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Jake's page is red so far, I haven't done anything. The only stuff I touch on in Alison's article is post-controversy, but apparently she had involvement with GamerGate stuff before then. I've also heard she talks about being abused as a child, which should probably be mentioned in the context of her stance on child pornography.

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The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas
I want to add that I fucked Alison Rapp irl what level of citation is needed for that? I don't have pictures.
I'm sure Jake can corroborate your claim, since you probably cucked him in person

Puppet Pal Clem

The earliest I think Alison had any sort of negative profile on the internet was one of the more recent E3's.

/v/ started rating the women hosting the Nintendo Treehouse stream, and they didn't like her attitude very much

And she posted a Google doc on twitter where she copy and pasted their misogynstic insults and activities.

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