but then I realized we were in the middle of the setup for a smut situation and the entire way this was going to pan out was right in front of me: Emily was fucking around with something she shouldn't have, the college has occult books for reasons, someone's going to get possessed, and it's going to graduate into grotesque butt-sex.

Let's see if we're right or not.

“Goddamnit,” Alexa said. “Hey Emily, are you still in here?” She was met with silence. It was pitch black now, impossible for Alexa to see her hands, let alone her feet. She pulled out her smartphone and tapped its screen, but no light came on. That’s right. Her phone died hours ago.

“Emily, please answer me. Are you okay?”

Something was wrong. Alexa took baby steps, feeling out where her ex could be. There were tall shelves made out of steel throughout the room, the kind without a back to support the books. She gripped onto them for support, moving from one shelf to another to stay grounded. The room was so stuffy and dusty that just walking forward felt uncomfortable.

“Emily, for the love of god,” she cried. “I can’t bear to lose you.” Once again, no response.

Alexa’s feet shook as she feared the worst. She grabbed onto two shelves’ metal frames, one hand on each, and took her next step forward. But the racks wobbled back and forth with her grasp, throwing Alexa off-balance. Her feet slipped, and the shelves toppled over, dragging Alexa to the floor with them.

A loud crash echoed through the room as both cases slammed to the ground. Then another fell. Then another. Papers scattered as heavy, leather-bound books rained onto Alexa, bruising her stomach, her arms, even her head. The basement must’ve been much more cramped than she thought.

Alexa pushed and shoved books off her body until she could finally move her arms and legs again. To her surprise, she caught something shiny and bright in the corner of her eye. A large, light blue tome with golden lettering sparkled on top of a fallen pile of ancient texts. It illuminated the room just enough so that Alexa could see in front of her. With her smartphone dead, the cover would make a perfect impromptu flashlight.

Crawling on her hands and knees gave Alexa just enough room to grab the book, which she quickly dusted with her sleeve. Its title read “The Codex of Felanya,” and underneath it was a silhouette of a human head with horns. The front was cracked and weathered like it was centuries old, perhaps even older than the school itself. It reminded her of those illuminated manuscripts her teachers would show in Sunday School. Except those didn’t radiate light. This one did.

Alexa picked up the tome, feeling its heavy weight as she tried to open it. Sharp, hot pain flashed across her fingers, and she recoiled. The codex’s pages had slashed her skin and left a flurry of paper cuts all over her hand. Blood dripped onto the book’s cover, splattering the leather binding and staining the texture.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Alexa said. Bleeding on the rare collection items was the last thing she needed now.

But something peculiar happened on the book’s front. Her blood moved of its own accord across the cover and filled the humanlike head. It gave off a burning red light that threw heat onto Alexa’s body. Sweat collected on her brow as the stain became brighter and brighter, outright blinding Alexa. She bent over and covered her eyes, but the silhouette’s burning touch continued to pierce through her, from the tips of her fingers all the way to her belly.

Alexa wondered if she had lost her sight. But she hadn’t. Just as fast as the warmth came, it went. She opened her eyes and looked frantically around the room. Amid the fallen shelves and books, Emily was nowhere to be found.

....Yep, proceeding exactly as I suspected it would. Hope one of you picks up that phone, because I FUCKING CALLED IT!

Look, protip to all aspiring smut-writers out there: there is never a bad time to put effort in. If your entire story is literally something that's been done in porn for generations, maybe take steps to make it less obvious, or at least do something interesting or unique with it. This isn't it. When you put in that your protagonist jerks it to transgender witch porn on the first page, setups like this are fucking obvious. Fine if the only thing you're trying to do is make spank material, but if you're going to do something like this, why not bring your A-Game? You can make better porn. You can put some heart into it. Whatever you do, don't do this, where there's zero buildup and zero characterization and no attempt to do anything clever going in.

I've seen lemon slash-fiction written about this forum's members with more elegant setups than this. Fucking hell.


Five orange, shining orbs floated against the walls, draping the basement in a low candlelight. Alexa watched the tome's pages flip violently through the air as an enormously tall woman arose from its confines. Blood poured down her body like rivers on a map, trailing to her toes and disappearing into nothingness, exposing her half-naked body underneath. She hovered just above the codex, flexing her hands, testing her newly freed muscles.

Alexa couldn’t believe her eyes. The woman’s light blue skin glistened as she hovered, her elbows bent forward, her arms outstretched. Short, wavy, silver hair framed her narrow face, her bangs parted on each side from her forehead to her cheeks. Her eyes were strangely humanlike, and yet, they seemed otherworldly; they were shrouded in dark black with irises as light as lambs' wool. And above each of her ears, two ram horns curled into a C-shaped spiral. Both were thick at the base and turned into small, narrow points at their ends.

Alexa quivered as she looked up at the mysterious visitor. She struggled to grasp the scene in front of her, unsure if she was awake or caught in a disturbing dream.

“A pleasure to meet you,” the woman said, her low, commanding voice booming through the room. “Thank you for releasing me.”

“Wait, I released you?” Alexa asked. “What did I do? And where’s Emily?”

“Safe,” the strange being replied. “Let us chat, shall we?”

Alexa took a closer look at the woman’s form. Her smooth, bare collar sloped invitingly to her round, perky breasts, contained only under a pair of white bandages. Her torso was muscular and well defined, complete with toned abs adorning her belly. And then there was her shapely pelvis, which culminated in another set of bandages, this time hiding her mound.

“I should explain,” the horned creature said. “I am indebted to you. You’ve done quite the favor for me.” The woman lifted her hand and raised the codex, which looked suspiciously like her own skin. “Your blood has rejuvenated me, binding my soul with my body once more. It was rather nourishing, might I add. You are rich with the very nutrient I crave.”

“Which is?”

The woman smirked. “Estrogen.”

A chill crept down Alexa’s back. This spirit was staring at her intensely, as if she was not just peering into Alexa’s eyes, but her soul, her very sense of being. Alexa’s heart pounded against her chest. This wasn’t a dream. It was very real.

I love that the demon-thing is covered with bandages and is quite obviously also a transwoman. There is zero effort being put forth there on that front, except that this appears to be a demon of transgenderdom, which may or may not confirm a long-held Kiwi Farms theory that troons are the work of the devil. That's not me making a terrible joke, either, the writing literally says this on the following page, emphasis mine in orange:

“Who are you? Or rather, what are you?” Alexa asked.

“My name is Felanya,” the woman told her. “I am a succubus.”

“Wait, what—?”

“Do not interrupt me,” Felanya’s voice echoed. “I am speaking, and you shall give me your full attention.”

Alexa shut her mouth.

“Good girl,” the succubus said. “Over a thousand years ago, I spawned from humanity’s hidden and repressed desires, forming the very thing which they hated: a woman. A phallic woman, Alexa.

“You know my name?”

Felanya raised her hand up high. The bloody mark on the tome shined brightly, blinding Alexa. “Of course I know. I know everything about you,” she told her. “We are not that different, you and I. Look.” Felanya’s hands rested on her hips and flanked a round, feminine bulge. It protruded ever so slightly from her pelvis, enough to miss if one hadn’t noticed, but impossible to avoid after being pointed out.

