Celebrity James Charles / James Charles Dickinson - Male Ambassador


im surprised he doesn't already have a thread but I'm not exactly sure where to put it, but i assumed this was the best place. please correct me if i am wrong.

James charles is cover girls first male model.

hes pretty fucking weird if you ask me. and clearly has some identity issues


ok. but seriously something is wrong with this kid and i just cant figure it out. ill be posting more stuff soon but i just wanted to get the thread started, to get the conversation started. i dont think hes really a lol cow. probably more of a drama cow...


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personally i think his ebola tweet was funny as fuck.
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I hate all these guys. They get so much attention for being guys wearing makeup, and most of the time they're condescending jerks about it. This dude won't take off his stupid fucking hat. Manny is goddamned orange. They all act like they're rehearsing for a part in an all-male musical version of Mean Girls. Their makeup is not even that great! But they're breaking boundaries! Woo!

It's like what they say about cooking. Women cook at home, but professionally, most chefs are men. When women do it, it's ordinary. When men do it, it's awesome.

James, take off your fucking hat and get the fuck over yourself.

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Honestly, maybe it's just me but I find it kind of irritating that he's a "CoverGIRL" when he's a dude. He's not even a trans dude, he's admittedly a cis dude. There are plenty of great female makeup artists who would kill to be where he's at. He only got to be a Covergirl spokesperson by snowflake status alone. There's nothing that interesting about most of his work. He just cakes it on RuPaul-style and gets unanimous praise.

I really don't care if Covergirl did make a guy their next star, but it should really be someone with a unique and special talent and not just the first token they can get their hands on for marketing points alone.

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His face has a nice shape for makeup. Long, with some clearly defined features that are excellent to play with

He's pretty perfect for stage makeup. Do him up as an alien, he'd fit right in

(but seriously take off the Goddamn hat, you're not that quirky and special)

Yeah I'm slightly jealous. People said his makeup is crap, but it's better than what a gal like me could muster :heart-empty:

Anyways, his hat and makeup makes him look like a weird mix between an Instagram makeup Queen and a fuccboi extraordinaire.


He just cakes it on RuPaul-style and gets unanimous praise.

I don't think I've ever seen Mama Ru look quite that tasteless.

Here's the thing, there are plenty of good male makeup artists out there. It's just that little twinks like this get all the attention because they don't do full drag. They just do this nonsense and look just as boring as most of the female Instagram "makeup artists".

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