Artcow Jamal Farah | jamalf11x | sonicxarabgangsta | je171 | farahproductions - Traced art from Sonic X for Sonic OC Flash movie & makes death threats to anyone who criticizes him.

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Feb 3, 2013
(Note: If you seriously believe this to be real and not thinking this is a parody, you're as stupid as Jamal himself)

As a member of the, I would like to report Jamal for these reasons:


Jamal has committed slander towards us and other netizens on the Internet (which include, but not limited to: - Newgrounds Users, YouTube users etc.) by claiming these explicit statements and insults towards us:

Jamal Farah's response to user | Techlesswayz
Jamal Farah's response to user | Psychopath
Jamal Farah's response to user | Keisok




He has posted revenge reviews on other people's work, which is harassment.

His flash animation has Sonic characters without SEGA's consent, and posted on Newgrounds for people to see and download, which SEGA did not give authority to do so. This violates intellectual property.


Canadian Law states that "While the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms1 guarantees the right of freedom of expression, this right has always been of a limited nature. One of those limitations can be found in Ontario legislation through the Libel and Slander Act (the "Act")2, which prohibits the dissemination of defamatory comments, specifically, spoken or written words that discredit an individual in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally."
Ontario law of Canada <>

According to Canadian and Ontario law,

Defamation is not tolerated by the Libel and Slander Act, which is a powerful legislative tool to protect the victims of unscrupulous statements made by individuals that can injure or discredit that person or organization's reputation.

Slander is the second subcategory of defamation, and encompasses the broadcasting of spoken defamatory words. At common law, oral statements relating to the following four categories of slanderous words are automatically considered to have proven that a loss has been sustained:

a) statements that discredit the plaintiff in relation to his or her work (business, profession, etc.) -->Applies to SEGA and their properties

3. Proving a Claim in Libel and/or Slander

In order to initiate a claim of libel or slander in an action for defamation, the allegations must prove the following:
iii) Finally, the statement made must be considered defamatory, i.e. the statement must be false and disparages the reputation of the individual, corporation or organization.


Jamal has:
1) Committed slander & defamation
By threatening to "crack people's skulls"
Claiming defamatory comments that that discredit people's Flash animations by saying that they are "fucking cum buckets"

2) Invaded people's privacy
-By revenge rating Newground users

3) Violated Intellectual Property

Making a Flash animation using Sonic characters, and posting it without SEGA's permission. He also posted, quote by quote:

"Although I do not claim ownership over the characters portrayed in the animations, since they belong to Sega, Flame the hedgehog (my made-up character) "

4) Claimed false statements

By saying that his Flash animation is perfect and runs smoothly on all computers
"my flash is made perfectly and runs smoothly on all my laptops."
"It doesn't lag, only the people that comment and complain that it lags are the ones that own shitty computers."

Claiming that his critics are useless ignorant pussies
"I don't take bullshit advice from useless ignorant pussies like you that just try to show off that your better than others by insulting their animations just to get attention and respect and I don't give a fuck about your opinions."

None of these claims are true.
These are all insults and are considered slander as well.


Since Jamal has committed slander, invaded people's privacy, violated SEGA's intellectual property, and claimed false statements towards netizens and have violated Canadian law, I want Jamal's accounts deleted.


Jan 2, 2014
Well according to his facebook, last year he attended a Palestine Cultural festival in Ottawa, so I'm inclined to guess he's of Palestinian descent

But he also attended something called "Camp Transfiguration" in 2011, which according to google is for Antiochian Orthodox Christians, which explains the cross he's always wearing. So I don't think think he's a Muslim, unless his religious views have changed radically since then. It makes his extreme views on Israel all the more puzzling though.
In the West, I have noticed Arabs stick together on the paleostonian issue oftentimes. Ironic, as Christians have more rights (i.e. are not decapitated) in Israel, as compared to other countries in the region.
There are Arab/Palestinian Christians.

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Jan 10, 2014
I feel the best lolcows are the ones who actually think they know the laws of their respective countries, and preach about them as if they know what they're talking about. Laws totally cover hurt feels, right? I can sue someone for having a negative opinion about what I create, right?

Honestly, I would love to see Jamal attempt to sue the Farms, then sperg-rage when nothing comes of it. He'd probably threaten to sue his lawyer for not succeeding.

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Oct 10, 2014
I want in on this lawsuit thing too. Here are some slanderous (libelous?) speculations about jamal
-i bet Jamal once shit his pants at a restaurant and ran out of the restaurant crying with his mom chasing after him. It seems like something he would do.
-i bet he votes against gay marriage but also fantasizes about gay sex making him a homophobe and a hypocrite
-jamal would probably say something like "Hitler may have made some mistakes but overall I don't think he was that bad"
Its easy to see that jamal might have done all these things. Can we ever really know???


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Apr 15, 2015
The writers of this forum have
1) Committed slander & defamation
By saying that I am "faggot, dipshit, rock fucking stupid, incompetent, racist, hopeless, asshole, low IQ"
Claiming defamatory comments that that discredit my Flash animations by saying that it is "shitty, rife with flaws, horrendous, garbage, shitty artwork, "This story is fucking dumb. "

This is my favorite part of his "lawsuit." Dipshit, stupid and incompetent as defamation?

And insulting his flash animations? Why on earth does he think that insulting his shitty, flawed, horrendous, garbage animations would be illegal in any country of the world unless the animator is living in North Korea and his name is Kim Jong-un?


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Apr 11, 2015
Guys, I don't think you realize how serious this is.

We have insulted someone by posting exactly what they chose to say publicly and is easy to find via google!

As a Canadian I can attest to the hard fact we can tell people they are faggots and to kill themselves but no one can say that back to us. It is in the Canastitution.

Prepare for Mounties to be knocking down your door.

You done goofed. Luckily I am safe from this faggot.