A warm, tingling sensation shot through Alexa’s chest and trickled down from her belly to between her thighs. On the one hand, she feared what this succubus or whatever was capable of doing. Being Catholic will do that to you. But on the other, the longer she stared, the more she couldn’t help but think how this woman’s body was a trans body. And by God, she was gorgeous.

“Look at you,” Felanya giggled. “Your eyes look so enamored. Oh yes, you’ll make the perfect little plaything, won’t you?”

“Plaything? That’s so forward!”

Felanya smirked. “Don’t be foolish. When I was first conceived, phallic women across the land would seek me out, desiring my body. I would dress them in the richest carnal pleasures in exchange for their unyielding devotion.”

The succubus moved closer to Alexa, their faces just inches apart. She smelled fruity and sweet, like strawberries and cherries. Alexa struggled to look away.

“I was worshipped like a god,” Felanya continued. “I gave ceaseless gratification, the kind a mere mortal could only dream of. Forward? You don’t even know what it means to be desired.”

I have several Questions.gif

So let's unpack the above word-vomit: This demon was born because humans hate dickgirls.

That is literally the most retarded thing I've read in a Let's Sperg for this website, and I played through Hackers vs Banksters. There are entire 2ch-style imageboards devoted solely to such content. There's entire communities devoted to such content. When it comes to drawn porn alone, it's such a common fetish on certain websites that it's barely even questioned. And it's not just drawn porn, either, the entire Troon community as a whole is infamous for pushing transwomen towards sex work for the sake of feeding fetishists. It's one of those unpleasant little things the troon community likes to pretend isn't the case, because it's directly tied to the fact that trans people murdered in the US are fucking killed in such work.

If Ana breaks out the usual talking points, I'll grind this one further into the ground, but for now, I want to know on what planet transwomen have more estrogen than actual women do.

I mean, it’s true that Alexa was a trans girl, and there weren’t many people out there to love her body. But there was Emily, not to mention some of the girls from the old support group. Who was this woman to tell her she wasn’t a good catch?

“When we used to cuddle, my ex-girlfriend would tell me I knew how to treat her right,” Alexa said nervously.

The succubus laughed. “Oh, you naive little girl. Sure, you’ve been wanted. But you’ve never had another woman crave your flesh with all her might, have you? I know that look in your eyes. You’re desperate for more than just a feminine touch. You want to kneel. You want to serve. You want to submit to something—or someone—far greater than you.”

Felanya lifted a finger to Alexa’s lips and pressed against it, softly, gently. It felt warm, soothing, even welcoming. Alexa was lost for words.

“So tell me,” Felanya whispered into her ear. “Do you want to partake in your deepest, darkest fantasies, pretty thing? I’ll let you. And all it takes is one word: ‘yes.’”

A hot flash crept across Alexa’s face, spreading from her lips to the very bottom of her toes. She could feel her crotch ache with excitement and anticipation as her shoulders grew limp, her cheeks flushed, her breasts heavy.

“My touch,” Felanya purred, “is irresistible. Don’t refuse what you know you need.”

Alexa’s clit strained against her panties as her wetness seeped onto the fabric. She could not refuse the succubus’ call.

“Felanya,” Alexa moaned.


“Kiss me,” she said. “Please.”

“Very well.”

Felanya’s warm lips caressed Alexa’s mouth as she ran her fingers down the girl’s face, across her jaw, wandering to the back of her neck and all the way to her hair. Alexa could hardly contain herself. She leaned into Felanya’s chest, which felt so soft, so supple, so bountiful against her own bosom. It complimented her kisses: Long, drawn out, passionate, they started gentle at first, then quickly grew more voracious. Felanya, Alexa realized, was just as hungry as her.

“Don’t stop,” Alexa pleaded.

“Is that so?”


But Felanya pulled away, tugging on the girl’s bottom lip.


Felanya clicked her tongue. “Goddess.”

“Goddess. I need more.”

“You’ll get more when I’m ready.”

But Alexa couldn’t wait. She wanted Felanya now. The succubus could tell just by looking at the unmistakable tent pitched on her crotch. Felanya floated in midair and laughed, enjoying every minute of her pet’s breathless pleas.

“Oh my, my, my, what have we here?” she sneered. “You’ve never had lips kiss you like that before? What a pity.”

Alexa shook her head. “I can’t control myself. I’ll do anything for your body, just please don’t stop.”

.....Idle question: when did it become SOP for trannies to refer to their dicks as clits? Don't answer that, I'll sleep better tonight for never having known.
At any rate, it seems we're about to race into smutland. Fairly warned be ye.

Idly, the scenario has proceeded forwards exactly as I said it would several pages ago, and I didn't read this at all before this article. Fun!

Felanya raised a hand to Alexa’s face and trailed her fingers across the girl’s cheek. “Just as I thought,” she said. “We are compatible.”

“What do you mean?”

“Those phallic women who are ripe for worshipping me have a special bond with my form,” Felanya told her. “My touch is, how shall I put this, an aphrodisiac to these women.”

“Wait,” Alexa said, squeezing her legs together. “Are you purposefully turning me on?”

“Well, when you put it like that...” Felanya laughed. “Is it so wrong? You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

“I mean—”

“Aren’t you?” Felanya shoved her hands underneath Alexa’s hoodie, cupping her breasts against her tank top. The girl cried aloud, struggling to form words as she panted with every grasp of her goddess’ touch. “Yes, good girl,” Felanya whispered. “Lose yourself. Become mine.”

I understand this content is now banned from Pinterest. I'm not going anywhere with this, I just find it hilarious, and presumably several of you will as well.

The invitation was too good to pass up. Alexa buckled against Felanya’s force and moaned. Her goddess read the cue. She explored Alexa’s chest with her one hand as the other worked its way to her back, holding her in place as if she were a doll that needed to be handled delicately.

“Your outer layer,” Felanya demanded. “Take it off.”

Alexa complied. She quickly slipped off her hoodie, revealing the slight cleavage peeking out from under her tank top. Her tits pushed tautly against the shirt’s fabric, just barely keeping her breasts from pouring out onto Felanya’s fingers. This proved much too tempting for the succubus, who wrapped her hands around Alexa’s chest and caressed her hardening nipples.

“Just the right size and form,” the succubus praised her plaything. “They’re perfect. I can’t remember the last time I had a worshipper as beautiful as you.”

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“Of course. I knew I had to have you the moment I saw you.”

Alexa shivered. This succubus thought she was… sexy? Just the thought of being worshipped made her even more turned on. She stretched her body out against the wall, exposing her long, slender neck to her goddess.

“Trying to tempt me?” Felanya cooed, teasing the girl’s bare skin with a stray finger. “Oh, you’re much sluttier than you let on, pet.”


About ten pages in, I realize this isn't really a game. Not really. It has no interactivity or player choice and it's hilariously light on images. thought I put a moratorium on putting non-interactive experiences in JPATG, but in my race to mock this for you, I violated my own rules. Well, fuck it, we're 12 pages deep into girldicks and demons, so I'ma keep going. The writing's slightly better than most JPATG fodder, but this isn't being put on the bottom ten list unless it manages to fuck up spectacularly.

But there is one area that this shit-show has managed to be endlessly entertaining for me for about four pages now. Like no joke, I've been laughing my ass off at it, and I'm sure some of you missed it. Don't worry, I'll share it with you, and once I do, I'm going to make this entire thing a fuck of a lot more entertaining for all involved, I promise. But first, a little bit of a side-story from my youth. Don't worry, it's relevant.

