James Arthur Watkins a/k/a "Jim Watkins" vs. Fredrick Robert Brennan (2019) - Libel tort in the Republic of the Philippines.


The jurisdiction here is Pasig City, Republic of the Philippines. 🇵🇭


1. OP is Fredrick
2. Please keep shitposting about the feud in the Articles board thread that it's usually been in. I'd like more legal oriented posting here and shitposting there.

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You look like a Terry
Tbh with that fat little goblin fucking with him everyday I'm surprised he didn't go for less legal means. If I were in Jim's shoes I'd sent a few thugs over to fuck with Wheelchair Gollum's life and business a bit, see how he likes it.

The suit seems a non-starter, but Brennan has earned his raking over the coals.

Shaka Brah

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You guys don't get it. Legal process does not exist in the third world. There is no brown country where you get a fair or even logical trial and the Philippines is no exception. Anyone who thinks this is going to work like it does in the U.S. hasn't dealt with this system.

This will be either dismissed for being a white people issue, or be a complete circus and totally weird.