Celebrity Jameela Jamil / i_weigh / Diary of a Goon - Munchie comedy actress, woke Twitter warrior, fake "queer"


My pussy tastes like Pepsi-cola.
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Looks like this issue is going to be the last print issue for good. Playboy just announced they're shutting down print production. Good work, Jameela.
"Well, looks like we're going out of business. Might as well let this sperg queen handle the reins - maybe she'll flash some side boob out of gratitude"


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we're really nice now
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wtf is that reply? what about her "making mistakes" has to do with the OP just be grateful to see representation on screen? It's like she didn't even read it, just made assumptions. Her self-centeredness is off the charts.
"Someone kindly tagged me in this" as if she's not furiously scouring twitter for all negative mentions of her. OP didn't even elaborate on what she meant by the insult. Could have just been that these women aren't funny, but Jameela can't keep herself from trotting out that she knows she's a trainwreck, alright? and that just makes her a beautiful unique messy human being. She may as well have linked a video to Firework by Katy Perry or something.

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Managed to snap this before she deleted the original reply -

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Jameela didn't need to reply to that but now she has more time to search her name. The OP is right though, desi rep makes me wish I wasn't associated with people like Jameela.
Anyone also noticed that the woke brown women mentioned in the tweet mainly go after white men? Even if they are performative in their dislike for straight white men 🤔

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Skinny rich bitch on the cover of Vogue whining about what a nightmare it is facing fatphobia daily. This truly is the worst side-effect of a global pandemic leading us head-first into a recession of unforeseen magnitude; somebody might call a fatty fat and tell them to get on a treadmill instead of posting pictures of their folds on instagram. Oh the horror of it all!


The Soviet System Fronting: Alexander Litvinenko
Has somehow managed to get herself on bbc news. Should be able to watch with vpn.
She's hardly an actor for a start, but in what world is she an activist? She posts smug tweets and uses reverse psychology to convince fatties to eat themselves into a beautiful grave. The BBC are simping hard.

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So Jameela did the Scam Goddess podcast which discussed Caroline Calloway (yeah, I don’t know who she is either) and showed herself up for the massive, massive hypocrite she is.

The podcast's premise is to discuss famous fraudsters in a light-hearted manner, but in this instance, it sounded more like a crass roasting segment on a bad comedy show. The episode focused on Instagram influencer Calloway who, last year, found herself at the centre of online conspiracy theories when a viral essay written by her ex-best friend claimed Calloway was nothing but an elaborate scammer.

[Mentions CC’s mental health issues, drug addiction and the recent suicide of her father]

So, not exactly a fair target for the level of cruel vitriol Jamil directed at her on this podcast. And yet, the actor practically fizzes with the excitement of a high-school mean girl as she and Mosley tear Calloway limb from limb in their excruciating discussion. In addition to labelling Calloway a “basic b****”, Jamil asks which actor will play her in the film of her “stupid f***ing life” and labels her “f***ing uncreative and useless”. Jamil also says that she “hates” Calloway and that she “must be really beautiful or charismatic” to have escaped legal action for her behaviour, thus adding a healthy dose of sexism to the whole discussion.