So back when I was in high school, one of my english teachers had a teacher's assistant and she was kind of a dumb bitch. She was, however, responsible for one of the funniest things I'd ever heard back then, when she was doing a demo report on the Legend of Heracles. During the report, the aide, master of the english language that she was (the sort who would pronounce the word "sword" the way it was spelled), relied a bit too hard on ye olde thesaurus, and it may have taken her down a rather tragic road - tragic for her, but hilarious for everyone else. She was clearly looking for adjectives similar to "heroic," and some brilliant motherfucker someplace at Houghton Mifflin steered her into using the word "phallic." So at this point, she goes on about how Heracles was a very phallic individual and suddenly she's giving me the stink-eye because I'm laughing my rear end off. She kept doing it, too, and I was struggling not to bust out laughing again. Seven times in, I failed to stifle it again and she gave me in-school suspension for the day.

The key to the humor here is the word phallic itself. It doesn't mean what my teacher aide thought it meant.
It also sure as hell doesn't mean what Ana thinks it does. So when the succubus refers to herself and other trannies as "Phallic Women," Oxford demonstrates why you should be chuckling:

Phal·lic: Adjective - Resembling a phallus, or erect penis.

I'm sure that Ana meant "women with penises," but that isn't what she wrote - she wrote women who look like penises.


Fine, perhaps she would be a slut. Alexa arched her neck and moaned, working every delicate little muscle in her throat. Just feeling her goddess run her hands down such a sensitive spot flustered her in a way she could never imagine.

Felanya was just as enamored with her worshipper. After all, her pet’s neck was so warm, so soft, so… inviting. How could she not enjoy it? She trailed a fang across its side, leaving a light red mark on the surface.

“Does it make you quiver when I press my teeth against your skin?” Felanya whispered. Goosebumps rose against her touch. “No need to answer. I already know.”

Felanya drew her mouth to the girl’s taut neck and clamped down, biting just inches from her pet’s throat. Her teeth left Alexa with a sharp, tingling pain that raced down her collar and straight to her belly.

“Goddess!” she squealed.

Felanya pressed into Alexa as she bit down again, harder, longer. Bite after bite formed across Alexa’s neck like a black-and-purple collar, declaring Felanya’s ownership over her sub. The marks ached whenever Felanya kissed them, licked them, reminding Alexa who she belonged to. She certainly wouldn’t forget.

“You like it when I’m rough with you, worshipper?” the succubus giggled mischievously.

“Oh god, yes,” Alexa cried. “Just feeling your arms pin me in place drives me insane.”

“You’re just so innocent,” Felanya said with a smirk. “I feel like I’m corrupting you. Won’t that be a pity for the rest of the girls you’ll be with? If I just use your body like a little toy?”

Alexa squirmed in compliance. She wasn’t opposed to the idea, really.

“I bet you’d like to feel what’s between these powerful legs of mine. Would you, pet?”

The girl nodded, struggling to breathe.

“You’ll have to earn it. Do you think you can?”

“Please let me, Goddess,” Alexa begged.

Felanya pulled away and smiled. “Very well. Be warned, you haven’t even seen an ounce of what I’m capable of, Alexa. Some of me wonders if your mortal body could even handle it.”

Alexa drew her thighs together and squeezed her engorged clit. All sense of reason, logic, self-preservation was long gone by now. Her body was hungry for every inch of Felanya’s flesh. She needed it the same way she needed food, water, and sleep.

So now we get hot-and heavy as the two disembodied penises grind sweatily together (because this is what Ana wrote), making awkward dialogue that's been seen in like 140 different works. I swear to god, if I see a "your body doesn't lie," I'm going to end this review at exactly that point and spam out-of-context lines from hentai manga for the rest of this review.

“Now, we’re only just getting started,” Felanya began. “You’ve been receiving all of my attention. It’s your turn to give back to me.”

“How should I?” Alexa asked.

“Strip for me. Now.”

Alexa threw off her tank top, exposing a tight, black bralette underneath. She immediately ran her hands to her grey jeans in a desperate attempt to rip them off. Before she got the chance, Felanya gripped her wrists and held them tightly.

“No,” she said softy, sultry. “Slowly. I want to enjoy seeing every inch of you unravel for me, my little present.”

Alexa nodded and got to work. She shimmied her hips as her fingers snaked down her chest and along her belly, wandering all the way to her pants. Slowly, gingerly, she undid the button and slid the zipper down, exposing her white-and-blue striped panties underneath. Her hips curved like a bell to her thighs, which were supple and chubby. Clearly, Alexa wasn’t much of a gym rat, not that Felanya minded.

“Very good girl,” the succubus said. “What a delicious tribute.”

Felanya’s eyes traced Alexa’s gyrating hips, taking in their sway as the girl gradually pulled down her jeans. It was only then that Felanya truly got the chance to appreciate Alexa’s bulge. Her burgeoning cock yearned for release as Felanya’s final gift.

“So,” Alexa said. “What do you think?”

Felanya bent over, looked Alexa right in the eyes, and trailed her fingers across the girl’s inner thighs. Her pet moaned and trembled as Felanya worked her way closer and closer to her bulge. Modesty was long gone for Alexa by now. She alignined her taint with Felanya’s hand, practically begging to be played with.

“So eager for your goddess’ embrace,” the succubus teased. “Any more forwardness and you won’t get the chance to enjoy the fruits of my nethers.”

“Goddess, of course! I’m so sorry,” Alexa said, her face flushed. “Please forgive me, I’m just so excited for you.”

Felanya drew closer to Alexa’s hardness, fingering her small, feminine balls with a slow come-hither motion. “And here I was thinking you couldn’t get any hungrier for me,” she purred.

The goddess bit her lip and eyed her newfound pet’s exposed body. Slim but curvy, the slight chub on her tummy and thighs looked even cuter with half of her clothes off. And then there was her erection. It was so soft, yet so big, as if the lightest touch would spill its juices all over the floor. Yes, this worshipper was ready to begin the next—and final—phase of the Blood Pact.

“You’ve been such an obedient little plaything,” Felanya said, “and I appreciate your presence very much. But you’ve only seen a taste of my abilities.”

“Just a taste?”

“Alexa,” Felanya continued, “I demand more than just your body. As a succubus and a goddess, I desire intimacy. Obedience. Devotion. In other words, I need disciples.”

“You want me to start a new religion with you?” Alexa asked. “I mean, you know, being Catholic and all, it’s not like I can just jump ship—”

“Alexa,” Felanya interrupted, “I am not merely a succubus. I am the Goddess of the Blood Pact of the Phallic Temptress. When you spilled your blood upon my codex, our souls bonded together. That bond will only last until our time tonight is through. But if you complete the pact before our evening comes to a close, I will let you attain the most secret, hedonistic pleasures of flesh and blood well beyond those known to mortals.”

We're rocketing towards troon buttsecks land, and there's honestly not a hell of a lot for me to mock here other than the prose, content, and complete lack of effort. What I do find strange is that by all accounts, Ana got six images for this little porn-session, and we've seen at least three of them, if not four. Which means we only have two to three more images and god only knows how many pages of this to go.

Courage, Kiwis.

Alexa shivered. A midnight encounter was one thing. But to devote your life to a domineering succubus? That was a tall ask. And yet, Alexa’s loneliness was becoming too much to bear. No amount of queer porn could fill the ache she had for a lover that could nurture her, guide her, take care of her.

True, Alexa couldn’t tell if she was acting of her own free will or under Felayna’s spell. Perhaps she was just desperate to get laid. But then again, it would be divine to serve such a powerful, beautiful trans goddess, one who could teach her the hidden secrets of her erotic longings. All she had to do was bond, as it were, through this Blood Pact.

“Felanya,” Alexa finally said. “Are you really a goddess?”

Felanya nodded.

“This goes against everything I know. Everything I tried to unlearn.”

“Oh, don’t tell me you’ve tricked yourself into thinking there isn’t a world beyond your earthly coil,” the goddess told her.

“I mean,” Alexa trailed off. “I can’t believe you’re real. That this is real. It doesn’t make sense.”

Felanya grabbed Alexa’s chin and held her gaze with those deep, black pupils. “I don’t need you to believe,” she replied. “All you need is to see, pet. And if you choose to follow me, you will see. You will peer beyond the mortal realm and into a world far beyond human knowledge. All of my power will be yours, and you will bring every woman you desire to her knees.”

....All right, so this one implies several things - namely that our protagonist either wants to bang natal women, or wants trannies to be the only women. It's kind of hard to say which is more distressing.

Alexa shook her head. “You can’t just expect me to believe all that. Please Felanya, give me some proof.”

“Enough of this,” Felanya said, tightening her grip. “I am your goddess, not your one-night stand. You will obey me.”

Felanya snapped her fingers. A powerful echo reverberated through the room, loud and shrill like a drummer pounding against a snare. It rattled Alexa’s skull and left her with a nasty headache. Then it stopped.

Suddenly, Alexa felt cold and exposed. She looked down. To her surprise, her bralette no longer dug into her chest and stomach. Instead, her breasts were left bare, her nipples hardening in Felanya’s presence. So did her clit. Wet droplets glistened on the tip and dripped to the floor as Alexa grew longer and redder, practically aching to be touched. She immediately threw her hands to her crotch, only to feel her limbs suspended in midair.

“Do not resist me,” Felanya commanded. “Embrace me. Worship me.”

“This is insane!” Alexa cried. “This shouldn’t be possible, it can’t be.”

“And yet you’re so very turned on.” Felanya's eyes trailed toward Alexa’s clit, gazing longingly at the ever-growing wetness leaking onto her thighs. “Already making a mess of yourself? We’re only just getting started.”

“Oh fuck, how are you doing this?” Alexa squealed. “No. Fuck it. If you really are a goddess, and you can treat me the way you’ve been treating me all night… I’ll do anything you tell me.”

.....The rational part of me wants to stop now.

The Kiwi component, the part that considers no shit too minor, wants to ask how the fuck a troon is allegedly dripping from sexual arousal, when the prospect that we may be facing a stink ditch situation looms large, making that component also want to flee and also maybe stockpile ammunition and incendiary weapons.

Felanya smiled. “I see you’ve finally come to your senses. If you are ready to begin the Blood Pact’s initiation, we can, pet,” she continued. “There’s only one thing to do to finalize our bond and make you my lead disciple.”

“What’s that?”

“We must share each others’ ejaculate,” Felanya told her. “Only through climaxing can you be my priestess, my harbinger, the leader of my order.”

Alexa gasped. “You’re going to make me cum?”

“And you’re going to devour my precious seed. But be warned. Once we begin, I will not go easy on you.”

“Felanya, I still don’t understand—”

“Did I give you permission to ask questions?” Felanya asked sternly.

“No, Goddess.”

The succubus wrapped an arm around the girl and pet her head. “You’ve been so very obedient tonight,” Felanya said, scratching behind Alexa’s ears. “Don’t stop now. You’ll be rewarded greatly if you submit to me.”

“I want to, Goddess.”

“Then let us come together and begin my reign anew.”

Felanya snapped her fingers again. This time, there were no reverberations or shaking. Alexa heard a sound like canvas ripping apart, and she watched as the bandages wrapped around Felanya’s breasts unraveled, exposing the blue skin underneath. Her chest was slightly pointy like Alexa’s, but it was also bigger, curvier, and more firm than her pet’s. As the bandages came undone, Alexa couldn’t help but stare at Felanya’s nipples, just a shade darker than her skin, waiting to be touched.

Felanya stood there, hands on her hips, her legs spread wide. “That isn’t all, pet,” she said. “Look down.”

Once again, the succubus’ bandages unwound. Her soft, large clit sprung forward, filling with blood as it hardened. It was much bigger than Alexa’s, yet it still looked as feminine as her own. Alexa was mesmerized by its emerging presence; she fantasized about stroking, grasping, perhaps even riding its length.

“Years of captivity and not an inch of muscle lost,” Felanya laughed, running two fingers across the tip. “Isn’t this just the prettiest little girlcock you’ve ever seen?”

“It is, Goddess,” Alexa said. “You’re enormous.”

“Get down on your knees,” Felanya ordered. “Kneel.”

I feel like this review needs a touch of class. Lucas King, if you'd kindly:

Let us collectively lament lost innocence, before we continue.

:bluelabel: :fapcup:

Take as many shots as desired.

Alexa didn’t need to be told twice. She fell on the ground and rested her hands in her lap, her head just barely as tall as her goddess’ clit. From below, Felanya looked massive. She grinned from ear to ear as her breasts billowed over her mountainous abs.

“What pretty little lips,” Felanya whispered. “And such a cute haircut too. What a shame I’ll have to ruin it.”

“What do you mean, Goddess?”

“Why do you think I made you go down on your knees?” Felanya grabbed Alexa’s cheek, shoving a finger into her pet’s lips. “You have a job to do.” The towering succubus stroked her shaft with her fist as her thumb glided across the top. She moaned under her breath, taking in the sensation as she became bigger, harder, and longer.

Alexa stared with wide open eyes. “Goddess, do you really want me this badly?”

“Enough speaking,” the succubus demanded, thrusting her cock into the girl’s mouth. “Get to work.”



Alexa wasted no time. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft, making out with the tip and licking its hole. Wetness gushed from the top like nectar, flooding Alexa’s taste buds with its fruity, sticky warmth.

“Mmpf,” she murmured, her mouth filled with her goddess’ cock. “Fffk.”

Felanya tilted her head back. “Those adorable little noises,” she purred. “Such a good girl. Don’t even think about stopping.”

She didn’t. Alexa drew Felanya deeper into her mouth, running her lips across the succubus’ thickness. She was already quite experienced with girldick, and so she refrained from sucking too hard; instead, Alexa bobbed her head in tune with Felanya’s rhythm as her goddess pounded deeper into her mouth.

“Look at you. Can you even fit any more, my eager cockslut?”

Alexa placed her hands on Felanya’s hips and pushed herself deeper onto her goddess’ erect clit. Precum dripped down her throat as Felanya slammed her pelvis against her cheeks, which only made Alexa more and more desperate to take her goddess’ shaft in full.

“Deeper, faster,” Felanya cried. “Take it all in, you little whore. Take it.”

It was true. Alexa was a whore, a slut. She was completely and utterly obsessed with her goddess’ dick, and she loved every second of it. Spit poured onto her breasts as Felanya’s cock rammed the back of her throat, pounding and pounding and pounding. Alexa couldn’t control herself now; she couldn’t even think straight. She was lost to the pleasure, regressing into just a hole for her goddess to fuck.

“Fuck, pet,” Felanya said, “Enjoying yourself down there?”

Alexa no longer made a single sound. In fact, she could barely breathe at all. Her voice, her body, her desire, they were all outside of her control now. Felanya looked down and noticed Alexa’s eyes rolling into the back of her head, her face turning scarlet. She knew she had fully broken in her sub, and so she delicately slid Alexa’s head off her cock.

Alexa dropped to the floor and sprawled on the ground as she sucked in air. Drool and precum dribbled onto her bare chest, her throat still aching from Felanya’s force. And yet she was still so incredibly aroused, so eager for her goddess, so willing to get down on her knees and take the object of her devotion in once again.

Felanya rested a hand on her sub’s back. “Alexa, dear,” she said. “How did you like serving your goddess?”

Alexa nodded, giving off a quiet, affectionate purr. “Fuck, it was so hot,” she coughed. “You literally pounded the shit out of me, Goddess, I—”

Felanya pressed a finger to Alexa’s lips. “I’m glad. Now, rest.”

.....Remember, dicks that taste like strawberries aren't for everyone.
Consult your doctor before using candypenises.

The succubus lowered herself to the floor and cuddled Alexa from behind. The two snuggled side-by-side together, orange candlelight bathing their bodies, blue skin against olive. With their eyes closed, their breathing slowed, time passed freely.

Alexa waited until her lungs no longer begged for release from her chest, and then she broke the silence. “Goddess?”


“I’m sorry.”

Felanya squeezed Alexa’s belly. “You have nothing to be sorry for. You are only mortal.”

“You aren’t mad? I really don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Oh Alexa,” Felanya laughed. “You’re such a selfless little pet.”

Felanya nuzzled her lips against Alexa’s neck, gently kissing the bites and bruises that made up her plaything’s makeshift collar. This Felanya was nothing like the cruel, domineering, overbearing succubus that seduced her. Now she was more like a friend, a partner. A lover, even.



“I… I think you’re really pretty. And I like you a real lot.”

Felanya ran a finger down Alexa’s hair, twisting it into a curl. “Why, thank you.”

“But why are you being so nice to me right now?”

“Aftercare is an important part of the rituals,” Felanya said.

“But before this you seemed kinda mean?”

“There is more to me than the throes of an evening’s delights.” Felanya slid her hand down Alexa’s hips. “Besides, I am merely giving you something you’ve always yearned for. Consider it a gift.”

Silence stretched between them. Alexa knew Felanya was right. She longed for a powerful woman like Felanya to swoop in and guide her, control her, make love to her. This succubus, this goddess, this temptress—whatever she was, she was special.
“Felanya, I think I want to be your follower,” Alexa told her. “I don’t fully understand it. And that scares me. But the way you look and feel, the way you touch me and how you fuck me. I can’t let that go.”

Felanya giggled. “You’d make a great disciple.”

“That’s really sweet of you to say,” Alexa said, blushing. “I actually, um, I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for all this worshipping stuff.”

“Of course you are, my precious little girl. If you wish to go on, then we can seal the pact.”

“All you need is my permission, right?”

Felanya cupped Alexa’s breasts and gently squeezed them. “Are you giving it to me, pet?”

She nodded, moaning at the succubus’ touch.

“Very well.”

Felanya slammed Alexa stomach-first onto the ground, straddled her, and covered her mouth. The goddess’ breasts pressed so tightly against Alexa that they pinned her to the ground, leaving her trapped, helpless, powerless. And it felt so fucking good.

“Look at you,” Felanya whispered into her ear. “Don’t you understand? It doesn't matter how much you struggle or scream. No one’s coming to help you, precious thing. You’re stuck here with me, all because you were greedy for my seed.”

Felanya groped Alexa’s tits and pinched her nipples. Being the bottom that she is, Alexa didn’t resist. She grinded her crotch against the floor, marinating her thighs in her own precum as she cried into Felanya’s hand.

“Lift, plaything,” the succubus commanded. “Get on all fours for your goddess.”

Alexa tried to lift Felanya off of her back, all to no avail. Her goddess was much too strong, and she laughed at her sub’s pathetic attempt to resist.

“Can’t even escape my grasp?” she giggled. “You’re a fragile little whore, aren’t you? Looks like you’ll need my help, dear.”

.....You kind of already sucked her girldick. It's kind of late to reconsider.

The fuck even is this writing?
It's making me nostalgic for the dulcet tones of Peter Chimera.

Something smooth and slick crawled its way up Alexa’s thighs, hoisting her legs and throwing her torso into a cat-like stretch. There was nothing left to the imagination now. Her ass was exposed, her cheeks were spread wide, and her dripping cock was fully erect. She was ready for inspection.

“Stay nice and relaxed for me now,” Felanya said, dismounting Alexa. “Your hole is about to be my property.”

Alexa groaned in anticipation. She glanced over at her goddess and noticed Felanya’s hands were nowhere near her body. No, the succubus was on her knees, stroking her cock, gazing at Alexa’s rear as she pleasured herself.

“How are you doing that?” she asked. “Holding me up, I mean?”

“See for yourself.”

Picture, if you will, Ana, as she writes the above paragraphs. She squints, the smut insufficent. "You know what this needs? More sexual deviancy."

And lo, she made it so.


Alexa turned her head as far back as she could. Two blue tentacles protruded from Felanya’s back and wrapped tightly around Alexa’s thighs. They squeezed and contracted, shifting and undulating as they held her body effortlessly in place.

“Holy shit,” Alexa cried. “What the hell are those?”

“They aren’t bothering you, are they?” Felanya asked playfully.

“I mean, they do feel really good.”

“It does for me too,” the succubus smirked. “I can feel every inch of you strain against them.”

Another tentacle slithered down Alexa’s belly, sliding between her cleavage, across her collar, up her neck, and all the way to her mouth. It straightened up and grew firm, begging for a taste.

“Speaking of which,” Felanya said. “Suck it.”

The tentacle forced its way between Alexa’s lips and vigorously facefucked her, pumping in and out like Felanya’s cock. Alexa moaned as two more feelers wandered up her thighs and squeezed her plump cheeks. Lubricant dripped off their skin and onto her sphincter, one massaging the outer ridge as the other tongued her opening. Alexa tried to squeal, but with her mouth busy deepthroating Felanya’s feeler, it was hard to do anything else but drool as the five tentacles did their work.

Felanya, on the other hand, was enjoying her front row seat to the show. “Oh yes,” the succubus cooed, “what an eager little fuckslut you are.” She pressed a rear tentacle slowly into Alexa’s hole, exploring deeper and deeper into her ass.

Alexa couldn’t believe it: Felanya was fucking her from two holes at once, and she wasn’t even using her clit to do it. Not yet, anyway. She uttered a low, husky moan as she fantasized about her goddess’ cock ravaging her rear.

“Are you really running out of energy again?” Felanya asked, toying with her prey. “We haven’t even gotten to the best part.”

Alexa cried out as Felanya loosened her asshole further and further, stroking her prostate. If the succubus was gauging how much her pet’s body could take, then she had nearly reached it. Her legs and thighs shook violently, her toes curling tight.

“My little spitroast,” Felanya roared. “I better be careful with you, you look like you’re just about done.”

So to clarify - an intentionally exploitative ad in Cyberpunk 2077 - one to establish the dehumanizing and degrading nature of corporatism - is problematic and hurtful according to Ana, because not all trannies can get erections or have access to the medical care they need to pass. Meanwhile, two trannies fucking and engaging in fucking tentacle sex with fully working dicks and looking relatively female in openly sexually-exploitative art and prose is perfectly acceptable. I don't really need to say anything further, you can mock Ana just fine for pages with this shit alone.

I wonder if Ana's written any more shit like this? I'll check wattpad later.

Felanya was right. Alexa was fucked more pleasurably and painfully than she ever had before. But her body could no longer take it. As the succubus finished laughing, Alexa’s back gave out, her arms collapsed, and her whole entire body fell to the floor.

Felanya got the message. She gently retracted both tentacles out of Alexa’s mouth and ass, taking great care not to harm her delicate sphincter. Alexa, barely noticing the change, merely rolled over onto her back, panting as lubricant pooled from her rear and precum formed a little puddle on her belly.

“Too rough for you liking, pet?” Felanya asked.

Alexa shook her head. Even though she could barely speak, she was grinning.

“I see that look on your face,” Felanya said. “Do you still want to climax for me, plaything?”

Alexa nodded vigorously, coughing.

PLOT TWIST: The succubus created Zinnia Jones.

Alexa squirmed and moaned. It felt like Felanya’s lips were making out with her tip, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Meanwhile, the succubus stroked her own length, massaged the head, and slid back down to the base of her throbbing clit again and again. Precum poured onto Alexa, coating her chest, her neck, her lips, even her hair, like ambrosia for the gods.

“You’re yearning for me to come, aren’t you?” Felanya teased.

Alexa bit her lip. The pleasure was overcoming her now—it was too enjoyable to not give in. Her mind loosened and her cock stiffened as her entire body surrendered to Felanya’s divine up-and-down motions.

“Are you getting close, darling?” the succubus whispered.

Alexa closed her eyes shut as a cry escaped her lips.

“Are you going to come for me, pet? Are you?”

Alexa curled her toes and moaned.

“I said, do you want to come for me?”

Alexa’s entire face squeezed together as her body began to shake.

“Do it,” Felanya commanded. “Come for me. Come for me now!"

Wait a fucking second, how did I miss that? "Felanya?"

You name a fucking character an animal's genus plus the Japanese onomatopoeia of the noise it makes?


Alexa arched her back and screamed as cum gushed from her clit, spilling across her stomach, her pelvis, and her thighs with each thrust. The orgasm was not so much a wave as it was an ocean, tossing her into a riptide that overcame every inch of her flesh. It was all too much—no, too good. She wiggled back and forth, crying and moaning, unable to focus on anything else.

“Good girl.” Felanya rested a hand across Alexa’s cheek. “Embrace our bond. Let us finalize this pact.”

Felanya withdrew her tentacle from Alexa’s clit and left the girl’s spent cock to rest against her pelvis. She licked the cum off its length hungrily, enjoying every nourishing drop she swallowed. “You make the sweetest juices, pet,” the succubus said. “And the prettiest moans too.”

Felanya gripped her own cock with her tentacle, stroking spit and cum along the shaft as she toyed with the head. Up and down, up and down, Felanya’s member grew harder and more tense as her legs shook with every jerk. “Do you like to watch me pleasure myself, plaything?” Felanya said, smirking.

Alexa couldn’t respond. Her orgasm had taken over her body, drowning her in bliss. All she could feel was a burning need for her goddess’ cum. Gone unfulfilled, she knew it would devour her whole.

“Look at you. Can’t even speak straight, can you?” Felanya teased as she touched herself faster. “Then don’t. Scream for me. Show me how badly you need me.”

Alexa threw her head back and wailed.


Alexa howled with all her might.


“Goddess!” she bellowed, her voice rattling the shelves. “Give me your cum!”


Sanic spoke a bleak truth. I think we're close to the end at least.

Munch Futa.png

Felanya plunged her tentacle from the tip to the hilt of her cock and groaned. Foggy white cum shot out in torrents, coating Alexa’s breasts and hair. The succubus vigorously milked every drop she could muster as her seed rained down onto her pet’s face, overpowering Alexa with its sickly-sweet taste.

A white-hot flash filled Alexa’s body. Whirling visions of incomprehensible beauty lined her sight, blocking out any semblance of the world around her. The images felt oddly erotic, yet Alexa saw neither humans nor succubi nor any shapes at all. It was beyond language, beyond comprehension, beyond the ecstasy she felt from her earlier orgasm—or any orgasm. It was as if she pulled back a curtain and gazed into another plane filled with nothing but pure hedonism.

Intense arousal flowed so powerfully through Alexa that it threatened to drown her body, her mind, even her sanity in an incurable lust. But she resisted, hollering guttural, nonsensical moans as she rode out wave after wave. Gradually, the indecipherable figures ebbed and flowed until Alexa became one with them, taming them, mastering them. They submitted to her dominance and faded deeper and deeper into her, until Alexa was back in the basement with a clear, but weary, head.

I actually made that face, once too. It was when I was like 10, and it was this one time I fell off my bike and crashed balls-first into a mailbox.
Don't laugh, that's how we toughened ourselves up back in the 90s.

It's like when Muay Thai fighters kick trees to cause microfractures in their legs so that when their legs heal, they're stronger.
Everyone wanted to be able to Colonel Buzzcut off groin injuries back then.

“Holy shit.” Alexa took big, deep breaths as she looked down at the cum on her breasts. “That was unbelievable.”

Felanya smiled. “How are you feeling?”

“I don’t even know,” she said. “I just saw something absolutely incredible. What was that?”

“The Blood Pact,” Felanya told her. “You left the mortal realm.”

“It was utterly beautiful there. I never felt so whole.”

Felanya laughed warmly. She squeezed the last bit of cum from her cock and brought it to Alexa’s lips. “I knew you would enjoy it. I pushed you to your limit tonight, did I not?”

“You certainly did.” Alexa leaned over and licked her goddess’ finger clean, swallowing the last drop. “Did I tucker you out too?”


The succubus sprawled against Alexa’s side and rested her head on her worshipper’s chest. Despite all the facefucking, the orgasming, even those strange visions, Alexa felt oddly calm. She closed her eyes and listened to Felanya’s slow, relaxed breaths.

“You’re really good at cuddling,” Alexa said shyly. “I honestly never knew I could be fucked like that. Or held like this.”

“It was very beautiful to watch you embrace those pleasures for the first time,” Felanya replied. “I’m proud of you.”

“I’m glad I got to experience them with you, Goddess. You’re a great teacher.”

“There’s so much more to learn, pet,” Felanya said. “We’ve only just begun.”

The two snuggled close as Alexa’s lungs filled with air. She knew now that Felanya must be telling the truth. And she was certain her goddess had no ill intentions. But how did any of this work?

“Felanya,” Alexa began. “If I summoned you with my blood, why did you need my cum?”

“Any woman who sacrifices their blood to me can have a taste of my pleasures,” Felanya explained. “But that bond is temporary. It disappears once our time together is done. From there our souls go on their separate ways.”

“So how does that differ from our pact?”

“Those who complete the Blood Pact of the Phallic Temptress are very special,” Felanya continued. “They are a select few that tend to my needs, fulfill my desires, and give me their unwavering loyalty. They participate in my most private rituals and are willing to worship me as I demand. But my disciples must be in tune with my body, which means they must be ready to share their ejaculate fluids with me. And I must be able to receive their own.”

Alexa hesitated. “So, does that mean we’re, like, lovers now or something?”

“Our bond is deeper than that,” the succubus told her matter-of-factly. “You and I are connected at the very core of our being. More importantly, you are the first member of my resurrected order. Alexa, Head Disciple of the Phallic Temptress.”

“It’s official?” Unease settled in Alexa’s stomach. “I thought we could talk things out on the whole leading-a-new-sex-religion thing.”

“You should have known what you were getting into when you let your blood fall upon my codex,” Felanya laughed. “Then again, I suppose it was mean of me to lure you in here so late at night.”

And so the disembodied penises continued to frot horrifyingly as booze consumption on the farms spiked one-hundred-fold.

Alexa stared at Felanya. The significance of what she just said seemed lost on the succubus, who looked as satisfied as ever. “Wait. That was you? Why would you trick me like that? How could you spend the night with me without even telling me the truth?”

“You ask this, pet, and yet you fell for your goddess the moment you laid eyes on me,” Felanya said, twirling Alexa’s hair.

“You seduced me! When you touched me, it made me want you. I couldn’t handle it.”

“Don’t pin your guilt on me,” the succubus told her. “You may be my pet, but you still have the right to choose. You always did.”

“You could’ve cost me my job. This is all I have, Felanya. I can’t just go back home. How dare you use your power on me and expect me to be okay with the consequences.”

“You and I are one now,” Felanya said. She curled up against Alexa’s chest and peered deeply into her eyes. “Nothing before our pact matters. Does it?”

Alexa looked away. “It does. To be with you, to serve you, I have to trust you. Tell me why you manipulated me, now.”

“I admire your persistence,” Felanya said. “Very well. I’ll indulge you in due time. But the evening’s exploits have concluded, and thus our rendezvous must come to a close.”

Felanya lifted into the air and floated above Alexa. Her pet watched helplessly as the goddess’ white bandages wrapped around her breasts and crotch, hiding her spent cock. It was painful to watch. As much as Alexa felt wounded and betrayed, she longed to serve. She yearned to please.

“The time has come to bid each other good night, disciple,” the succubus said.

“Goddess, please don’t go,” Alexa interjected. “There’s still so much left unsaid.”

Felanya looked down and smiled. “I need time to recover, to prepare, to plan. And you, acolyte, have a job to do.”

“I do?”

“What do you think it means to be a disciple, pet?” Felanya lifted the the blue tome in the air and plopped it unceremoniously onto Alexa’s bare thighs. Its cover was no longer coarse and weathered. It felt soft like Felanya’s skin, and its binding rose and fell with her every breath. “Read this in full if you want to know more.”

“You can’t be serious,” Alexa said. “You seduced me, you fucked me, and now you’re giving me homework? Exams are coming up, Felanya. I’ve got a billion papers to write, I’ve got this job to do, and I can’t even open this book without cutting myself. You can’t just make me drop everything and read this—”

“By seven days from today,” Felanya interjected. “On the seventh day, you will return here at midnight. No sooner, no later. Do not disappoint me.”


“Be well, pet.”

....So let me get this straight. The summoned succubus fucked the other transwoman and then gave her homework?


A cold breeze nipped at Alexa’s nose as the smell of firewood wafted through the air. The orange orbs were gone. So was the floor, the books, the papers, and the basement walls. Silver moonlight draped onto the grass like the candlelight that illuminated their lovemaking. Alexa was outside now, fully clothed in her jacket and everything. It was as if she had never been to the basement at all.

Fuck, the basement! Alexa would be so incredibly screwed if one of the librarians found out about the mess downstairs. She rushed to the library’s front door and yanked the handle, but to her surprise, it was locked tight. The building was completely dark inside. How was that possible? No one else could have possibly closed up the place before Alexa. She was always the last one out. And yet, it looked just like any other Friday night. Not a chair or table out of place.

Something buzzed in Alexa’s jacket. She pulled out her smartphone, fully charged. It was 12:00am on Saturday now, and she had an unread text message.

“Don’t be late next week,” an unlisted number warned her. “And bring a friend.”

....And then it ends, but we get an Afterword:

Blood Pact would not exist without a wide range of people, and I’m indebted to each and every one of them. First, Blood Pactwas heavily inspired by Nadia Nova’s erotica Twine housewarming gift, which convinced me that I could write my own adult Twine. I never would have created Blood Pact without Nadia, so thank you for planting that seed within me.

To my sensitivity readers Michelle Perez, Natalie Flores, @asteroidskeeper, and @LetThemEatCops: Thank you for taking the time to read through Blood Pact and give your honest feedback. I’m blessed to have your trust and guidance, and it means the world to me to have your help.

Programming in Twine is like trying to communicate with someone who only speaks in CSS, of which I am far from fluent. So I’m indebted to Penny Evans and Leah Case for their Twine wisery during the design stage, as well as Penny’s support reading the draft and navigating development.

So, so many betareaders and playtesters provided invaluable feedback (and emotional support) during Blood Pact’s drafting, and I’d like to thank each of you individually: @abbyosity, Alex Dalbey, Amy Star, @asteroidskeeper, @Calliethulhu, Carta Monir, Charlotte, Dana @slippery_danana, @honeyxilia, Humberto Saabedra, Jack Gardner, Jeanne Thornton, Leaf Tilde, @LetThemEatCops, Louise Ashley Yeo Payne, Luna Benton/@QuantumSheep, @RiotJayne_, Selah Driver, ThirtyHelens, and Valentina Rodgers. Thank you for your love, support, and feedback.

Callie: I originally invited you to illustrate Blood Pact after we worked together on Bell. But as time went on, you became more than just Blood Pact’s illustrator. You vigorously edited and reviewed each draft, you brought this world’s characters to life, you challenged me to consider my privilege as a white writer, and you pushed me to put my best foot forward while revisingBlood Pact’s story. Alexa and Felanya’s tale is so much stronger because of you, and I couldn’t have created this Twine without your help. Thank you for everything.

And to my girlfriend Zoë. Thank you for your love, your unconditional support, and for patiently listening to me over the months as I rambled on and on (and on) about my characters’ weird kinky fun. You were there from the earliest of early drafts for Blood Pact, and even in its worst form, you still enjoyed what I had to share. You kept me going during the roughest moments, and you made me excited for the best ones. I love you so much.

Last but not least: dear reader, thank you for working your way through Blood Pact’s first part. I hope you enjoyed what you’ve seen and read. We’re only just getting started with Alexa and Felanya’s exploits, and with any luck, you may just meet a new face the next time we get together.

Wow, it's like a who's who of troon lolcows in here, and with that it's perfectly obvious who this was designed for. When the very first person you cover as a "sensitivity reader" is the sexually-aggressive man-jaw Michelle Perez, a lot falls into place.

How do I even describe this particular JPATG entrant? It's porn, and admittedly, shockingly vanilla for the particular sphere it came from. Every aspect of it is completely forgettable and average except for the writing flubs and similar stupidity. It's very clearly spank material with no greater purpose. It honestly would be below the notice of most (especially me) save for the obvious Lolcow caliber of Ana Valens herself, who decided to shit this thing out at the same time she was complaining about media featuring trannies to be offensive to her for reasons she can't really elaborate on. I wasn't as horrified as I was expecting to be, and the fact that this proceeded exactly as I said it was going to about a minute in speaks volumes about Ana as a writer.

In conclusion, it's pretty shit, but you knew that. It's not even worth the bottom 10 list. But at least it left us with a very valuable lesson, Kiwis:

Women who look like penises are hated by humans. And I think that if we've gleaned nothing else of value, that is one with practical application elsewhere in life.
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Feb 10, 2017
The prose is terrible, the setup is silly even by porn standards, and this isn't a game, it's a kinetic novel that has been falsely labeled.

So congrats to Ana Valens for confirming the stereotype of woke dangerhairs crapping out shoddy garbage and slapping the vidya game label on it.

ZB 584

While I always appreciate confirming just how sick and perverted Phil's mind is, reading this shit almost broke me. Kudos to you @Jaimas for having the fortitude to sit through this tripe. Also an excellently written synopsis and analysis.

The key to the humor here is the word phallic itself. It doesn't mean what my teacher aide thought it meant.
It also sure as hell doesn't mean what Ana thinks it does. So when the succubus refers to herself and other trannies as "Phallic Women," Oxford demonstrates why you should be chuckling:

I'm sure that Ana meant "women with penises," but that isn't what she wrote - she wrote women who look like penises.
It's good to see that Phil's tenuous grasp of language isn't contained to his professional writing but also extends to his trashy smut. At least he didn't have the gall to charge money for this, unlike his journalistic output.

Anyways, i'm confused about the whole tentacle cumshot scene. Doesn't Phil identify as a lesbian? Then why is he fantasising about his in game persona getting drenched in cum?

Overall this is an affront to vidya, just like his professional writing is an affront to journalism. Never change, Phil. Keep producing garbage output for us farmers to laugh at.


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Jun 6, 2018

LOL, of course Ana got his buddies to shower his shitty game in positive reviews and pretend he's a good writer. Even your average sixteen-year-old fujoshi who writes lemon fanfics about anime dudes blowing each other in her free time writes better prose than him.

And yes, the "critics" are all troons:

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May 7, 2017
Already at the beginning I was considering ripping my teeth out, because I felt so bored to tears by this cliché ridden word vomit.

In the end I skimmed through the tentacle-cock-cum-suck-parade.

The most hilarious part was the thank yous to the sensitivity editors and the artist banging on about white privilege while cranking out Hardcore dickgirl porn.


Mar 27, 2015
Something I didn't notice on first glance: the book that the demon is trapped in has a title in modern English even though it's at least a thousand years old. It should be in Old English; even a title as simple as "The Codex of Felanya" would be a bit different in Old English. Somehow, none of the readers caught this.

An excerpt from Beowulf in Old English and modern English:


Beowulf spoke, the son of Ecgtheow: "Sorrow not, wise warrior. It is better for a man to avenge his friend than much mourn. Each of us must await his end of the world's life. Let him who may get glory before death: that is best for the warrior after he has gone from life. Arise, guardian of the kingdom, let us go at once to look on the track of Grendel's kin. I promise you this: she wHi not be lost tinder cover, not in the earth's bosom nor in the mountain woods nor at the bottom of the sea, go where she will. This day have patience in every woe— as I expect you to."
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Aug 26, 2018
It should be in Old English; even a title as simple as "The Codex of Felanya"

Ana could have written it in Latin - De Re Felanya. However I think it's safe to say that 'her' 'Arts' 'degree' didn't cover either Latin or Old English.

Edit : I looked it up BA in English and Political Science from Rutgers. I'd bet dollars to donuts that it was all Grievance Studies bullshit and didn't include anything written by Old White Men.


Though actually people who grew up with Ataris would have know about De Re from this excellent book. Which is where I learned about it, come to think of it.

The title, DE RE ATARI, is pronounced "Day Ray Atari". It is an obscure literary reference. Some Latin manuscripts in Roman and medieval times were entitled "De Re This" or "De Re That". Thus, "De Re Rustica" was a poem on farming and "De Re Metallica" described metallurgy. Loosely translated, "De Re" means "All About".
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Jun 27, 2014
So on a scale of I Get Cucked Every Day to Homesick, where would you put this? @Jaimas

That's a toughie. The expats from the JPATG bottom 10 are hard to rate, but they've generally been pushed off for a redeeming feature or two that keeps them from belonging on the bottom 10 list.

Homesick isn't bad at all but the randomization is dumb and @BOLDYSPICY! is literally the only one to beat it because of that, and the writing for it is fucking awful because Chloe couldn't documentation for her life. If she had even a little help you'd have progressed from mediocre to extremely good little short title. So it goes to the top of the ex-JPATG title list alongside Demon's Forge. Worth playing, but very flawed.

IGTCED has good writing - like actually, unironically good writing - David Gallant actually has talent in that regard, which is why that one is so frustrating - but the visuals are like candy-coated ass and the game has zero reason ever to play it after the first time through. So it gravitates towards the middle of the ex-JPATG list. Worth playing, but not much.

Blood Pact is towards the carpeting - above the bottom ten, but just below other escapees from the bottom ten. It exists for exactly one purpose: spank material for troons. It's not artful, not clever, and doesn't do anything that hasn't been done a thousand times over by people infinitely more talented. The art is mediocre, the writing uninspired, the plot threadbare, the characters nonexistant. Because it's spank material, it can be argued there's reasons to "play" it again, but it has only one audience it will ever appeal to - sexually-deviant troons. The demoness in it being an author self-insert helps push it over into cringe territory, so it's at least mockable.

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May 22, 2016
That's a toughie. The expats from the JPATG bottom 10 are hard to rate, but they've generally been pushed off for a redeeming feature or two that keeps them from belonging on the bottom 10 list.

Homesick isn't bad at all but the randomization is dumb and @BOLDYSPICY! is literally the only one to beat it because of that, and the writing for it is fucking awful because Chloe couldn't documentation for her life. If she had even a little help you'd have progressed from mediocre to extremely good little short title. So it goes to the top of the ex-JPATG title list alongside Demon's Forge. Worth playing, but very flawed.

IGTCED has good writing - like actually, unironically good writing - David Gallant actually has talent in that regard, which is why that one is so frustrating - but the visuals are like candy-coated ass and the game has zero reason ever to play it after the first time through. So it gravitates towards the middle of the ex-JPATG list. Worth playing, but not much.

Blood Pact is towards the carpeting - above the bottom ten, but just below other escapees from the bottom ten. It exists for exactly one purpose: spank material for troons. It's not artful, not clever, and doesn't do anything that hasn't been done a thousand times over by people infinitely more talented. The art is mediocre, the writing uninspired, the plot threadbare, the characters nonexistant. Because it's spank material, it can be argued there's reasons to "play" it again, but it has only one audience it will ever appeal to - sexually-deviant troons. The demoness in it being an author self-insert helps push it over into cringe territory, so it's at least mockable.
What about Mark Boyd's Magnum Opus T-Runner?